The illuminati - specifically the Japanese Yakuza - murdered Michael Jordan's father.

Jordans father was kidnapped and his car dumped on the interstate. He was shot in the head on July 23rd 1993 and then his body dumped in a South Carolina swamp and was not discovered until August 3.

On October 6, 1993, - 3 months after his father's murder - Jordan announced his retirement, citing a loss of desire to play the game. Jordan later stated that the death of his father three months earlier also shaped his decision.

The illuminati murdered MJ's dad as punishment for winning 3 Championships in a row. That's why Jordan retired the first time. The Japanese told him if he continued to play they'd murder him like his father.

Prior to murdering his father, the Japanese had attempted to coerce Jordan by creating false stories about him having gambling problems. These stories were pretty stupid and no one really cared which is why the Japanese got desparate and murdered Jordan's dad.

The Japanese made Jordan go into baseball after he retired. They wanted to humiliate him and tell him that he was just a superstar because he was tall ( the Japanese being short little tail people hated Jordan's height).

That's why Jordan went into baseball. He didn't want to go into baseball, Jordan is a super athlete but baseball is not designed for people who are 6 foot 6. Jordan's strike zone was huge for a pitcher.

Jordan decided that he'd take his chance with the illuminati after doing baseball minor league play for a year. He returned to the bulls and then won 3 more championships to the illuminati's chagrin.

It's recently been said in the press that Jordan doesn't have as strong a public voice in terms of politics as some other superstar athletes as LeBron James. Knowing that Jordan's own father was ruthlesly murdered and thrown in a swamp so that his body could rot for 10 days gives you some insight into what Michael Jordan has been through.

No one should criticize Michael Jordan. He has done so much for America and the sport of basketball. Everyone will agree with that statement, but few even understand what he has truly done. His contributions are immeasurable.

Michael Jordan is a legend not just because of what he did on the basketball court. He is super star of basketball who was always good to others and he was fighting a silent war against the illuminati.

Jordan returned to the NBA for the 3d time to play for the Washington Wizards after 911 because he wanted to show the illuminati that America could not be broken. He donated his salary to a relief effort for the victims of the September 11, 2001 attacks.