Tiger and the Memorial: The Death of Golf

The guys who are wining in professional golf now are all fake illuminati Jews who are buying their results. That's why the top players change so much now.

99% of them are fake players who can't play at all. Lobotomized robotized Jews who are playing to pretend to be golfers. The 1% who can play are shitty like Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods in contrast is a poor player who uses cybernetics to be the best in the world. Tiger is a slave to the KKK and the Black Muslims. He is more talented than the other golfers but he's not the great Champion the KKK and illuminati want to make him out to be.

There are no real golfers anymore, they won't let the next generation of talent play. Tiger is a decent golfer who seemed like a champion because he used a super computer to help his game. All the illuminati do that but because Tiger had some talent and the others had absolutely none, Tiger seemed like a champion. The truth is he's just an average to poor golfer like the only other sort of real golfer Bubba Watson who is also a slave to the KKK. Bubba is their little white gay boy slave and tiger is their big black boy slave. They are both slaves controlled by white supremacists.

Tiger Woods is also a black muslim and a black Jewish supremacist. He is not actually african American and is literally owned by Louis Farrakan now. Tiger is not very smart and has been raised his whole life as a slave to do one thing - win at golf.

Collectively they are ganging up on Tiger Woods. They are paying to rob tiger of his results. They are using computer graphics and deceit to make Tiger look like he is missing when he isn't. Hiding his eagles and birdies. They are robbing him in broad daylight with computers. All the golfers collectively are paying for it.

Besides Tiger Woods, Bubba Watson, Kodaira, and a couple of others the other male golfers are illuminati. They all are paying to pretend to be Golfers. They never take any money if they win the tournament - instead they pay to get to pretend to be golfers.

Justin Thomas, Rickie Fowler, Matsuyama, Spieth, they're all just gay men who want to be on TV so the guys at the gay bar will fuck them. Tiger and Bubba are gay as well. The illuminati won't let any golfers play who aren't gay.

They all want to be golfers because they want to be famous enough to get fucked at a gay bar. Literally that is the reason they all want to play golf. They are all gay illuminati hermaphrodites with no dicks or balls.

They want to be famous enough to get black dick. They want to be able to "wander" into a gay bar in some town they are playing in and then get drunk and high on drugs and end up in the bathroom being fucked by a guy. They figure that being famous is the best way to get fucked by a guy - they hope a black guy.

They go to gay bars all across the world while touring on golf tournaments. They may say they're at the bar with their female friends but then they'll stumble into the bathroom and end up in there for a couple of hours before coming out. Their female illuminati ifriends will then pretend like it never happened.

Golf is the most gay of male sport and the most sexy for women. Think about it, you're basically holding a big phallic dick. Especially when putting, male golfers look like they're handling their own dicks.