Stalin was an illuminati Jew the Rothschild's placed in Russia to murder the slavs. Stalin had no balls or dick. He was an angry gay hermaphrodite. His self-loathingness gave rise to his cruel disposition that lead to the gulags and the genocide of the Russian people in the 1930s-50s.

Stalin hid his illuminati Jewish background. Satlin's real name was Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili. It turns out, the "Dzhuga" part of his original last name, Dzhugashvili, means "Jew" in Georgian.

Stalin hid his Jewish background throughout his life. Close to his death, Stalin hatched a plot to purge all Jewish doctors in order to keep it quiet that he was Jewish. All the Doctors were illuminati Jews like Stalin and they were some of the few people in Russia to know that Stalin was an Illuminati Jew. Before his death, Stalin decided that he needed to kill them all in order to keep his secret safe after his death.

Here's Stalin's Mug shot from the Tsarist Police in the 1910s.

Stalin's job was to destroy the last idealistic principles of the Russian Socialist revolution. He transformed socialism into communism. In Russia they remember the time of Stalin as a time of relatively high standard of living for Russians.

What the Russians don't realize is that Stalin maintained that standard of living by murdering off hundreds of millions every month. With less people, there is more money to share right. So Stalin took that logic to it's extreme. Just kill off half your population, and the other half is now twice as wealthy. If all your people are starving, kill half of them and now the remaining half has enough to eat. Stalin hid the extent of the killing so people didn't realize what was going on.

Look at this map of Sovient Concentration Camps under Stalin. Germany had 6 concentration camps officially. Stalin ran his camps from 1923 to his death in 1953. The Soviets kept them going until 1961. In a lot of ways, the camps that Stalin set up were trial runs for what Hitler would do in Germany. The first concentration camps were set up by the illuminati Jews in WWI in Africa. The Germans ran those too. After that, Stalin started running his camps. And then Hitler came along with his camps that he's famous for. Really, the whole concentration camp idea is an illuminati idea and the illuminati are just using these dictators as pawns.

And then Stalin used fascism to target specific groups to be murdered. This is where his killing started to become genocide. Stalin murdered Jews, Slavs, Chechens, and dissidents among other targets. Stalin used the Nazi ideas of racial purifying to target the murdering. Though Stalin would also just kill people because he wanted to keep people scared all the time. So he also killed many people who were not among those picked upon groups. Stalin wanted everyone to be in complete terror so that no one would think to challenge his authority.

Marx was actually not a bad person. One can learn a lot from reading Marx, though his ideas have problems just like any philosopher's does. He is a good person who's in Heaven. Lenin and Trotsky are also in Heaven. Trotsky especially was a very progressive person who was really trying to help people in Russia escape the horrible tyranny of the Tzarist system. Stalin in contrast murdered hundreds of millions of Russians. Stalin is in Hell.

Stalin was sent in by the illuminati Jews to infiltrate the Bolshevik Revolution (Russian Revolution). Once the Bolshevik's had won, Stalin began to take on more power in the Russian Socialist Party. When he had positioned himself as third in importance in the organization, the illuminati Jews assisinated Lenin and Trotsky and Stalin took power. By 1924, the illuminati Jews and their Stooge Stalin had co-opted and controlled the Russian Revolution. Russia has been run by the Illuminati ever since.

Stalin was pure evil. Stalin's job was to strangle the good intentions of socialism and create communism. Communism is essentially fascist socialism whereas Marx, Trotsky and Lenin wanted a democratic socialism. Stalin brought his evil illuminati fascism to Russia.

The Russian Hammer and Sycle is always over a pentagram. That's not a mistake. And the red is the same red the Nazi's used. The Russians fought the Germans in WWII because Stalin knew he couldn't convince the rest of Russia to let Germany take over, but secretly Stalin was trying to get Russia to lose the war to Germany.