Boxing is Fixed: Triple G vs Canelo

The recent Gennady Golovkin vs Canelo fight was fixed by the illuminati. Triple G is a real fighter with a massive amount of talent and guts. Canelo is a fake fighter the illuminati recruited as the great white hope of Mexico. That's why Canelo looks like a Nazi kid and not a Mexican.

Canelo is a dickless inbred Jew with no balls. Canelo is a MS13 Nazi child and the Mexican mafiasos love their little cross dressing redhead. All of Canelo's muscles are implants and he got knocked out over a thousand times in the fight with Triple G. Triple G destroyed him in the ring and the illuminati hid it but the fight was still clearly a Triple G victory.

Despite that, the 3 judges came back with a split decision and the fight ended in a draw - which is almost unheard of in boxing. Triple G clearly won a close fight but one judge scored Canelo 118-110. The second judge gave Triple G a 115-113 edge and the third judge scored it 114-114.

Adalaide Byrd gave the 4th and 7th rounds to Canelo unlike the other two judges which is why she scored the fight 118-110 Canelo. This was obviously a horrible call and everyone in the boxing world quickly commented upon how bad a call she made. Most people atttribited the mistakes to a "female" boxing judge who was incompetent but really she was doing what the illuminati told her to do.

Byrd's stunning score in the major bout that sold out T-Mobile Arena and drew a strong pay-per-view audience on HBO is akin to the bad nights of judges Duane Ford and C.J. Ross in the disputed 2012 Timothy Bradley Jr. victory over Manny Pacquiao.

Ford left judging soon after, and Ross returned in 2013 to give Alvarez the nod of a tie score against Floyd Mayweather Jr. in a bout many viewed as lopsided in Mayweather's favor.

After that, both Ross and former Nevada Athletic Commission executive director Keith Kizer left the sport.

One commission official from another state said it'd be highly unlikely that any state commission would assign Byrd to another major bout again.

Byrd has a history among those in the boxing circles. She scored Canelo Alvarez's one-sided victory over Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. with a 120–108 card. In Alvarez's sixth round knockout of Amir Khan, she had scored it 48–47 in favor of Khan before he went down.

In November, Top Rank vice president of Boxing Operations Carl Moretti told BoxingScene.com that the promoters asked the Nevada Athletic Commission that she not serve as one of the judges for the Vasyl Lomachenko vs. Nicholas Walters fight but they did not get their wish granted.

“We respectfully requested that Adalaide Byrd not be assigned to this fight,” Moretti said. “From there it went on to a conversation [with NSAC executive director Bob Bennett] about how she is a good judge. Some judges can have good nights and can have bad nights. But when she has bad nights, she seems to be too far away from the score. Bob defended her left and right. He didn’t wanna listen to our objection.”

She has also judged MMA since 2006 and was at the heart of the controversial Lenard Garcia decision over Nan Phan in the Ultimate Fighter 12 finale in 2010. She scored it 29–28 in favor of Garcia despite many believing Phan won.

This results mean the illuminati cleans up big time on betting. People who bet for both Canelo or Triple G lost their money to the illuminati in the fight. The illuminati saved face for Canelo who really got his face pulverized while taking everyone's money in the legal and illegal gambling worlds by declaring a draw. No one bets on a draw in a boxing match.

Boxing has been fixed for a long time by the Satanic illuminati. Recently a fighter just walked out of a match because he knew it was fixed against him and there was no way he could win. Boxers are staging a walkout until they can fight without cheating and boughts being rigged.

Just as fans were getting settled to enjoy the heavyweight bout between Curtis Harper and Efe Ajagba on Friday night, the fight was over. Seconds after the boxers touched gloves and the bell rang at their Premier Boxing Championship bout, Harper turned around and exited ring – leaving the crowd and his opponent stunned.

The 30-year-old told Bobby Brunette from the Minnesota Boxing Commission he wanted to see the contract he signed prior to the fight or he wasn’t going to participate, according to ESPN. When Brunette said his agreement was already filed to the state, Harper walked out. Harper is likely to be suspended by Premier Boxing and will likely not get paid for the fight, according to ESPN.

Triple G and Canelo will fight a rematch of their fight this month and once again the illuminati will try and cheat for Canelo. The judges will all be bought by the illuminati and the ref as well. Canelo is really a lobotized clone who's operated via a joy stick. If Canelo dies in the ring - which is does all the time - they just bring out a new clone. So really Triple G has to fight hundreds of Canelos. Every time he knocks one out they bring out a new one.