The stupid Yakuza Illuminati let slip a WHOLE MONTH too early that the superbowl was going to be between the Vikings and the Patriots - basically proving that the Illuminati fixed the Superbowl.

PATRIOTS/VIKINGS -- those were the two teams they had fixed to play in the superbowl. However, they are having problems getting their fake Japanese teams to win, so they couldn't get the Vikings into the superbowl. The Patriots are the Illuminati perennial favorite, so the Yaks pulled out all the stops to get them into the Superbowl, but they could only fix 50% of the playoffs (which was mostly related to me watching and tipping the balances of justice back towards being fair) so they weren't able to get the Vikings in.

The Yakuza are the sickest of the sick. The wickedest of the wicked. The dumbest of the dumb. The lowest of the low. They thought they were going to fix this Super Bowl like they've fixed the last two decades worth. The Yakuza Illuminati carried out Satanic rituals they thought would gurantee their success. They had Tom Brady's son raped by all the Patriot players the Sunday before the big game - 7 days before the Superbowl. The Japanese Patriots all gang raped him. The 10 year old boy had internal bleeding and damage to his organs. There was blood gushing everwhere. At one point they gang raped him with an animal horn. He spent three days in the hospital. 23 doctors. He almost died.

That was why the boy bowed to brady in the video while Brady was naked. The Yaks had preplannedd the gang rape. None of the patriots have penises so they raped the boy with a black strap on shaped like a giant black penis. After they ahd all raped him like that they gang raped him a second time with a black rhino horn strapped onto their vaginas. This sounds surreal, but it's what actually happened before the game. The Yakuza believe in black magic and shows of Satanic depravity. Having Tom's son gang raped by Japanese men with rhino horns strapped on to their vaginas was part of both Satanic ritual magic and a propaganda message. The Yaks love playing with Tom Brady their new puppet. He's like their American Psycho....

The propaganda part of the yakuza message can be seen in the fact that the Yaks released the video of Tom's son kissing him in such a clearly pedophile way before the game even happened. The son - 10 years old - is Tom's with Bridget Moynahan and part of the message is also a fuck you to the Irish and Irish Americans. (and also to the Messiah since I am Irish American). The Yaks had the Irish American 10 year old boy gang raped to the point of almost killing him. The message being that they will fuck the Irish and that they are more animalistic (and in the inbred black pygmy Yaks minds, more NIGGER) than anyone else.

When Tom's 10 year old son got out of the Hospital, he was having violent flash backs to the gang rape. He was acting hysterically at time. Brady got upset because he was disturbing his "beauty rest" and he had him beat by one of his black slaves. That sent the poor boy back to the hospital for another day.

When he came home the next day he kid was so traumatized he was quietly moaning all through the night in a corner of his room. Brady heard him from his room and he went into the boys room at 3 in the morning and smothered him to death with a pillow. He killed him in cold blood.

Gizelle wasn't there. She usually sleeps with her lesbian black lovers in another house - especially around Superbowl time. Brady says it distracts him to have her around. She only comes in the last day before the big game to do the sodomizing thing. That's when she sodomized the rest of the Patriots too.

Tom Brady is ONE SICKO PEDOPHILE. I can't believe he took video of him forcing his son to kiss him while he's naked on a massage table. It's really disturbing. The kid - only 10 years old - asks Tom to play video games and Brady says he has to kiss him first. And then after his son bows down and kisses him while Brady is NAKED, Tom says that's not enough. HE WANTS MORE. And then the kid is forced to kiss Brady a second time while Brady's lying there naked - THIS TIME FOR A REALLY REALLY LONG TIME. I don't know how Brady didn't realize this suggests pedophilia. He has such delusions of grandeur.

The fact that the Patriots would think they could show this footage and no one would mention how perverted the whole thing is, just shows that ALL THE PATRIOTS ARE PEDOPHILES. That's why the illuminati always liked them. Bellichick is a sick pedophile and child murderer. Brady is too. They both like getting fucked by 10 year old black boys (which makes Brady having his 10 year old son even sicker.) That was before the Japanese murdered them all and replaced them with Jap clones. The Patriots of the Bellichick era were always Pedophiles, but now it's even worse because the Illuminati Rothschild Pedophiles all got replaced by Yakuza Clones who are EVEN BIGGER PEDOPHILES. Japan is the most pedophile country EVA. That's why Tom Brady's kid is bowing to him when he kisses him, now Tom's son is a Yakuza clone too.

The Yakuza who's impersonating Tom Brady literally cut his hands off. They've been healing. Now they can hide the scar marks well enough he's playing this Superbowl without the Gloves even though he wouldn't even take them off before - even during press conferences. The Yaks took video of the real Brady getting sodomized by a horse and then cut up in a meat grinder. They sold it to the other Yaks for a good laugh. The Yak who's impersonating Tom Brady right now is in the footage laughing the whole way through.

Butler didn't play because the Patriots made a deal that Tom Brady wouldn't get sacked. The last sack was an exception because it was a strip sack. The deal was they didn't want the old man to get roughed up too much. In exchange the Patriots didn't use Butler on their defense. That was how the Patriots wanted to protect Brady.

Tom Brady came out of Adolf Hitler's vagina. Hitler was impregnated by a Somolian man from Africa. Brady was Hitler's last baby.

The Japs have murdered all the players and replaced them with clones. They cut Tom Brady's face and put it on some Yakuza IDIOT. Gronkowski was murdered too. The Yaks had him sodomized by a bear. After they cut his face off, they had the bear eat him. The Yakuza who is impersonating him cut Gronkowsi's own neck and ceremonly drank his blood. The Japs are the worst of the worst. The most depraved Satanists there are.

The Patriots under Belli-hick have been caught massively cheating not ONCE but TWICE with SPYGATE and DEFLATEGATE. They were always a no talent fake team, and belli-hick was always a no talent coach. The Illuminati always liked Bill Bellichick because he was a MASSIVE PEDOPHILE and child murderer. And Tom Brady was the same thing. The Yakuza illuminati want the Patriots to win this year too. That's why they also replaced all the Eagles with yakuza clones. And the Eagles they're gonna drug with jellyfish posion the whole game so Tom Brady Yak - a 40 year old brady - can win a FAKE SUPER BOWL. That's the Yak plan to fix it. The Ghosts of the Eagles - who were all good players who were righteous God fearing people - are going to try and beat the Patriots anyway. The whole US HATES the PATRIOTS because they are fake. They don't stand for America. They stand for the evil corruption of the Illuminati NWO.