Old Vilcabamba: Incan Jungle City

The Incans didn't really loose to the Spanish - they just retreated to their other sky fortresses in the Andes - sky cities which have still not been found my westerners. They also retreated into Jungle cities in the Amazon. Their are millions of Incans still alive hiding in secret cities still.

‚ÄčIn 1539, the first capital of a region near Cusco, Vitcos, was abandoned by Tito Cusi Yupanqui after the death of his father Manco Inca. He moved his people deeper into an inhospitable area of mountains and jungle between the Urubamba and Apurimac rivers where he founded a new capital which is now known as Vilcabamba the Old. The Spanish burned this city in 1572 but the Incans just went further into the Jungle where the Spanish feared to go. They are still there to this day.

Hiram Bingham, the discoverer of Machu Picchu and Vitcos, made a brief visit to the site in 1911, found a few ruins among the dense vegetation and declared the site of little importance. He believed that he had already discovered the site of Vilcabamba old at Machu Picchu.

In 1994 another American, Gene Savoy, retraced the route taken by Bingham to Espiritu Pampa. After a detailed study of the Spanish chronicles, Savoy concluded that Machu Picchu did not match their descriptions of Vilcabamba and that Espiritu Pampa fit them perfectly. Today Vilcabamba remains covered by forest and shrouded in mystery.