So if the world is only 8,000 years old, why do we have Dinosaur skeletons? Aren't they supposed to be hundreds of thousands of years old? The answer is that they aren't really that old and they've been planted their by God. We find Dinosaurs because God is trying to give us messages through their discovery.

Dinosaurs do exist, but they never existed on Earth. There is an entire alien planet that is populated by real dinosaurs. The skeletons that we find are skeletons of these dinosaurs that have been planted for us by God to be found.

It's like Westworld. God can add things to our environment without us noticing. Just as the architect roles out new features of Westworld, God can add things to creation. God can place anything he wants under the ground and then when we discover it we assume it's always been there. Really, God is placing things for us to find.

If God wants us to realize that even the most giant lizard can go extinct, he'll have someone find a fossil of a T-Rex. The message from God is about the fact that though T-Rex was huge and ruled his kingdom, he eventually went extinct and lost out to God.

That is God's message to the illuminati who often call themselves the lizard people because the illuminati Jews have that genetic defect where their tongues flick out like snakes or lizards. God introduced the skeleton of the T-Rex to the illuminati just as they were beginning to win the war of Good vs Evil. The message was that even though they think they're winning, God will make them extinct.

Some of the Dinosaurs on the Dinosaur Planet are sentient like us. They can speak and communicate and have free will to do good or evil. Some of these sentient dinosaurs are in Heaven so if you go to Heaven you can talk to Brontosauruses and other Dinosaurs living in Heaven.

Once the illuminati is ended and we are allowed to interact with the other space aliens in the universe, we will have a chance to meet real dinosaurs right here in our universe.