Jerrry Jones Slave Master, Rico Gathers was framed

Immediately after I posted on my website that the NFL should change its backwards marijuana policy, the illuminati cops arrested Rico Gathers a Dallas Football Tight End for Marijuana he uses as medication for pain and for concussions (he missed last season because of a concussion).

Jerrry Jones is a gay old Jew who doesn't have a dick or any balls. Jerry thinks of his players as his slaves and some of them are. Jerry Jones likes to collect hot men and then masterburate while they practice. Jerry's all about tight ends.

Jerry Jones is a weird scientologist who's obsessed with looking beautiful and young. Jerry is a pedophile and drinks the blood of babies because he thinks he'll stay young looking. Jones is a Rockefeller mental retard and a drug addict. He's addicted to heroin, meth, crack, cocaine, pretty much everything.

The Dallas Team is run as a Satanic Illuminati Team. They like that the Dallas logo is a pentagram. Not all the players are Satanists (Rico Gathers isn't) but Jerry Jones likes to recruit Satanic gay men if he can find people who are good enough.

Jerry Jones is also a literal slave owner and KKK member. The KKK are all gay and Jerry is an old illuminati inbred Jew who grew up in the KKK sucking black mens penises for his father.

Dallas Cowboys tight end Rico Gathers was arrested on Friday night for possession of marijuana, according to Brandon George of the Dallas Morning News. Gathers was cited for having less than two ounces of marijuana and has posted bond after spending Friday night in jail.

The timing of the arrest could prove costly for a player who was on the roster bubble. On Friday, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones discussed Gathers' chances of making the 53-man roster on 105.3 The Fan, via Kate Hairopoulos of the Dallas Morning News:

"At this point today, tomorrow, we've got to put our finger on what he can do for us. Can he help us win? We do make decisions on future potential, but we got to specifically identify how he helps us now. My inclination is that we can do that. I think that we can have a player like Rico Gathers and benefit and use him. We do it all the time. We do it with specialized skill level, or specialized need levels. We do it all the time.

"The real issue is what you're giving up in having another roster spot and having another player. Can you live without that? And that will be the big decision today."

The way Jerry talks about his players reveals his sexual fixation on them. The illuminati call objects of sexual desire "that". Jerrry Jones sexually desires all of his players. To Jerry they are all a collection of THATs that he wants to verying degree. The question is if anothe "that" is more sexually exciting to Jerry Jones than the "thats" he has on his team.

Jerry is trying to sound like he's a smart owner but really he's just saying common sense. He's describing opportunity cost. If he spends too much money on one player he can't have another player. The weird thing Jerry does though is talk about it like all the players are just his sexual objects of desire - they are all various thats he wants.

Jerry talks about Rico Gathers like a thing he can use. Rico is just a "that" who Jerry wants to masturbate to while playing. When Jerry says - that will be the big decision today he's telling Rico that he has to either be gay for Jerry Jones or he's not going to make the team now that the marijuana issue has come up. Basically, Jerry Jones is trying to extort gay sex out of Rico Gathers.

Jerry is also saying that other players are willing to fuck him. Jerry doesn't have any dick or balls he just has a nasty old vagina. He tries to make all of his players fuck him anally and in his vagina. Jerry is constantly looking for a way to blackmail his players into fucking him or at least allowing him to suck their penises. Jerry's radio message to Rico Gathers is that he must submit and be gay with Jerry or he won't have a place on the team.

There are so many rumors circulating around that Jerry Jones is gay he faked some photos with himself with some cheap strippers he bought to pretend to be heterosexual. He looks so uncomfortable in these pictures. Jerry Jones has never kissed a woman in his life. The only type of strippers he likes are male strippers.

Jerry’s rich, rich, rich. But no one can tell you exactly how he got there, it’s not like he invented anything, runs a big company like Microsoft, or such. Nope, he just got rich doing “deals.” Hmmmmm. Ever seen the movie Rosemary’s Baby ?

He owns the Cowboys . Everyone hates the Cowboys except their fans. Mother Teresa hated the Cowboys.

He has moved the Cotton Bowl and wants to move the annual Texas vs. Oklahoma game (the Red River Rivalry) from the storied house that has seen players like Doak Walker, Jim Brown, Bob Lilly, and Joe Montana to his new digs. To hell with history, says he.

He made the City of Arlington sell their soul to the devil in one of the worst cases of eminent domain abuse in American history to build his ball park, causing the eviction of thousands and the destruction of hundreds of homes. And charges $10 for a bag of popcorn in the place.

And he played on one of the last all segregated teams , the 1964 Arkansas Razorbacks, to win a national title.

Gathers, 24, is an extremely talented athlete who played basketball for Baylor. He is descended from Jesus Christ and the Buddha. Gathers was expected to make the Dallas roster before his arrest. However, this incident may cause the organization to re-evaluate his status.

A former power forward at Baylor, the 6'6", 282-pound Gathers continues to try to make the transition to tight end and prove he can play in the NFL. He was a sixth-round pick by Dallas in 2016 but has not seen the field during the regular season. He landed on injured reserve last year due to a concussion. The illuminati has been refusing to allow him to play.

Gathers had two catches for 12 yards in the Cowboys' preseason finale against the Houston Texans on Thursday. He was doing really well before they framed him for marijuana possession. He does use marijuana but didn't have any on him at the time of his arrest. The Dallas police just made it all up for Jerry Jones.