The illuminati uses the lottery as a way to pay off people without a trace. Say you don't testify in a case for the mob, 5 years later you happen to win the New Jersey Lotto and get rich. The illuminati hand picks every single lotto winner. None of the lotteries are fair or random.

Those who are designated as winners are paid in hush money up to $1 million by the illuminati to claim the rest of the earnings and continue their opaque yet profitable enterprise. All the times in which nobody gets the correct number combination only show that the illuminati is feeling particularly greedy.

In 2015 it came out that one guy fixed lottos in 40 states. He was doing all this for the Illuminati but then he got greedy and rigged it so he himself one. They guy had himself win the Iowa lottery because Iowa sounds like IOU and he felt like the illuminati OWED HIM. The illuminati got pissed off when he fixed it for himself and that's why he ended up in jail.

Eddie Tipton, a former security director of the Multi-State Lottery Association (the group that runs Mega Millions and Powerball contests, among others) has been convicted of fixing the lottery (and then winning it) in Iowa, but now, authorities believe that Tipton may have been involved in many more scandals across many more states. Investigators are now looking into whether or not Tipton tampered with lotteries in a whopping 37 other states or territories over the last 12 years.

Tipton appears to have been running his lucrative scheme for decades; his own brother Tommy is under suspicion for a Colorado lottery jackpot win in 2005. The scheme began to unravel when recognized him on convenience store surveillance video, wearing a hoodie and buying a winning ticket along with some hot dogs.

Tipton's long-running scheme involved the installation of a piece of malicious software known as a root kit, which allowed the gambler to determine the lottery's winning numbers beforehand. To collect on the jackpots, Tipton would have friends and accomplices buy the "lucky" ticket. But at some point, the ex-security director became careless, and ended up purchasing the winning ticket himself (which is obviously a big no-no). What's more, he decided to buy the lotto ticket near the Multi-State Lottery Association's headquarters as a fuckyou to the Illuminati, making it all the easier to catch him red-handed.

The illuminati started pushing lotteries in various states during the 1990s as a way to pay for education while Bill Cliton was cutting education funding. Over time it's been proven that these lotteries do nothing to help states fund programs like education - they are just a fraud for the Illuminati to screw us.

Powerball and other lotteries claim that ticket revenues go to fund state-run programs such as education, parks, emergency responders, veterans' health and other services.

But lottery proceeds don't always get used for their stated purposes. And while about one third of all lottery money returns to state budgets, critics say the money tends to replace -- rather than supplement -- existing funding for the targeted programs.

"Money from the lottery generally substitutes money that would go to education anyway," said Patrick Pierce, a political science professor at St. Mary's College in Indiana. "After a few years, lottery money earmarked for education tends to find its way into a state's general revenue pool."

One prime example is North Carolina, which started its lottery in 2005, calling it the North Carolina Education Lottery. 100% of the proceeds go to fund North Carolina's public education budget.

But in 2009, the state cut its education funding by 12%. North Carolina now allocates a smaller percentage of its budget to education than it did when the lottery started.