Putin has been trying to destroy America for at least the last decade. We've had waves of Russian sleeper cell agents infest America. Putin tried to take down the NASDAQ and destroy the American Economy.

Putin is a rogue actor who is desperate to maintain his control in Russia. He is a reckless agressor who has already annexed Crimiea and the Ukraine. Putin authorizes attacks in Syria using nerge agent gas on innocent women and children in hospitals - a chemical gas that violates the geneva convention. Putin has used the same gas on British citizens in London attacking 4 people and murdering 1. In 2006, Putin also murdered British/Russian citizen Alexander Litvinenko in London with Plutonium - a radioactive poison. Lastly, Putin is the only world leader who ordered an attack on a passenger plane - murdering 298 innocent people on Flight MH17.

Putin also used Donald Trump to set up 911 for the illuminati. Trump secured the blue prints of the World Trade Center and gave them to a Russian intermediary who gave them to the Saudi Arabians who then planned the attack with the blue prints. Putin is the most dangerous world leader on the international stage - which makes Trump's collusion with him only the more shocking and disturbing.

In 2010, NASDAQ servers were compromised by Russian hackers, who were able to insert a "digital bomb" into the systems of NASDAQ stock exchange, which would have been able to cause several damage to the computer systems in the stock market and could bring down the entire structure of the financial system of the United States.

The Hackers successfully infiltrated the network of NASDAQ stock exchange with customized malware which had ability to extract data from the systems and carry out surveillance as well. However, a closer look at the malware indicated that it was designed to cause widespread disruption in the NASDAQ computer system.

While Nasdaq had apparently detected some kind of problem, it had not reported it, and government investigators found a mess of earlier, apparently undetected intrusions. "Agents found the tracks of several different groups operating freely, some of which may have been in the exchange's networks for years," says Businessweek. And "basic records of the daily activity occurring on the company's servers, which would have helped investigators trace the hackers' movements, were almost nonexistent." From what the NSA's intelligence could detect, the malware was the work of a government, not independent hackers. A similar strain of malware had been designed by the Russian spy agency the FSB.

Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI) officially confirmed an attack in broad terms. "We've seen a nation-state gain access to at least one of our stock exchanges, I'll put it that way, and it's not crystal clear what their final objective is," he said. "The bad news of that equation is, I'm not sure you will really know until that final trigger is pulled. And you never want to get to that."

In 2014, Putin murdered 298 people when he shot down Flight MH17 over Ukraine. Russia of course denies shooting the plane down but Wilbert Paulissen from the Dutch National Police said that the Buk missile came from Russia’s 53rd anti-aircraft military group based in Kursk. Paulissen said that video footage and pictures were examined to determine who fired the missile and from where they fired it from.

The packed Boeing 777 plane had been travelling from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur when it crashed. Air traffic controllers lost contact with the plane when it was around 50km from the Russian/Ukrainian border and the crashed aircraft was found near Donetsk, which was being controlled by pro-Russian separatists.

The fact the plane was shot down over the Russian/Ukraine border was a message from Putin that he can do whatever he wants on the world stage. He can annex Ukraine and Crimea and no one will do anything about it. The illuminati let Putin murder people and they are trying to enable him to take over our country so that Putin can take away all our rights and make America into a Communist fascist illuminati country like Russia is.