The attacks with nerve agents in London are part of Putin's attack on England. 21 British Citizens were attacked by Russia and the useless British government is doing NOTHING.

The third world war is currenlty going on, but it's not being fought conventionally. It is not on your television screen. These nerve agent attacks are chemical weapons being used against British Citizens on British soil and the British Government is doing jack shit about it. The British government is totally controlled by the maglien illuminati infestation now. The Queen and the Royals have always been a key part of the Illuminati. The British elites are allowing their citizens to be murdered by Russians with no response - not even an acknowledgement that it's happening.

The nerve gas attacks in London are a massive attack on British Citizens that the British Government is allowing on British Soil. The British Government are traitors to their country and people. They are allowing Putin to literally murder Londoners with chemical weapons. Nerve Agents that are banned and were also used on the Syrians by the Russians.

Theresa May is so Illuminati that she'll just let them murder her own citizens in her own backyard and say she's not sure if it was the Russians. The initial targets were Russian British citizens. They expanded it to then attack 200 people around and are now starting to go into people's homes and attack them with Nerve Gas.

There are more incidents than are being reported by the British Media which is totally under the control of the Illuminati. The BBC used to put Nazi lighting bolts on their logo. The Queen is a fascist Illuminati member. The British government us all Illuminati as well. British citizens have no guns so they can't defend themselves. It's like Stanley Kubrick's Clockwork Orange in England right now.

Putin thinks he can murder Londoners with impunity since he got away with murdering Litvinenko with the plutonium. Litvinkenko was murdered on November 23rd 2006 which was Thanksgiving day in the United States that year. That was a message from the Illuminati that they could take away our feast. Litvinenko helped to free the Soviets from USSR style communism. His murder was a message to the United States and England that the Illuminati could kill our heros.

The poisoning that killed Litvinenko was carried out immediatley next to the US Embassy at the Millennium hotel. The location was intentional. The year was 2006 and we had just entered the new millenium. They poisoned him at the Millenium hotel because they were saying that they would poison us all in the new Millenium - US and British. Now they're using the nerve gas attacks in England to murder people in broad daylight with the British government doing nothing. And in the US the Illuminati is staging mass shootings and train wrecks murdering Americans and our govenrment does nothing. Americans are being attacked by cuban sonic guns and no one will talk about the Illuminati doing it.

We must attack Russia which is now our primary Illuminati opponent. We must declare war on them to end the Illuminati. They will fold once we do. America is much much much stronger than Russia and they know it. They can't touch us with Nuclear weapons. They also can't touch England and they know it. We must stand up for our citizens. We must stand against the Illuminati.

Donald Trump is a Russian Spy. He is being run as a Manchurian candidate by the Russians. That's why he had that whole COVFEVE slip up. On May 31st 2017, Trump tweated out "Despite the negative press, still COVFEFE."

Much of the world didn't know what to make of this. It became a riddle the world over was trying to solve. Past Magazine did it. COVFEFE is a Russian word that is used as a coded Russian spy word for RUSSIAN SPY. So Trump is saying here that "Despite the negative press, he's still a Russian Spy".

When asked about COVFEFE at the White House Briefing he did for President Trump, Sean Spicer replied "the President and a small group of people know exactly what he meant". Spicer then refused to clarify any further. It's amazing that the White House basically tweats out an admission they are working for the Russians and then Spicer follows it up by saying that only a select group know that they are working for the Russians and yet no one does anything about it. Sean Spicer is really saying that the Illuminati knows that Trump is a Russian Spy and a manchurian candidate and they want to make sure no one else does, which is why Sean Spicer refused to clarify what COVFEFE exactly means even though he and the President "know exactly what it means."

Trump even taunted everyone with his coded message following up his tweet with: Who can figure out the true meaning of "covfefe" ???. The control of the Illuminati is so all pervasive they were able to shut this story down eventually with no one besides Paste Magazine willing to reveal the true meaning of COVFEFE. They did a thorough analysis proving that the word is a spy code word and that it's of russian origin.

The Past Magazine article is couched in a "conspiracy theory" context because every journalist is worried that they'll be murdered by the Illuminati. The Past journalists even say that there are only 1 or 2 good Journalists left IN THE WHOLE COUNTRY. Only 1 or 2 people in all of America feel safe enough to try and let everyone know that Trump just tweeted out that he is a Russian Spy. That's how crazy things have gotten.

The first thing to remember in the following explanation of how you get from COVFEFE to RUSSIAN SPY is that spies use code words for things. They aren't going to say something directly like RUSSIAN SPY. So keep in mind that this is all a coded way of speaking that spies use to hide their tracks and talk to each other in ways that avoid attention.

This is a Russian Cyrillic keyboard. What happens if you type out "covfefe" on this keyboard? It turns out, you get the following Cyrillic symbols:

Unintelligible, for an English speaker. But when you plug it into Google Translate, you get this:

Hmmm… "Covet." Fascinating. Is it that the Illuminati covet the US PRESIDENCY? Yes and more. On the picture of the keyboard, you'll notice that the key that corresponds to the "s" on an English keyboard holds a "C" in the Cyrillic version.

The Russian Spies added one layer of deception - instead of typing the American "C," you are meant to type the Cyrillic "C," and leave the rest of the word the same. For those who think this is just a coincident, remember that we're dealing with spies who want to maintain obscurity and deniability. If they throw in a little step like this they create separation between the word and the real meaning that they can use later to deny the word ever means SOVIET.

Plus, C itself is a mini code. What does "C" sound like? C of course sounds like SEE and in DO YOU SEE NOW? C is often used as a spy code word for "TO SEE". SEERS is used as a code word for spies in general by english speaking spies. Spies are the WATCHERS, the SEERS.

And that's why the C is the last step in the cipher when you decode it into Russian. WHEN YOU SEE (C), YOU REALIZE WHAT THE REAL CODE WORD IS.

When you use the normal Russian C on the cyrillic keyboard, you get the following word:

And when we go back to Google Translate, we find:

There you have it: Donald Trump tweeted out the Russian spy code-word for "Soviet," obviously as a message to his Russian handlers, and then got so smug about his russian code word that he openly defied the entire world to divine it's true meaning. He even got Sean Spicer to tell everyone he knows exactly what it means but won't reveal it to anyone but "a select group."

If you plug SOVIET back into Trump's original tweet you get, Despite all the negative press, still SOVIET.

And isn't he getting a lot of negative press about his Russian ties??? That has been the story of his presidency - a constant story. Trump and his relationship with the Russians. Everyone in his administration is in a constant shroud of suspicion about their ties to Russia. Manafort embeezzled money for the Russian Mob. Flynn was meeting with the Russians. The Russian problem is still haunting Trump a year into his Presidency with Mueller running an indepedent investigation to prove Trump colluded with the Russians. I think what I just showed illustrates how useless Mueller is. Mueller could have taken Trump down right after the COVFEFE slip up but he didn't. Mueller was appointed to investigate Trump two weeks before the COVFEFE tweet and yet he's done absolutely nothing except stall and make it look like he's doing something. Mueller is just an illuminati hack who is supposed to make sure Trump isn't forced out of office like Nixon was.

Trump got bought by the Russians back in 2013 during that beauty contest stuff. Check out this video he did for Emin who is the son of a mob boss high up in the Russian Mafia. Emin represented the Russians in the beauty contest stuff. Emin's father controls the Russian mafia and is also personal friends with Putin.

Emin and Trump are so close that Trump sent him a personal Happy Birthday video message in 2016. He was giving him this message in 2016, while President. The message from the Illuminati was that Emin owns Donald Trump, the Russian Mob owns Trump. Emin's dad is in Putin's inner circle. Trump was essentially wishing Russia and Putin happy birthday because now they were in control of America. They even have this video on Youtube to advertise to everyone that President Trump is kissing the Russian Mob's ass. They also made him do the stupid music video with Emin in it to help launch Emin's music career as a Russian pop star. Putin has billions of dollars of debt over Trump as well as blackmail stuff like the infamous Pee Pee tape which exists (it's actually a series of tapes.)

Emin's publicist, Rob Goldstone, set up the meeting between Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort and Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya in June 2016 to pass on reportedly damaging information about Hillary Clinton. Trump is wishing Emin Happy Birthday while he's in office while he's dealing with the investigation into this very meeting.

We must take back our government and launch an attack on Russia. Britain should side with us in this war. The Russians are attacking both America and England, murdering our citizens, while also destroying the international order by bombing civilians in Syria. Putin has gone crazy. His country is collapsing because they can't make enough money from oil. Putin runs a petro-oligarchy. He is the supreme leader of the Russian Mob who are only able to stay in power because they own all of Russia's oil reserves. With oil values so low now, their whole economy is becoming unhinged and collapsing and Putin is turning to war to cement is reputation. He annexed Ukrainian territory already. He is following Adolf Hitler's script. We must attack them now and show them who's boss. Putin's the type of dim witted asshole who will be hyper agressive until he realizes that he's not as powerful as the people he wants to pick on. The only way to shut him down is to teach him a lesson.

We must carry out a limited strike on Moscow. This will not start a Nuclear War because Russian's nuclear weapons to longer are functional. They have disposed of most of them anyway and the ones they have left are all running computer systems the Americans have already hacked. They cannot fire their weapons. We have nothing to lose by showing them that we will not allow our citizens (or British Citizens) to be murdered by Russians even if they control our President.