Dogtown and the Z-Boys

Dogtown and the Z-Boys were the beginning of what we know as skateboarding. The Z-boys created modern skateboarding tricks by using pools to skate in.

In the 1970s there was a big drought and people weren't allowed to fill their pools. Their are so many actors and rich people in Hollywood who leave their houses for months at a time. The Z-boys would break into their backyards and skate in their pools (they never stole anything for fear the police would target them and because they're good guys.)

The illuminati persecuted skateboarding because of both me of my fiancee Staz. The Z-boys scene began the year I was born. It was a gift of God. The skaters were inspired to look for the pools because of dreams I was having as a one year old.

Anastasia is a skater and a very good one who could have gone pro if the illuminati had let her. The illuminati is persecuting really hard since the year 2000. The Japanese can't skate, their legs don't work well and their sense of balance is horrible. they have targeted all of skating.

The illuminati has targeted all the Z-boys in particular. They took Stacy Peralta's son from him and putting him in a concentration camp. Stacy's son didn't die, they made him "disappear" by faking his death.

Stacy's son being put into a concentration camp where he has been beaten was punishment for Stacy putting together the documentary - Dogtown and the Z-boys. A documentary allowed everyone world wide to see a very special world with great people doing something that noone ever imagined before. The documentary is excellent - one of the best documentaries out there that everyone should see. Here's the trailer for it.

Jay Adams, Jim Muir, Peggy Oki, Chris Cahill, Bob Biniak, Shogo Kubo, Paul Cullen, as well as Tony Alva are all also being kept in a concentration camp in Mexico. The Japanese/Illuminati have a war on skating. They are faking deaths of skaters and abducting them.