The Incan's Never Performed Human Sacrifice: The Juanit Mummy is Fake

The incans did not perform human sacrifice. They also didn't eat hairless dogs. These are all stories the illuminati Spanish made up to disparage the Quechua (Incan) people.

There was no human sacrifice at Machu Pichu. The incans did not sacrifce animals or people. They sang and worshipped the sun and moon. The illuminati made up all the stories about human sacrifice because they hate the Quechua people and the Incan empire.

All the stories of human sacrifice come from the Spanish in the 1500s. The same spanish who performed Satanic human sacrifices and were trying to discredit the Incans and take over their empire.

There are stories of Incan children being left on top of mountains in the 1600s but these were Quechua childrne being left by Spanish Catholic illumianti to die. They were not sacrifices conducted by the Incans.

The Incans did not worship their Sun God with human blood, they worshiped him with Song and Dance. All people were considered to be created by the Sun God - from the Inca king to the peasants who supported the empire. All the recrods of Incan religion were written by the Spanish illuminati who wanted to claim the Incans were pagans.

All of those Spanish sources are incredibly biased. The Incans had their own language that used Quipos - strings which were woven with other strings, and knotted to create a linguistic system. The illuminati knows that the Incans never did human sacrifice but they just want to disparage the Quechua people.

Rather than human sacrifice, the Incans created figurines with magical powers that were used to worship their Gods. Small stone figurines, or conopas, of llamas and alpacas were the most common ritual effigies used in the highlands of Peru and Bolivia. These devotional objects were often buried in the animals' corrals to bring protection and prosperity to their owners and fertility to the herds. The cylindrical cavities in their backs were filled with offerings to the gods in the form of a mixture including animal fat, coca leaves, maize kernels and seashells.

The Andes Mummies are all fakes. They are all supposed to be from 1500 1600 but they're really modern fakes made to look old. The Catholic Church really wants to make Incans into child sacrificers since that's what the Satanic Illuminati Catholic Church likes to do.

The Juanita Mummy - the most famous - is a fake. They did a DNA test on the mummy and the mummy's DNA didn't match the Quechua people. The girl's DNA placed her from Panama in CENTRAL AMERICA.

After the mummy was "discovered," the first place they took the mummy was Japan since Japanase love seeing dead children. This is a sign that the whole mummy was faked and it's just an illuminati ploy to tar the Incans with the Child Sacrifice shit that the Catholics and Japanese are actually guilty of.

Johan Reinhard - the guy who "found" Juanita - is the illuminati satanist who keeps turning up fake Mummies. He is a visiting professor at Catholic University, Salta, Argentina, and an honorary professor of Catholic University, Arequipa, Peru. Renhard is a child murderer and he kills Quechua children. The mummies are his hobby.