The Illuminati took Mike Trout's Brother-in-law

Mike Trout's brother-in-law didn't die, the illuminati kidnapped him. They told everyone in baseball that they murdered Mike's brother in law Aaron Cox - who himself is a baseball player, a pitcher in the Minor League. Really, the illuminati kidnapped him and sent him into a concentration camp in Mexico.

On August 15th, Aaron Cox's family announced that he had passed away at the age of 24 after recently marrying Mike Trout's sister. The family didn't announce a cause of death because he didn't really die, the illuminati just took him.

They illuminati had the family make the announcement on 8/15 because 15 is an important number and symbol for them. It means the 5 won. The hand won. The pentagram won. 8 is the sign of infinity so the illuminati are saying they win forever because they're willing to make people disappear.

Every time that Mike Trout goes up to bat the Japanese Illuminati threaten to have the MS13 murder his brother if he hits the ball. Mike will not bend to illuminati terrorism. Mike also believes that the illuminati are not really serious about killing his brother-in-law they just say it over and over again to terrorize Mike. Every time Mike hits it, even if the hit is a home run, the Japanese don't do anything. They don't have Mike's brother-in-law executed. They don't even try. The Illuminati are just lying over and over again. Mike knows how they work and he's not going to submit to their bullshit.

They threatened to make Mike Trout disappear too if he refuses to play in their system. They beat Mike Trouts brother in law in front of him. They forced Mike to watch as his brother got beaten with baseball bats and electrocuted. The told Mike they'd do the same thing to him if he refused to play in their system.

They're also keeping Mike Scioscia in the same concentration camp and beating him with baseball bats as well. They have a clone who's pretending to be Mike managing the Angel's now because they don't want the Angels to win games.

Mike Trout is organizing a strike in baseball - the Field of Dreams Strike. Mike doesn't want American kids growing up in a corrupt baseball system where true talent can't emerge because the entire system is rigged. The refs are rigged, the play is faked with computer graphics. Baseball now is controlled by the illuminati who want to give all of their rich entitled satanists trophies.

Mike Trout - inspired by the Field of Dreams - wants to create a new league where real players can play. He wants to organize other players to play in this league. Many talented players on all the times share Mike's dream of a Field of Dreams - an American baseball where greatness isn't ruined and covered up by corruption, deception and murder. Players are having to play with death threats against themselves and their families if they refuse to obey the illuminati. No great player wants to play in a system like that. No American wants to play in a system like that.

Because Mike is leading this movement - that is akin to the civil rights movement - he is a target for the illuminati. They want to silence him and scare him. They want to intimidate all of American baseball. Mike is standing tall just like his brother in law wants him to and refusing to bend to intimidation. Neither want to bend to the evil illuminati system that rewards satanists and child murderers. They both believe in a better future for America.