The Satanic illuminati fixes the Indy 500 every year. They also murder drivers they don't like. Because of this, the real race car drivers are a dying species. Racing a car requires a big amount of skill and luck - which is why people who are good, are the best drivers. Having good karma is important if you rely on God to protect you in a race.

Now the races are completely fixed and 95% of the drivers are illuminati Jews who want to be cool - want the glory of being race car drivers. The real racers are a dying breed. They are replaced by dickless, ball-less, inbred, shit-eating, Jewish illuminati who buy their results off the menu. Now whoever has the most money gets to buy a win. The real racers are left out in the cold.

Officially, no one has died at the Indy 500 since 1996. That is a lie. Beginning in 1997, the illuminati started cloning drivers after they die. The genetic clones are articially aged via jade eggs so that they are indistinguishable from the actual people but the new clones share none of the memories of their originals.

The new clones are also lobotomized and set up with cybernetics to control them. The illuminati wants to be able to control all of us like robots.

Every year drivers are dying and the illuminati hides it with their clones. This year the dead include: Takuma Sato, Sebastien Bourdais, Helio Castroneves and Danica Patrick.

Last year at the Indy 500 New Zealand racer Scott Dixon had a horrible crash that everyone assumed killed him. The crash did kill Scott Dixon but the illuminati cloned him, aged the clone via jade eggs and then swapped the clone out for the original. They had already planned to murder him in the race so they already had the clone prepared.

You do not survive a crash like that. IT'S IMPOSSIBLE. Look how much air Dixon's car got before it came crashing down on the wall. THAT IS NOT SURVIVABLE. And then when it came down it burst into flames. AGAIN - NOT SURVIVABLE.

To the world it appears like Scott Dixon miraculously survived a crash that should have killed him. But the reality is that the guy who got out of the crashed car and shrugged it off and laughed was not the real Scott Dixon. He was an imposter clone who shares none of Scott's memories or his life story.

When you watch the video of the wreck it's clear that something fishy is going on. Dixon is flung around in 360s, then comes down on top of his head, then flips back over and spins on the asphalt but within a fraction of a second of that he's tapping the top of his helmet like he's fine. At the very least he should have had a concussion or been unable to react so quickly. The reason Dixon can recover so fast is because the swapped out the dead dixon with fake one and then used computer graphics to smooth over the transition. The Indy500 is like a movie now, it's not racing really.

They lobotomized this new clone and put in cybernetics to allow the illuminati to control him like a robot. The new clone also can't race because every time you clone a human you lose at least 10% of their abilities. So the new clone is not sharp enough in his reflexes to actually race. They gave him a couple of races to distract from this, but his career has stalled out since the Indy 500 - precisely because the real Scott Dixon is now dead.

Will Power the Australian driver helped pay to murder Dixon. Power is a fake illuminati driver with no dick who always resented the true talent of Dixon so he helped murder him. The Japanese also contirbuted heavily because they wanted to win the Indy 500 and they knew they stood no chance against Scott Dixon.

Last year when Scott Dixon was murderd (the accident was intentional), Takuma Sato one the Indy 500. The Japanese Illuminati are embaraassed that they can't drive cars. They've never had a real race car driver. NEVER. Sato was the first japanese to ever "win" at the Indy 500 and there is a reason that. The Japanese are not good at driving cars. They faked Sato's win because they're so embarrassed they cannot drive.

Sato is a MASSIVE FRAUD. He didin't even make it through 50 laps of the 2018 Indy 500. Sato ran into the back of James Davison, who was well off the pace, and the two collided in Turn 4 to bring out the first caution of the day. Davison had been off the pace earlier in the race, and he was clearly slower than the rest of the field as they tried to zip by him. Sato was unable to dodge him on Lap 47, but the rest of the cars were able to avoid their debris. Who rear ends a car and knocks themselves out of a race??? Dumb ass Japs do.

The truth is that Asian people are bad at driving - especially the Japanese and Koreans. The old joke about Asian people not being able to drive is true. People woudln't make a joke about it, if it didn't come from reality. Who else do people make fun of for not being able to drive? It's not racism, it's just observation.

The reason Japanese and Koreans have so much trouble driving is that their eye sight is really bad, they are incredibly stupid and they're often too small to operate the American and European cars they like to drive. The old asian woman who doesn't know how to use turn signals is not a racist myth - it's reality.

Danica Patrick is another fake illuminati driver. There should be more women drivers in NASCAR. The illuminati has historically banned them from being race car drivers. If women tried to race, they'd make sure they had wrecks. The female drivers would either get the hint and quit or they'd end up dying.

Danica is not really a woman. Danica has no vagina. "She" is just a hermaphrodite eunuch who's part of the Satanic illuminati. Danica murders little children and has a lot of Jewish illuminati money so she bought her entire career. In "her" final Indy 500 she crashed out on the 13th lap.

Danica Patrick's final Indianapolis 500 ended the same way her final Daytona 500 ended in February: with a crash that wouldn't allow her to finish the race.

Patrick was in 17th place when she lost control headed into Turn 2. Her car spun wildly, crashed into a pair of walls, and was soon being hauled off the track.