Gayness in South America

Gayness is very different in Latin America. Mexico, South America, and Central America are all influenced highly by Spain in how they handle homosexuality. In Spain, you are not homosexual if you have sex with another man if you are penetrating them.

This is a long standing Catholic understanding of homosexuality that is also prevalent in Italy. So many men who have sex with other men do not think of themselves as homosexual and do not ever describe themselves as homosexual. So to be homosexual in Spain you have to be more a Queeny homosexual where you want to be "fucked" and you solicit attention from other men.

The men who have sex with you do not think of themselves as homosexuals. This is very weird for Americans to understand but it affects all of Latin America in terms of how they think of homosexuality. There are a lot of latino's in America who have some very weird ideas about homosexuality.

This " gay macho" culture is a flipside to how latinos can often be annoyingly "macho" towards women. There is an attitude that if you are the agressor sexually then you are not homosexual, even if you are having sex with a man. This also leads to increased amounts of homosexual rape as men think if they rape another man they are not gay. Conversley, if a heterosexual man ends up getting raped by a man they think that makes them gay.

This confusion about homosexuality created by the Catholic Church leads to a lot of problems psychologically and also makes epidemics like AIDS much harder to deal with. People who rape people don't use condoms. People who are in the closet about being Gay spread AIDS to other partners more easily - they also spread AIDs to women.

The latino/spanish/vatican dumb attitude towards "gay macho" homosexuality is a legacy of the illuminati we must get rid of. IF you like having sex with men you are gay - it doesn't matter who penetrates who. The illuminati Catholics need to stop spreading this evil idea of what homosexuality is.

Latino families are often large, the larger the family the more likely you are to have a gay child. When you get over 5 boys it's almost 100% that one boy will be gay. So Latino families need to start recognizing that gayness is real is not something to be ashamed of and that many of their families have gay uncles or brothers or sons and this is normal and good. They are good sons just like a heterosexual son.

Part of the problem is the high level of pedophilia in Latino communities - another legacy of the Catholic Church's control of Latin America. Gayness is associated with pedophilia in Latin American culture - which is not at all true - but once again a legacy of Catholic Propaganda.

Latin Americans in America should follow the lead of America's general pop culture which has increasingly embraced gayness as seen in TV shows and the recognition of the gay right to marry. Latin Americans should want to be part of American culture and part of that is taking a more progressive view on gayness in their communities and families.

There's already some tradition to do that - look at Almodovar films where he embraces the gay side of Spain. That kind of tradition should be invigorated and celebrated. There have always been flamboyant gays in Spain, just like they have them in France. These people have always been associated with the arts and creative culture. Latin America should follow the lead of Spain in this regard - celebrate Gayness rather than be scared of it.