The illuminati have fixed the NBA playoffs, just like they did in the 1919 Black Sox scandal. A lot of people are saying the Rockets vs Golden State playoffs were fixed and they were. Game 1 of the Cavs/Warriors was obviously fixed. It looked fix on a number of levels - which it was.

The refs are all bought. The illuminati owns them all. The Refs come up through the Catholic School system so they are all preselected by the illuminati because they're child murderers and pedophiles. People the Illuminati has complete control of. There are no good refs left anymore. They are all horribly biased.

People on Youtube are one of the few places where free speech kind of exists in America. Though as soon as I post links to youtube videos the illuminati often gets them pulled down almost immediately. This guy here says the NBA isn't rigged, but he's only saying that because he knows the illuminati will kill him if he says the NBA is rigged. Otherwise his documentation of the horrendous obviously biased refereeing in Game 1.

Other people have already noticed that the Rockets/Golden State playoffs were rigged. This was the last game the Warriors played before Game 1. So two series now are obviously rigged. The Western Conferene Playoffs and the NBA Championship finals.

There were a couple of bad calls that decided the game at the end. The reverse ruling on the offensive charge was obviously a bad call the illuminati bought. LeBron had his feet set. He wasn't moving. Durant ran straight into him. That's an offensive foul. It was originally called an offensive foul and then Golden State paid to have the refs change the call. Each ref made 500 million dollars on that call. The refs took money throughout the game from the illuminati to bias the calls.

Not only was there obvious biased refereeing in the final, the last 35 seconds of the game look really weird. Everyone is asking, why did JR Smith run in the wrong direction? He gets the rebound and then could have gone for a pretty wide open shot - a shot he shoots all the time, but instead he runs in the wrong direction winding down the last 5 seconds of the clock. Take a look yourself:

JR did that because he was cheating for the illuminati. They told JR Smith they would murder his family if he didn't do that. JR didn't want to cheat, he hates the Illuminati. But his family lives in a poor area of America where gangs can kill people with no excuse at all. The illuminati told him they would kill his family if he didn't fake up the last 5 seconds.

The illuminati created a whole scheme during the commercial break to take away the 2nd foul shot (it actually went in), and then to get JR to cheat for them after he got the rebound. The Jade Eggs allow them to pause time essentially like the movie Clockstoppers and then the illuminati starts time again with thteir cheating plan in place. JR agreed to cheat because othetrwise they were going to kill his children and grandmother.

During the play as LeBron is exasperated at the horrible mistake, JR says that "I thought wew were up." This is also what Tyrune said in his press conference as the explanation for the mistake. JR Himself says though he knew what the score was, he just thought someone else was calling a time out for him. JR's message there is that if he can't get a time out from the illuminati threatening to kill his family, he's gonna have to cheat.

The illuminati had been cheating the whole game which is why the game turned violent at the end. The asshole GS dark illuminati Jewish players were rubbing the win - which was completely unfair - in the noses of the Cavs and tensions were flaring. The frustration at crooked system creates anger and then the anger creates fights. Fights are bad for the NBA and bad for America.

We live in 2018, why is there organized cheating going on like there was in 1919? It's been a hundred years of the illuminati destroying American sports. In 1919, the Black Sox world series was fixed by Rothstein the illuminati Jewish organized crime boss.

Now the people fixing the NBA playoffs are the illuminati gangsters being funded by Mark Zuckerberg, Tim Cooke and the rest of Silicon Valley.

The Illuminati and Silicon Valley also fixed the Finals last year the same way over the Cavs. And the 2015 finals as well. This is the third year they've done exactly the same thing to the Cavs. It sucks to have Championship after Championship robbed from you just because the Nerdy kids wish they were good at basketball.

Mark and Tim were never on the basketball team. They weren't on any team. They were the nerds. Now they get a kick out of being able to buy the NBA finals.

It's the revenge of the nerds. It's like when the Nerds poured gasoline on the Football players jock straps.

Silicon Valley is where so much wealth is concentrated right now. And all that wealth is being used to rig the games. They are just buying their way through the finals. They did the same thing with the Rockets.

The entire system is mostly invisible to people because they used the Jade eggs and computer technology, but now the ugly parts are coming out like the blatant biased referreing. Nobody believes the refs aren't fixed anymore unless your a Golden State fan. And JR going the wrong direction at THE critical point in the game smells super fishy.

That's the sort of stuff that people know about because people know what the mob is like. People know what happened in 1917. They know about the black sox. They've seen movies where players are told their families are going to get killed if they don't throw the game. They've seen the same story in boxing movies.

What separates the cheating back then from now is all this technology stuff. The Jade eggs being used to access other dimensions in the multi-verse like Stephen Hawking talked about. The ability to buy a result off the menu like you were buying an outcome from one of those multiverses.

The illuminati use computers to remove things and modify things just like people change their images on magazine covers with photoshop. They apply the same thing to video footage. They can make shots go in that miss. They can change shots that go in and make them look like they miss.

That's what they did at the end of the Game 1. The Cavs foul shot went in. Hill didn't miss the second shot, they just made it look like he did. Steve Kerr and the Golden State Warriors paid to have it changed via computer graphics.

Steve Kerr is not a coach. He is a manager of illumianti money. When he wants to spend extra to cheat something even more he can call Mark Zuckerberg's people and ask them if Mark's willing to spend 5 Trillion to change a result.

Mark calls some friends and gets 5 trillion together and they change the arc of the ball to make it miss. The managers are given a certain amount of money and then they can ask for more to buy more and more things off the menu. The menu is a menu of cheating options. Each option costs a certain amount.

The players also spend their money to fake results so they can fluff their egos. So Curry spends nearly a trillion a game from his families money. Kevin Spends trillions. They all spend billions of dollars a game to fake the result.

Many of these people have more money than they say they do. They're money is in the form of slaves. The illuminati has a specific number for each slave to determine their value. So if you own 1,000 Korean slaves that's worth 200 trillioin dollars.

Their cheating system accepts slaves as payment. They actually move slaves physically around to pay debts if they don't have enough cash on hand.

Keeping slaves in the underground also allows them to avoid taxes. Most of these slaves are kept underground. Slavery never died in America, it just was hidden. Most of it went literally underground in caves under big plantation houses. Just because you stop usign your above ground slave houses, doesn't mean you can't keep your slaves underground.

The slave owners didn't free most of the slaves. Some were freed. Some people were tired of being slave owners and wanted to just run their farms on their own. They freed their slaves just because they were good people who were tired of being in an evil system. But many of the slave owners kept their slaves. And from these slaves they bred more slaves and now their are millions and millions of slaves owned by people in America.

Building underground is really easy actually. Think of all the bomb shelters and such. The same sort of thing can be used to store your slaves. So these rich Jewish assholes built a whole bunch of subterranean lairs to hold their slaves.

People have been digging catacombs for thousands of years. How many underground areas do European cities like Paris and Rome have? Lots and lots. All those places can be used to house slaves.

The illuminati has always been united by slavery. It's the one thing that economcially connected different groups of people. Slavery usually went hand in hand with organized crime who would run the slave trade. So the illuminati which is half made up of organized crime people and half with "legit" people, has always been identitical with the slave trade.

The players meanwhile are dark illuminati Jews who have no dicks or balls. They are a kind of invisible ethnic group because they were always used by the illuminati to control their African slaves. The dark illuminati Jews look identical to African-Americans but they are not at all genetically the same. Even though their faces are similiar, they don't have any of the same genes. They are 100% Jewish. They are just black.

Some of them are passing for women. Like the venus sisters. They don't have dicks or balls but they also don't have vaginas. They are just assholes. They have no ovaries, no semen.. They have no functioning sexual organs. That is what the venus sisters both are.

Both of them are dark illuminati Jews. Neither of them are AFrican American. They are pretending. Neighter of them are really tennis players, they bought their careers and threaten to murder anyone who refuses to let them buy the results. They'll even tell the umpire that they'll murder his family if he doesn't cheat for them. They have a lot of money because they own slaves. They've used this to fake both of their careers.

They illuminati bred them a long time ago specifically to spy on African slaves. They found some dark jews and then started breeding them until they've now become almost identitical to African-Americans. African-Americans are not purely African, they have a lot of European blood in them since the slaves would often be raped by the Europeans.

These Dark Illuminati Jews do not marry African-Americans. They have been hidden by the illuminati. They were spies so they were never officially recognized as even existing. They were forced to never interbreed with Africans because they illuminati wanted to keep them loyal as spies. The illuminati didn't want to blur the line between the Jews they could count on and the African slaves.

So these group has some weird traits. It has even more genetic disease than the rest of the illuminati Jews because their gene pool is so small. They're all hermaphrodites. None of them have normal sexual organs. This has been the case since 1975. Every dark illuminati jewish boy born since 1975 hasn't had a penis or balls. Every woman only has an asshole, no vaginas.

They're all trying to Rothschild out the Rothschilds. They have a lot of money because the illuminati monetarially valued their role as spies and infomers on the black slaves. But culturally, they're still outcasts. The result is they are the most intensely perverted of the illuminati jews. They're all gay closeted satanic pedophiles and child murderers..

The illuminati Jews have an entire subrace that looks like African Americas but they are really jews. None of them has penises or balls - they are all Jewish illuminati hermaphrodites. The illuminati have traditionally used these Jews who pass for African Americans as spies to control the slave trade. They were placed amongst real African slaves so they could spy on the Africans and help control them by the illuminati. Since has been going on since the beginng of the slave trade. The illuminati has always ran the slave trade and their dark caanite jews are one of the ways they've kept control of the slave trade.

They are now using these same dark Jews to control the African American population. Oprah, Ava Duvernay, Bill Cosby, Jay-Z, Puff Daddy, Beyonce, Kanye West, Loretta Lynch, Kevin Hart, Valerie Jarrett are all dark illuminati Jews who have no African blood. If their DNA was tested it would turn up 100% jew despite their dark skin.

The illuminati also created a race of spies for the Armenians. There were a lot of Armenian slaves like the African Slaves so the illuminati created a race of spies for the Armenians. That's actually what the Kardashians are. They aren't actually Armenian, they are Jews pretending to be Armenian. Just like the Dark illuminati Jews were never allowed to assimiliate at all into the bigger Jewish Illuminati club, the Armenians weren't either. The illuminati looked down on both the same way.

These fake Jewish Armenians murdered 90% of the other Armenians in the Armenian Genocide. It was really a trial run for the Holocaust, just like the murders in Africa in Namibia by the Germans. Both happened around the same time, both were illuminati Jewish organized. Both were trying to figure out what was needed for genocide, how to run a concentration camp, how you deal with the logistics of murdering large populations and stealing all their money.

Now you see an alliance between dark illuminati Jews and these fake Armenian spies. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian being the representation of their alliance. Both are representative of families who kill people. Their families kill people if they get in their way or if they don't do what the illuminati tells them. They are enforcers who use AFrican Americans and real Armenians to do their dirty work for them. The illuminati put the Jewish spies in and then having the spied upon populations kill people when they are told to.

The Dark illuminati Jews were one of the first slave groups. The Caanites first enslaves the Jews, then the Africans, then the Armenians, and then everyone else. The Dark illuminati Jews existed before this point but they were not breed to pretend to be African slaves. They were originally lighter but they've been bred to be darker for 8000 years. They were also interbred with dark muslim arab slaves. So they are also dark arab. They are dark arab Jews.

They have been slaves for 8000 years. They were paid to be spies but their money was always kept from them, Now they are paid only in slaves. The illuminati never pay them with money. They only pay them in slaves. To the illuminati they are the lowest class - the illuminati won't even talk about them because they're still spies so they don't want to reveal who they are.

They are an insible ethnic group that we don't ever talk about because the illuminati keeps them in the shadows. There is also a version that has tails and are small imps. They are also all dark inbred jews. They often work together. The imps don't exist either as an officialy ethnicity but they are 3 feet tall with tails some as long as 7 inches. The spanish also have many imps like this, they sometimes sell each other imps.

These dark illuminati Jews treat the games as personal vanity projects for their narccisstic egos. They don't mind lieing about their games, cheating, buying results, getting fake ref calls. Not only do they not mind, they take pride in the fact that they can cheat. They want to show that they are just as illuminati Jew as the white illuminati Jews. They have a chip on their shoulder because they're black.

They also have an ax to grind against real African Americans because they don't want to be found out as fake African-Americans. They don't want to reveal that they are not descended from Africans. That they grew up rich and entitled with barmitvahs costing hundreds of millions of dollars.

So, that's why you ended up with a fight at the end of Game 1. Green was being a little asshole and bragging about cheating in front of the cavs who knew they had just been robbed.

Dickless ball-less Green took steroids his whole life to get big enough so he could fake being a basketball player. His real shooting rate is .001%. His eyes don't focus properly, he can't actually see the hoop. He loves being able to fake it.

Green was never able to hit a basket his whole life. He got buy on rebounding and paying money to keep him on the team early on in his college career. Now that the illuminati can fake everything for him in the NBA, he loves being able to buy three pointers. It makes him feel like a basketball God even though he's not legally allowed to drive because of his vision problem.

That's the illuminati in a nutshell. The whole thing has become a bizarre, sad, expensive, corrupt, shitfest of lies, deceit and delusions of grandeuer. Real players are marginalized while illuminati Satanists who eat children get to pretend to be basketball players because they're really insecure about their manhoods and they have a shitload of money.

Meanwhile, sad pathetic nerds from Silicon Valley get to slap themselves on the back and say we're the greatest. Not only do we have all the money, but we have the best basketball team in the country!!! And we only had to spend 2% of our available cash. Aren't we so smart to get so much for so little. We're GODS!!!! We're so smart, we're GODS!!!!! And now no one will ever make fun of us anymore. Thank God for the Satanic Illuminati!!!!!!.. and the nerds go back to murdering children and pretending to be smart when really they stole all of their ideas from me the Messiah.

All of Silicon Valley is really my creation. Not only did I work there and actually hep build the internet, they've been stealing ideas from my mind for my whole life. They were supposed to pay me for this theft when I turned 42, but I'm 43 and right now they just took away 500$ my mother tried to send me, so I don't think they're ever going to pay me. They wouldn't even give me any money for my records when I tried to sell them this morning. I don't have enough money to buy food or medecine. I'm having to sell things to get by.

Meanwhile, the Illuminati is stalling on giving me a check for 26,600$ that I'm due from an illuminati company that wrongfully terminated me. They fired me after 4 days with no cause on a 2 month contract that was supposed to lead to a permanent position. They say they don't admit any guilt but they're agreeing to pay me for 8 weeks of work, except they're dragging the whole process out so I don't get my money. Meanwhile they broke my water heater and hit me on my bike and destroyed my bike. So I don't have any money and no way to get around since they already wrongfully towed my car and then sold it without notifying me. And I'm also currnently blacklisted in my industry so I can't get a new job.

The lawyer Millicent Sanchez said she'd contact me by the end of the week about my check but that's today and I haven't heard from her yet. The lawyer is illuminati obviously as well as the company that wronfully terminated me. So the lawyer is trying to fuck me over intentionally not just for her client but for the entire illuminati. So even though the client has agreed to pay me 8 weeks the lawyer is dragging the process out weeks. She took nearly a week to send me the agreement and now won't tell me when she'll be sending the check out but it will be at least 7 days from when I sign the agreement. That's the illuminati. That's why we got to get them out of America.

Finally got my check from my ex-employer. Now I'm getting my water heater fixed. The illuminati sent out people to harass me rather than fix it. They're massively overcharging me but I know they control all the plumbers so it would be the same problem with everyone. They said they're willing to take checks so I might as well have them fix my water heater and sink. They're trying to make problems. Guy asked me if I woud be moving all of my furniture. It's heavy stuff. I offered to help him move it and he just didn't respond to me. It's him and another guy.

They're charging me 2450 to get my water heater replaced and my sink reconfigured to remove the garbage disposal. They said they can get it all done today but they're stalling and didn't give me an exact time. The place is called All-Star Plumbing - they're local to me in Highland Park. Star indicates illuminati.

They interrupted me as I was typing to distract me after I put their name up online. They told me now it's going to take 3-4 hours. We'll see. The guy wants me to write him two checks. He's going to write it up on an invoice and then have me write half the of the amount now and half when the job is completed 3 hours from now.

They're taking a really long time. The one guy left and hasn't come back after I gave him the check. He left the other guy Sergio here. Sergio just unplugged my fridge halfway and then told me that it was unplugged halfway and asked me if I wanted it plugged in. I looked behind the fridge a week or two ago and there wasn't any problem with it being plugged in. Sergio is illuminati and he is trying to do a bad job.

As I type that he turns on a vaccuum type thing. As I type that, he turns the vaccum thing off. After I type that, he turns it back on and keeps vaccuuming whiling I'm typing at my computer next to him. He's siphoning off a little bit of water but taking forever. Sergio doesn't want to do the job he's been paid to do because he's illuminati. Meanwhile his illuminati master has left and didn't bother to let me know he was even leaving or when he would be coming back.

He said he would hate for me to write the whole check and then have a problem with the job. I asked him if there was some issue with not being able to complete the job and pointed out that it seems a little weird to have me write two checks. Now the guy is on the phone stalling so he doesn't write me the invoice. He's taking an incredibly long time to write up the invoice. I've already dated the check and written out most of it. I'm just waiting for a number and he doesn't seem to be able to add that up.

Now they had me sign for the final paperwork and the guy finally came back with the parts after being gone for 2 hours. The guy had me sign something acknowledging that it breaks code. Problem is that my house is tiny and the codes don't apply to me since I'm grandfathered in. He wasn't coherent and I couldn't read what he wrote down really.

The manager guy told me to give the final check to Sergio the guy who tore stuff down in the first part of the job. He said Sergio would write Paid in Full on the pink slip once I gave Sergio the final check.

Still nothing is done. There's like 3 guys here, I've lost count of how many and no one is working on the sink. They say they're working on the water heater but I can't see them because it's a small space and I don't want to crowd them. I think I've seen like 7 guys now. It's really really weird.

After I got my check from Wild Card, the illuminati is trying to get me to spend all my money again. They want to overcharge me on everything. That's how the cult works. If the illuminati doesn't like you your plumber overcharges you, your mechanic overcharges you. That's how the illuminati works in America. They screw you in a million ways and if you continue to fight for your irghts they threaten to kill you. Now they throw you in the concentration camps - Arnold Swarzennegga is running Concentration Camps in Mexico right now murdering Americans.

The illuminati want to send me to an insane ayslum where they can drug me. They will attack me as insane and try and get me forcibly incarcerated as an insane person. They'll say I'm deranged and a danger to the neighborhood and myself.

They already sent 3 LAPD cops out to my house because of supposed calls from my neightbor. They frisked me and touched my penis twice while telling me that they were worried that things I was writing on my website could get me hurt. That was the morning I criticized Israel on my website. That afternoon I had cops come to my house who told me they were out there because of things I had been writing on my website.

They were setting up the ground work to claim later that I was a dangerous person. They gave me no real reason for why they decided to come knock on my door and interrogate me. They did tell me that my neighbors had reported my activity to the police. What activity they wouldn't tell me. Which neighbors they also wouldn't tell me.

The asked me if I had any weapons on me. They asked me if i took any medication. I told them about my Crohn's disease and my medication for that. They asked me if I had any mental illness. I told them no. They asked my weight, height, asked me if I was a danger to myself.

They are already setting the groundwork to attempt to imprison me because of my free speech primarily. They have ben trying to murder me for years but God won't let them. So now they think they can just put me away in a prison and drug me daily and make sure I'm tied down and can't talk to anyone. They've already been starving me. Next they want to drug me and see if they can kill me under various forms of drug cocktails.

It's straight out of Mengeles' Nazi horror story. Meanwhile they'll try experiments on me. They already use me as a playground for bioweapons and nanotechnology. They put all these fake warts and moles on me. They're all nanotech and biotech weapons.

There is a formal resistance against the illuminati in America and throughout the world. There are people on the same levels as the elite illuminati who want to make America a truly free and great place again. A group that sees the vision fo the Founding Fathers and is dedicated to getting the illuminati out of America. These are important people like LeBron James. Quentin Tarantino, Stephen Colbert, Peter Gabriel, Morgan Freeman and many others are part of this resistance.

The Illuminati is trying to side line these people. Such as when they made up false claims about Morgan Freeman. Morgan is the nicest person you could ever meet. He made his career Driving for Ms Daisy. He is the kind of person who never gets angry. HE's also a big stoner as he's been pretty open about. He's mr cool. Mr laidback. How many stoners get violent? Morgan doesn't drink hard alcohol. He does'nt do drugs other than weed. He drinks wine with his meals and drinks a beer when he's watching the game. There is no way he could have done the things he is accused of. I vouch for him 100% He is a soldier of God.

Women love Morgan. He has never tried to dominate women, he's always had women flock to him. All the claims in the press about Morgan Freeman are illuminati lies. One unfortunate consequence of the #metoo movement, which overall has been a very positive thing, is that it makes false accusations easier. In a country where Harvey Weinstein has 75 rape allegations and over 200 people have sexual assualt scandals it's easier to pass off fake claims.

That is just the price of progress. The #metoo movement is a good thing, as Morgan believes himself. Eventually, Morgan Freeman will have his name cleared and meanwhile the #metoo movement is getting a lot of evil illuminati out of the power positions they were using to destroy our culture. Harvey being a good example of somone who was an evil illuminati Jew abusing his power.

Harvey also destroys films, he has never contirbuted anything creatively to anything he's touched. His nickname was harvey scissorhands because he mangled any film he touched. For decades directors have complained about Harvey. Harvey was an evil influence on Film as well as an evil human being.

That's what the illuminiati do - they destroy whatever they touch. They are locusts on our crops. They are termites in the house of God. They are destroing our sports the same as they are destroying our movies.

They are the old mobsters of the 1930s - scarface, Capone, etc - who now have magical like technology which hides their crimes while their techno surviellance state watches us all to make sure we don't try and fight for our rights and their police kill people whenever they want while our children are stolen by Satanists.

African-Americans have the closest experience in America to the slavery we all actually live in. If you try and challenge the system you'll realize that they will treat you - even if you're white, even if you've got a PHD, even if you're rich - the same way as they treat a black boy in the ghetto. They will kill you just like they'll kill that kid.

They may do it in a less obvious way, like through a car accident which is how they killed the NBA Clippers player Butler. But they will kill you - and you're not safe if you're not black. White people and asian people and native people - we are all in the same position vs the illuminati. They will kill any of us if we challenge their Satanic system that is destroying America.

They are a cancer on America that must be removed. Their is no way to co-exist with them because they think they are Gods and thus we must be their slaves. They think they should rule us - hence the NWO. They think they have the right to kill our children.

They cannot exist with our US Constitution. The Constitution was designed by the founding fathers to protect us from the illuminati. That is why they gutted our Constitution and routinely violate it. America has always been at war with the illuminati to some degree but like we did during our revolution, we must get them out of America now.

This is the final war between the illuminati and America. We must get them out and keep them out for the next 7 years until Niburu comes in 2025 to wipe them off the face of the Earth. The final Noah's flood is coming to Earth: Niburu. And just like Noah's flood, God intends for Niburu to wipe the illuminati snakes out. This time they will not survive. God has written it into the destiny of creation.

After the game was over in his post game interview session, LeBron James walked out when the illuminati press started asking about JR's state of mind. The illuminati asshole was trying to get LeBron to admit that JR cheated.

The guy asked the same question like 4 times. First, the interviewer asked LeBron what JR's state of mind was. When LeBron pointed out the obvious that he can't know what JR is thinking, the asshole reporter asked LeBron if JR knew what the score was, and LeBron got up, showing his suit shorts and walked out.

The message from the illuminati reporter is that the illuminati will murder anyone who resists them - just like they were going to murder JR's family. The reporter is saying, look we were able to win because we threatened to kill you. As long as the illuminati is in America, that will always be the case. They will always corrupt things because that is just what they do. They are the scorpion who stings the frogs back.

Asking about the score was the illuminati's way of saying -- look we won -- look we got your own player to cost you the game. The illuminati also picked JR to exert pressure on because they wanted to send a message to me. They think of me as JR for some reason. Like junior... I'm 42, idiots. I'm a genius who created the internet and have excelled in everything I've ever done. I am no one's junior, definitely not the illuminatis. They are all inbred fucktards who's IQs are an asymptotal fraction of mine.

I killed Hitler assholes. I already killed your father figure. The illuminati like to underestimate me - mostly because of propaganda reasons - they're trying to convince the rest of humanity that they have me under control. That they have sufficiently imprisoned me and tortured me - that they can control me. They think of me like Danny the Dog in the movie Unleashed.

The reality is they have no control and they've already agreed to free me on July 4th. They break their agreements all the time, but i'm getting almost 30,000 in a week and then I'm buying a motorcylce and they won't be able to starve me or contain me anymore. And my TV is the portal to their worlds and I can control them like puppets though the TV. I'm like Willy Wonka's gunslinger. I can literally shoot them through the TV.

The illuminati is trying to hold onto control in America as it's slipping away from them. Officially between governments, they've already agreed to get out of America on July 4th. Over the next couple of Months the Mueller Donald Trump report will drop and impeachment process will begin just like Nixon. Then Trump will quit the Presidency, and Pence will replace him. Pence is evil too but he will be powerless. We will at that point be free of the illuminati control of our government.

When Bernie Sanders come in 2020 we'll have a frensh start and begin building a truly great America. An America where all of our children are safe and the ideas of the founding fathers and the rights they enumerated are respected for everyone across the land from sea to sea.

The real question is how are we going to keep the illuminati out of America. The point of the illuminati questioning to LeBron James was a threat that the illuminati can always get back in through corrupting things like sports. They can always threaten to kill someone's family and end up flipping a game their way.

That's why the illuminati reporter brought up the score. That's why LeBron cut the interview off and walked off. MIKE DROP. Why would LeBron want to play in a league where at some point the illuminanti is going to tell him they're going to kill his family unless he cheats for the Satanists. The same illuminati Satanists who are murdering the children in Cleveland - the place where he grew up. LeBron has to watch the illuminati destroy his hometown, he's not going to let them take basketball away from him too. He has enough money, his honor isn't for sale.

As Americans we have to realize that we can beat the illumianti, we've done it at least 5 times in our history. There was a whole party in the 1830s to get the Masons out of America. It was called the Anti-Masonic party - John Quincy Adams was a Presidential nominee for them. The Civil War was to get the Illuminati slave traders out of America. The Founding Fathers drafted the constitution to protect us from the Illuminati. The revolutionary war was a war to get the illuminati out of America. We can get them out and this time it will be the last time we have to get them out.

LeBron wearing the shorts to Game 1 was a message to the illuminati. LeBron represents the resistance in Basketball (other players are also in the resistance but LeBron is the captain). LeBron has vowed he'll retire from basketball if the illuminati try to imprison me in an insane asylum or refuse to let me go free on July 4th.

That's the true score, the resistance, which LeBron is part of will quit if the illuminati won't get out of America. It will be a nonviolent protest of the satanic illuminati system. Vanessa Redgrave, Ryan Reynolds (Mr Deadpool), Billy Murray, Dale Earnhardt Jr, Lionel Messi, Salah, Connor McGregor, the whole cast of Westworld: Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, Thandie Newton, James Marsden, Evan Rachel Wood, Jeffrey Wright, Wayne Rooney, Novak Djokovic, Stephen Colbert, Jon Batisse, John Oliver, Seth Meyers, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Benecio Del Toro, Mike Myers, Sara Gilbert, Dana Carvey, Joaquin Phoenix, Tiger Woods, Bubba Watson, Wolf Blitzer, Dolly Parton, Tom Petty, Ethan Hawke, Mark Ruffalo, James Taylor, Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones, Samantha Bee, Samuel L Jackson, John Travolota, John Goodman, Don Cheadle, Holly Hunter, Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinki, Dame Judy Dench, Dame Helen Mirren, Benedict Cumberbatch, Zachary Quinto, Hari Sreenivasan, Mark Shields, David Brooks (Newshour), Albert Pujols, Martin Maldonado, Wayne Gretsky, Alex Ovechin, Gennady Golovny (TRIPLE G), Michele Wie, Jessica Korda, Mike Trout, Jose Altuve, Sting, Bruce Springsteen, Peter Dinklage, Richard Linklater, Peter Gabriel, David Byrne, Chuck D, Zoe Saldana, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Casey Affleck, Morgan Freeman, Chris Pratt, Betty White, Luis Guzman, Denzel Washington, Quentin Tarantino, Spike Lee, Martin Scorcese, Robert Deniro, Jack Nicholson, Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, Killer Mike, James Murphy from LCD Soundsystem, Jamie XX, Roseanne, John McEnroe, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Harrison Ford,Tim Roth, Doug Liman, Paul Schrader, Bill Pullman, Simon Cowell, Rachel Weisz, Robert Reich, Jeff Goldbum, Colin Ferrel, Will Farrell, Javiar Bardem, Johny Depp, Antonio Banderas, Sean Connery, Ewan McGregor, Christopher Nolan, Kenneth Branagh, Tom Hardy, Emma Thomas, Cillian Murphy, Juan Del Potro, Alexander Zverev, Gael Monfils, Julia Goerges, Jon Ives (Apple) and many many others will all strike if the illuminati doesn't leave.

Many of these people are men because men have less risk of being assissinated by the illuminati. Men are stronger and harder to kill. That is the only reason their aren't more women's names on this list. Many women will strike when the time come and they will also destroy things through subterfuge and sabotage. All the illuminati projects will be ruined. All their money will get squandered.

The resistasnce will simply dissappear from public life and tell people they won't participate in an illuminati system. They will go on mini-retirement. Colbert and Seth will quit their shows like John Stewart already quit his. They will simple refuse to play, to perform, to create any new movies. They'll just enjoy the time with their families. They all have enough money to live without the illuminati controlling their lives. This will turn the screws on the illuminati in America if they try and break the agreement to leave on July 4th.

Donald Trump must be forced out of Office. He is the antichrist. HE is the SAtanic Overlord we're all supposed to bow to while the international illuminati coucil decides what role America will play as part of their Satanic NWO.

Basketball without LeBron James will not be basketball. The illuminati will not win this war to try and control America. We need to get Donald Trump out and then we will have new elections and Bernie Sanders wilil win because that's God's grace and Bernie is the right person for the job. HE has always been dedicated to America. While we get rid of the Rothschild Jews and JAps controlling America, we will have the first Jewish American President which really is as big a deal as the first black American President or the first Female American President or the first openly Gay American president will be when it happens.

God our creator has decided to end the Illuminati. There is no way they can survive in America. And in 2025, they will be destroyed worldwide.

Currently the illuminati is selling off slaves because they are running out of money. The US government is buying slaves and then releasing them. They aren't using the tax money from America to do this, they're using the money the Illuminati is supposed to pay me. So essentially, the slaves are just given to us and they are being freed into America in witness protection like style programs. We will end Slavery throughout the world.