The Russians were not America's allies in WWII, they were Adolf Hitler's Allies. Stalin was just like Adolf Hitler - an illuminati Jewish dictator. Russia covered up their collaboration with the Nazis. The Russian people were not illuminati Jews but they were murdered by the hundred of millioins against the Nazis not to fight them but to be slaughtered by them.

Stalin always built his empire on the threat of death and concentration camps. He pioneered the concentration camp model that Hitler used for the Holocaust. Both of them were stupid illuminati mental retards who were put in as figureheads to enable the murder of millions of people in concentration camps and the subsequent theft of their fortunes to finance the illuminati satanic system.

The "liberating" Russians were feared more than the German Nazis by the Poles and Chechs. The Russians were rapists and murderers who would loot the villages they "liberated" and return to Russia with the money they had stolen during their war time.

Russia has never been our friend. They have always been sympathetic to the illuminati Nazis. They are trying to take over America now for those same Illuminati Nazis.

During WWII the Russians officially were allies of the German Nazis until 1941. At this point, the illuminati knew that Germany was going to lose the world war and they were making contingency plans. Part of their plan was to murder a lot of Russians in the battle of Stalingrad. The other plan was to rape European women. The Russians, even when they were pretending to be fighting the Germans were always working for them.