Melania's Parents, Chain Immigrants, Trump Hypocrisy

Melania Trump's parents were just made citizens based upon chain-migration. The same chain-migration that Donald Trump says he wants to ban.

Chain migration is a scary way of saying that people who immigrate to the US have the right to petition to have their children, parents and grandparents enter the US to also become citizens. The idea is to help a citizen's family join them in the United States.

Trump doesn't really believe any of this anti-immigration stuff he is saying at his speeches. Trump's just appealing to xenophobes and racists who are looking to blame all their problems on immigrants. All of these things - the wall, chain migration, the VISA lottery - are just red meat he's throwing to the far right nazi wing of the GOP. Mexico was supposed to pay for the wall - WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO THAT?

Trump's hypocrisy with regards to chain migration and his inlaws shows just how full of shit Donald is. Trump rails against chain migration except when his wife is doing it. Donny didn't bother to congratulate his inlaws on becoming US citizens because he knows he's being a hypocrite asshole.

Donny didn't make any twitter announcments welcoming them to America because he doesn't want anyone to know. Melania didn't make any announcements either - she didn't even attend their ceremony to become US Citizens.

Melania's parents lawyer said of the citizenship ceremony, “this golden experiment, these doors that are in America, remain hinged open to beautiful people as they have today.” His choice of "beautiful people" is really odd. He makes it sound like Melania got an exemption from the law because she's a model. Is Trump's plan to only allow models to immigrate to America??? Do you have to be a "beautiful person" to become a citizen now???

Trump also rails against the VISA lottery system which was designed to encourage people from countries that are not well represented in the US to immigrate here.

We are a country of immigrants and are stronger because of that. The more people we have, from more backgrounds and cultures, the stronger we are as a nation. The VISA lottery is a good idea but it's poorly implemented right now. Right now, the VISA lottery system is rigged so that illuminati members get in. It is not random at all.

We should keep the idea of a VISA lottery but do it properly and make sure that the people who come into the US are not illuminatis who cheated the system.