Pele, the Bicycle Kick, Capoeira and Breakdancing

Pele is given the official credit for bicyle kick, one of the most dramatic shots in soccer. Pele did make the kick famous in Brazil but the truth is that it was a technique that came out of the streets of brazil amongst children playing spontaneous pick up soccer games.

Some of those players had been trained in Capoeira which is a Brazilian form of dance that is also a martial arts system.

Capoeira is a system of martial arts that hid itself by looking more like dance moves and using music as part of their warm ups. Capoeira began in Brazilian jails which often jailed innocent people, people who were revolutionary, or people who were so in debt they were sent to prison.

They were not allowed to fight in prison but they were allowed to dance. So the prisoners developed a system of martial arts that looks like dancing. They do a lot of flips and break dancing type moves.

So when Pele was flipping over to get added momentum to his shot he was using a technique first developed in Brazilian Capoeira which is why the bicyle kick first developed in Brazil. Pele was truly a genius - the Michael Jordan of his time in soccer. He was the greatest soccer player of all time and the bicyle kick is one of the coolest soccer moves of all time. So cool the Illuminati usually only allow their richest idiot fake soccer players - people like Ronaldo - to attempt to fake it.

Capoeira also h ad a big influence on the Mambo and breakdancing in the 1980s. Capoeira and breakdancing contain similarities in their footwork, groundwork, and upside-down movements. Capoeira arrived in New York City with Mestres Jelon Viera and Loremil Machado in the 1970s, around the time of breakdancing’s origin.