The Android app market is widely known to be far less secure that Apple's app store. Part of the illuminati's plan was to make Samsuang into the cheaper product so that more and more people are forced onto Anroid's insecure app platform. Adroid apps are all hacked in millions of ways to steal data, credit card numbers, identities. Using the Adroid App store is like going to the sleaziest brothel in the phillipines and hoping you don't get an STD.

The Android App market is set up as a trap for Americans. A cheap solution that results in a complete loss of your data and possibily your bank account or identity. It's also part of a Russian surveillance system of Americans that is more comprehensive than the NSA's. Google is a company that's completey controlled by Vladimir Putin and Russia. Putin gets access to all of our data the way Google's advertisers do. Sergei Brin and Larry Page are both Russian Spies. They are giving Russia all of our Data so that Russia can create profiles of us.

And why would they want that? Why would Russia want to know all our personal information? Putin's long term their plan is to use our Data againsts us. Facebook and Suckerberg are also Russian spies who give all their Data to Putin. Putin is creating a map of America where he'll know all our names, the size of our bank accounts, whether we own guns or not, how many cars we own, our addresses, our political affiliations, etc.

This database will also provide the Russian KGB (now FSB) with information they can use to blackmail our citizens once they take power. They'll have access to all your email so they'll know things like who's a closeted gay, what personal family secrets you're hiding, what medications you're taking. All this information can then be used later to intimidate or blackmail Americans while the Russians Occupy our country and dismantle our democracy.

The illuminati NWO order plan is to have Putin literally invade America like in Red Dawn. First Putin wants to control Trump and consolidate Russia's power around a President who increasily acts like a Hitler style dictator. Once they control the Commander in Chief Donny Trump, Putin will launch a full invasion of America with Air, Sea and Ground Troops.

Alaska will be attacked by Russia and the East Coast will be attacked by Russian Air and Sea forces. China and Russia will jointly attack the west coast and take over from the West. The American Military will be under the control of Putin so he will have them stand down as Russian soldiers take over all of our cities, towns and rural areas like in Red Dawn. They will confiscate our guns and send anyone who resists into concentration camps or execute them.

Meanwhile, Putin will cut off the energy supply to Europe to make sure Europe does not try and intervene on America's behalf. The Satanic Queen of England will keep the British from intervening and if she can't she'll allow Putin to invade England as well and take over the same way. Without guns, the British will be even easier to invade.