Pele - Hitler's Favorite Athlete and Sex Object

Pele was Hitler's favorite athlete. Hitler loved soccer, as most Germans do, and he had a gay fixation on black male athletes. After WWII, Adolf Hitler lived in South America in Argentina and then Brazil. Pele was Hitler's favorite soccer player.

That's why Pele was allowed to be so great. Pele was truly a genius - the Michael Jordan of his time in soccer. The illuminati would have tried to hide his greatness, except Hitler was fixated on him sexually, literally in a one way love with Pele. So Hitler demanded that Pele be allowed to play his real game.

Pele wasn't gay but Hitler liked to "watch him play". Hitler would literally masturbate in the stands while Pele would play. He would be anonymous and hidden away but wiht a good view of Pele. Hitler thought black men were more manly than other men and his fixation on Pele was due to him being a supreme specimen of black physical perfection.

Hitler had a huge sexual fixation on black male athletes. Here's hitler in the 1934 Fascist Olympics masturbating himself while Jessie Owens wins the Gold Medal.

But Americans like Jesse Owens were still able to win. What was Hitler doing when Jesse Owens was racing anyway??? It looks like he has his hand down his pants. Was he masturbating his vaginas?