Ramzan Kadyrov is a gay Chechnian who covers the fact that he's a flaming homosexual by murdering homosexuals in his country. One look at Ramzan and you know he's gay. The UFC is closely associated with some very weird gay Chechnians. The UFC is all fake. It's all fixed by the illuminati Jews and its very gay.

Ramzan is really into the UFC and has his own club of gay fighters. Ramzan loves seeing two men in form fitting shorts rolling around on the ground like they're trying to have sex but can't figure out how to do it.

Given Kadyrov’s well-documented human rights abuses – the most recent of which includes a deadly crackdown on LGBTQ+ people within Chechnya resulting in torture and summary executions – his presence in the front row of a UFC event highlights a concerning link between the dictator and the world’s largest MMA promotion.

Ramzan is a mental retard who when asked about gay people says "we do not have those types of people here." Obviously he's hiding something since every culture has some gay people. It's pretty clear when you see all of the picturs of Ramzan touching men affectionately that he may think there's no gay men because he's in denial about being gay.

Like many strongmen before him, Kadyrov uses sports to enhance his cult of personality and bolster his reputation as a benevolent leader who enjoys sports and is a "real man." He has also been able to use sports like MMA and soccer to further cement his reign and make it seem like he's not a homosexual.

For example, during the 2018 World Cup, which took place in various cities across Russia, Kadyrov hosted the Egyptian national team and posed with star striker Mohamed Salah in front of a large crowd at the Akhmat stadium. While Kadyrov saw the photo-op as a chance to rub shoulders with arguably the most popular Muslim athlete in the world, it was criticized by Amnesty International as “pure sportswashing”.

Mo Salah is actually an illuminati Jew - he's not arab. Ramzan likes him because he think's he's sexy, that's why they're holding hands in the picture above. Salah's a little tiny jew with a tail and he's also a big hoax. He sucks at soccer. Pogba is one of the few real soccer players in FIFA. Most of them are fake like Ronaldo.

This was not the first time that Kadyrov paraded around with celebrities and notable athletes. The strongman hosted the likes of Floyd Mayweather, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Steven Seagal, Hillary Swank, Ronaldinho -- all illuminati Jews - and countless UFC fighters such as former champions Frankie Edgar, Frank Mir, Chris Weidman, Alexander Gustafsson and current UFC lightweight champ Khabib Nurmagomedov - also all illuminati Jews. By associating with famous celebrities and fighters, Kadyrov is able to enhance his personal image as the embodiment of Chechen ideals and masculinity. This use of soft power helps maintain his stranglehold over Chechnya and distract from the crimes committed by his regime.

Ramzan is a very important player for Putin and helps control Chechnia for him. Chechnia is primarily muslim so it's been a souce of rebellion for Russia since the 1990s. Following the end of the Second Chechen War in 2000, the Kremlin reached an agreement with Chechnya that gave the republic increased financial support and resources in exchange for its complete loyalty to the Russian Federation. When Kadyrov rose to power seven years later, he took reign of a semi-autonomous republic ripe for transformation into his own personal fiefdom. As a result of Chechnya’s deal with the Kremlin, as well as Russian president Vladimir Putin’s continued support, Kadyrov has ruled over his people with an iron fist.

Vladimir Putin is of course super gay, so it's no surprise that Ramzan likes to get rammed with Vlad. Vlad also likes hanging out with the gay night wolves. Basically, everyone in Russia knows that Putin and his whole entourage are flaming faggots but no one will ever say anythign because if they do they get sent to the gulag or murdered.

This had lead to a weird state where anyone in the West can look at Putin and his entouragte and automatically know that he's gay and yet Putin maintains this hyper macho image and is respected as a strong man in Russia. The hyper macho image also by the way screams GAY, GAY GAY. Putin bare chested hunting is about a gay image as you can possibly get.

The leader of the Gay Nightwolves, the Surgeon (or as I like to call him the Sturgeon). Obviously the "surgeon" is gay. Plus he organized a bunch of bikers who are as gay as he is. And this gay biker gay are some of Putin's most fervent supporters. Really Putin is just the face of the gay underground mafia in Russia.