The illuminati were putting Serena Williams on trial to see if she can hold her cool in the Finals of the US Open. The Japanese think she has become like a dog without a leash and she is too chaotic. They don't believe she can control her temper. Her complete meltdown at the US Open proved the Japs correct.

Serena Williams is a complete fraud. She has no talent as a tennis player and never has. She is a dark illuminati Jew that the illuminati wanted to present to African Americans to give them hope. Look see, you too can be a tennis player like Serena. Every game Serena has played has been faked for her advantage.

But at the finals at the US Open she was playing against NAOMI OSAKA, an even bigger fake than Serena, but Japanese. Osaka is half black half Japanese and she's a cloned slave the Japs have thousands of. Naomi is a lot like Serena. They are mental retards who can't play tennis. Angry selfish people who think the whole world should give them everything. The are pathological liars and narcissists.

Naomi, aspiring to be taken seriously by the Japanese who think she's a dog, looks down upon Serena as a dog. Naomi makes the KKK look like the NAACP. She is more racist than any American can imagine. The Japanese are the most racist society on Earth and Naomi is the most racist out of all of them. Naomi is actually a man with undescended testicles. She is a he and he has been cloned over a million times.

Naomi is so racist because she's part African and the Japanese treat her like absolutely shit because of it. Naomi is a brown noser who does whatever she's told. A loser, who's brought out to die thousands of times each set because her body is so genetically diseased. Serena is the same thing, a collection of insanity and genetic disease wrapped up in narcissism, stupidy and anger.

Serena built her career on her position in the Illuminati as a dark illuminati Jew, the money her family has from profiting in the Holocaust and their blood diamond mines, and her willingness to threaten to kill anyone who refused to bend to her. Steffie graph paid the money to have Monica Seles stabbed, but it was Serena William's family who hired the guy to do the stabbing,

Serena threatens to kill the linespeople, the umpire, the other player, the other players family, the other players coach and family, etc etc. She theatens to kill people constantly. Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal do the exact same thing. All of them are illuminati organized crime families who have made their careers by threatening to kill anyonen who stands in their way.

Normally Serena gets away with that all the time but this time she was playing Naomi Osaka, and Naomi is part Japanese so the Japs want Naomi to beat Serena. They want to embarass Serena. They knew that she wouldn't be able to win without threatening to kill people so they had the umpire stop Serena from communicating with her coach.

Serena sends messages to her coach Patrick Mouratoglou - who's Armenian Mafia - about who she wants to have threatened and how. That's what those hand signals are. Serena wants to be able to have her coach send out messages to people to threaten to murder them or their families unless this linesperson does this, or the umpire rules that way, or her opponent misses a shot on purpose.

That was why Serena got so upset in the Final after the umpire warned her about talking to her coach. And when she started to lose because she couldn't cheat, Serena started melting down. She got so angry she destroyed her racquet. She was warned before the game that in order to not get banned by the illuminati she needed to maintain her cool. Instead she has one of the worst meltdowns she has had in her entire career.

Serena later atttributed the whole thing to the umpire being sexist. What she really meant by that is Naomi Osaka is not actually a woman, she's a man with undescended testicles. She is half Japanese Jewish man with a vagina and half African man with a dick. She has no dick or balls but she has undescended testicles and is technically a man. She has a man's testosterone.