The Kentucky Fried Derby

Kentucky is one of the strongholds of the Illuminati in Ameria and the Kentucky Derby is one of their favorite events. Since 1882, when the Standard Oil Trust was formed by the Illuminati Rockefellers, the Illuminati has fixed the Derby.
The illuminati had to spend 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (1000 Quadrillion) to cheat the Kentucky Derby today. The illuminati makes trillions fixing the Derby, but they don't make quadrillions. In order to save face, the illuminati plowed all their nazi blood money into the derby. They spent 99% of the money they have left to cheat a horse race that runs 2 minutes long.

The illuminati knew they were about to get fucked on the race. The State put out a flash flood warning 15 minutes before the start of the race. They were thinking about rescheduling the race, but decided they were better off taking their lumps on as scheduled rather than some other day.

The race was the wettest in 150 years of racing. God is very angry with the Illluminati and he did his best to destroy the Derby for them. All the pretty hats were under plastic. The race was sloppy and slow. It looked like shit on the TV and was incredibly boring. No excitement at all. The winner Justify was the favorite and ran the race without any challenge.

The illuminati blamed the slowness of the race on the rain. At the same time, Justify broke a record for the fastest last third ever at the Kentucky Derby. One of those things is obviously false - Justify breaking the record is the fake part. The illuminati cheated with their jade eggs to fake that last third. The illuminati wanted Audible to win but Audible could only get 3rd. The illuminati wanted Audible, Justify, Good Magic, Free Drop Willy. Instead they got Justify, Good Magic, Audible, Instilled Regard.

One of the Illuminati's long running decisions regarding how to fix the Derby was to never allow a horse to win at age 3 without first racing at age 2. No horse has won the Kentucky Derby without racing at the age of 2 since 1882 when Apollo did.

The reason they had that policy was they wanted to make sure that all the horses raced at age 2 so they could make more money off them. A horse who starts racing at age 3 and not 2 is robbing the illuminati (in their minds) from a year of being able to fix that horses results and make money off of them with illegal gambling.

Justify just broke Apollo's Curse. The Illuminati didn't want that to happen.

The illuminati crooked gamblers got destroyed at the Derby. They lost quadrillions and are really angry at the Illuminati for being unable to fix the race. The illuminati were able to get 3 horses in the top 3 that they wanted but they were not in the order the illuminati wanted and had told all their betters, and the 4th horse was a complete surprise to them.

My soulmate (Staz) and I used this race to make a dowry for ourselves. The best way to make money on the Derby is to score the Superfecta - all the horses. Because of Instilled Regard being a 90 to 1 longshot, the Superfecta paid out at this Derby much more than the trifecta. The trifecta paid out $141.40 on a $1 bet but the superfecta paid out $19,618.20 on a $1 bet.

Staz and I got the last horse to win and Staz invested a large chunck of her already considerable fortune on the race. We are quadrillionaires now. The reason we did this is not for our own gain, but because the illuminati financially screwed us both and me in particular. We need a lot of money to protect me from the Illuminati and as seed money for my tech projects (the new internet) and my movie projects (Day Zero - the next Star Wars).

I have been tortured my whole life by the Illuminati. The last 20 years have been especially brutal dealing with Crohn's disease which they gave me and various attacks by my doctors including attempting to castrate me. I was raped at college while drugged by the illuminati. They attempted to have me raped as a 5 year old but I fought back and stopped that. This torture has intensified in the last 3 years where my constitutional rights have also been massively violated every day and the physical, paranormal attacks have intensified. Now whenever I go out of my house they attempt to murder me.

When I was growing up they started using power lines to shock me repeatedly. The house I grew up in Vervmont was in a very rural area with hardly any neighbors around but it did have a massive power line going throug the property. Not just a street power line, this was a series of massive power adapters that moved huge amounts of electricity.

The illuminati would use that electricity system to shock me. Peter Gabriel actually wrote Shock the Monkey about me. Note that in the video it says "Shock the Monkey" in Arabic (for the Saudis), Japanese, French and English - all illuminati powers.

Some people in the illuminati call me a monkey since I'm an experiment. I was conceived inside a piece of Alien technology so they don't look at me as human, even though I'm just as human as everyone else, I just have extra abilities because my genetics are so powerful.

The way Americans in the llluminati allowed me to get shocked, torured and raped reminds me a lot of the Milgram Experiment. The Milgram experiment was a social science experiment conducted in 1962 where researchers were trying to understand how people became fascist in WWII. The experiment was to have a person of authority tell someone to administer shocks to an innocent person for no particular reason at all. The idea was to see how much coercion was necessary to get people to hurt other people. What they found was that they didn't need to push people much at all. Most people happily became fasists and would administer the shocks when told to. Most people follow orders wihtout question, even if the orders are evil. The experiment was shut down because it turned out so horrendously.

The importance of the Milgram Experiment cannot be understated. Most people want to think that they would never be Nazis like those people in Germany during WWII. Most people think that there must be some flaw in those people that allowed them to become facsists. The Milgram Experiment shows that this is not the case. Facsists are not inherently flawed individuals. MOST PEOPLE WILL BECOME FASCIST IF THEY ARE TOLD TO.

The illuminati had a deal with the US Government that at the age of 42 I would finally be recognized by the Illuminati. The illuminati would pay me a huge amount of money for all the things they've stolen from me over the years (the design for the space shuttle, the tech for the internet, most of the music since the 1980s, movies like Black Panther and Star Wars). Every since I was in utero, the Illuminati began stealing from me. Lucas alone stole the entire Star Wars universe from my dreams as an infant.

The illuminati promised that when I turned 42, I would have my illuminati "Birthday" which is what they call it when they make you a member of their cult. Since I am stronger and smarter than all the illuminati by a huge margin, they said they would make me their King. I would be the King of Kings and rule over the Illuminati. Turns out they don't want a ruler at all, that was just an excuse to justify torturing me, raping me and stealing from me.

As I neared 42 this desire to kill me and imprison me intensified and the torture and restriction of my rights got worse and worse. 42 has been the hardest year so far. The illuminati then changed the rules again and said that they'd stop torturing me when I turned 43.

I turned 43 last month and still nothing changes. I am still being tortured daily. The illuminati has succeeded to black list me in my own industry (which they own). They've taken away all my money, my job, my daughter and also Staz. Whenever I leave my house they try and hit me with a car but God protects me. They can never kill me.

Staz and I fixed the Derby because the Illuminati refuses to end this evil torture and pay me what they owe me. I don't give a shit about being their King of Kings. The faster the illuminati dies, the better.

Staz and I made a killing on the Superfecta. Staz is very wealthy and she put a big part of that fortune into better on the Superfecta so now she's the richest ex-member (or member) of the Illuminati. Staz' fortune now dwarfs the Rockeffellers fortune. This way Staz and I will be taken care of without having to rely on the illuinati to pay me out.

Now I just need to get freed. I need the US Government to stop allowing this UNCONSTITUTIONAL imprisonment and torture of me. I am very confident that May will be the last month of my imprisonment. I ask Americans and the people of the world to help free me. I only want to help everyone and end this dark chapter of history where the Illuminati has turned the whole world into some sick fascist concentration camp.