The illuminati satanists have taken over all of American Sports. They've instituted a system with their jade eggs that allows rich illuminati Jews to buy results. In the NBA finals now if you have enough money you can buy a basket. You can also buy turnovers, buy rebounds, and you can buy referree decisions.

That's how the Golden State Warriors were able to beat the Rocket's in game 6 of the Western Finals. The Rockets were up 17 points at the end of the first quarter and yet somehow Golden state won the game. That results is a complete outlier historically which shows you how fake it was.

After starting the game down 39-22, the Warriors went on a legendary tear to close out the final three quarters 93-47. NOBODY has EVER been able to come back like THAT in a playoff game. Looking at the following chart you can see how unbelievable this result is:

Just look at that graph - the overwhelming majority of games are over when a team has been leading by 17+ after the first quarter, but not game 6 of the playoffs. This of course was a critical game for the Golden State Warriors (defending fake champs). If they lost the game they'd be out of the playoffs - their season would be over. So instead of losing they spent trillions of dollars to fake the results. Everybody at Twitter, Facebook and Apple - all bay area companies - were happy to donate their billions to the satanic cause.

Golden State is one of the NBA teams that realies completely on the corrupt illuminati to win games now. Steve Kerr, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant and the rest of the team are all Satanic Illuminati Jews who buy all their results. Golden State - being the only basketball team in the Bay Area - uses massive amounts of Silicon Valley illuminati Jew money to buy all their results. None of the players can actually play basketball. They are all lobotomized fakes who are run by computers. The illuminati creates baskets for them with computer graphics.

None of those players are actually african-americans. They are all dark illuminati Jews. Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Draymond Green, Andre Iguodala, Shaun Livingston, Nick Young, David West, JaVale McGee, Kevon Looney, Damian Jones, Patrick McCaw, Jordan Bell and Quinn Cook are all dark illuminati Jews - THEY ARE NOT AFRICAN-AMERICAN.

Not only does the illuminati make sucky players look decent, they make great players look horrible. The reason Harden entered Game 6 having missed 20 consecutive 3-pointers is because not only can Golden State pay to have their shots created with computer graphics, they pay their computer graphics teams to remove Harden's baskets. The iluminati menu allows you to not only buy your shots but it allows you to buy misses for your opponent.

The obvious cheating continued in game 7 of the western finals when Houston somehow missed 27 three pointers in a row AT HOME!!! The Rockets shot 7-of-44 from three-point range in game 7. Missing 27 3 pointers in a row has never happened before in the playoffs. Meanwhile the Golden State Warriors were buying their 3s giving them an extremely unlikely 41% from 3 point land.

This is simply not possible. What happened is that Golden State spent all of their silicon valley money to remove Houston's 3 pointers and win game 7. Like usual, Golden State waited until half time to find out how much they needed to spend to win the game and then they paid for the results. That's why the 0-27 drought happpened in the 3rd quarter. If the With three more 3s, Houston would have tied the game. With 4 they would have won the game. They really made 75% of their 3s and should have blown out Golden State. We don't get to see that result because the Satanists rigged game 7 for Golden State.

The Golden State Warriors had already taken Chris Paul out. They intentionally injured CP3 because Golden State knew they would lose to Houston at home if Houston had both Harden and CP3. The illuminati often injures players in order to fix games. They had no chance of beating the Rockets with a healthy CP3 so they intentionally gave him a groin injury. Steph Curry paid to knock CP3 out - he was pissed that CP3 had mocked him with Stephie's own stupid little girly shimmy-shimmy that gay little Curry likes to do after he buys a 3 pointer.

Even without CP3, the Rockets had double-digit leads in Game 6 and Game 7. Both were winnable games, especially the nine-point loss in Game 7. Overall the Rockets suppposedly missed 37 threes - 27 in a row. This is completely impossible. The only way that could ever happen is because Golden State can buy results. Golden State used computer graphics to remove 3 pointers that went in. That's why Mike D'Antonio laughed when asked if the Rockets had shot too many 3 pointers. He knew that really 75% of those threes had gone in and really the Rockets should have won by over 20 points. What went from a Rocket blowout in Game 7 became a narrow win for Golden State because of all the money that Golden State has.

To make sure they could lock up the final game 7, Golden State also paid off the refs to officiate badly. The refs missed a lot of obvious calls - and they all seemed to break Golden STate's way. While Rocket's fans are pissed and feel the refs robbed them of victory in Game 7, Golden State doesn't care how ugly it all looks. All they want is to win. They don't care if they destroy the integrity of the sport - THEY CAN ONLY BE WINNERS IF THE SYSTEM IS RIGGED.

The cheating system the illuminati runs in the NBA now heavily favors teams with big money. Golden State is the only team in Silicon Valley. All of that Apple money, all of that facebook money is really helpful when cheating sports in the illuminati system. The Silicon Valley geeks really want to be cool. They are the dorks who never played on the basketball team or any team. They love being able to use their money to buy trophies. It makes them feel better about themselves. That's why Golden State has been to the Championship playoffs 4 years in row. That's why they've won the Western Finals 4 years in a row.

Steve Kerr - dumb asshole wtih no dick or balls - is lying like a snake when he says that Golden State would have won game 5 with Iggy. First that's just an asshole thing to say. The Rockets lost CP3 - A MUCH BETTER PLAYER THAN IGGY AS EVERYONE KNOWS - for 2 games. They won one without him but lost in game 7 because Golden State had taken out CP3. Secondly, Golden State lost Igadoula because he's a fake jew who can't play and their constant cheating resulting in his injury because every time they use jade eggs to cheat things there is the possibility of players getting injured.

The Steve Kerr who is coaching isn't even the real Steve Kerr. The illuminati murdered the real Steve Kerr. This guy is an illuminati Jewish imposter. That's why Steve Kerr was telling Kevin Durant a story about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls when Steve Kerr wasn't even on that team. The fake Steve Kerr is controlled by computers. He isn't a coach. He's just a lobotomized robot the Japs control. They press a button and he'll lick out a Goat's asshole.

The end result is shitty basketball and shitty sports in general. The illuminati are using their system to corrupt every sport from Golf to curling to tennis to all our American sports. They are making everything look like shit, which is why ESPN ratings are cratering. Nobody wants to watch ugly sports, which is what the illuminati system creates.

ESPN has experienced falling ratings and subscriber numbers in recent years. Last year, ESPN averaged 1.91 million viewers, or an 11% drop from 2015's 2.15 million. In 2015, the network experienced a 7% drop in viewership from 2014. Ad dollars have reflected this. SportsCenter brought in $408 million for the network between January 2016 and June 2016, and only $305 million during the same period in 2017. In the last six years, ESPN's linear TV subscribers have dropped about 13%, according to Nielsen, with about 100.12 million in 2011 and 87.22 million in 2017. This trend is only getting worse and worse because the illuminati are corrupting and destroying our sports more and more.

The illuminati propaganda machine wants to claim this is due to people cutting cords and stopping watching TV altogether but this just begs the question. If ESPN and the NFL are must see TV, then why are people cutting their cords? Sports and ESPN should be a barrier to people cord cutting. The fact that people don't care about ESPN, the NFL or the NBA etc is proof that the illuminati are destroying our sports. If people cared they'd keep their Cable packages and ESPN wouldn't have any problems. And people no longer being interested in sports is obviously a HISTORIC CHANGE that nobody has ever seen before. AMERICANS LOVE SPORTS but now they don't love them nearly as much as they used to. WHY IS THAT? IT's because the sports are corrupt and the refs are all corrupt and everyone is sick of watching horrible ugly sports. The illuminati is destroying everything.

Now the money in sports is not in televizing the games, it's in taking money from illuminati Jews to fake the results. The illuminati menu system - the buying of results - is much more profitable for the NBA than basketball itself. They'd rather have ugly unfair basketball because that's where they can make all the money. They make the big money by selling results to the illuminati Jews. Rigging the games is much more lucrative than televizing actual basketball. It's become a movie for insecure Jews to feel better about themselves. You may not have a dick or any balls, but at least people think you're a big NBA star like Stephen Curry.

In game 6, the Rockets hit eight three-pointers in the first quarter, but hit just seven the rest of the game. Why the turn around? It's because after the first quarter blowout by the Rockets, the Warriors decided they needed to ratchet up the spending and start taking away the Rocket's 3 pointers, otherwise they were going to lose and be out of the finals. The Warriors usualy wait until half time to decide if they need to spend extra money to fake things - which is why they often seem to come back in the 3rd period. This time though they knew they were getting blown out and they didn't want to risk elimination.

The illuminati also took Chris Paul out and injured him intentionally. They want to win whatever way possible and they're happy to injure players if that's necessary. They do that in all sports. They just massively injured Mohamed Salah the great Egyptian soccer player so badly in the Championship Final that it's doubtful that he'll be able to play in the World Cup. They took Salah out before the half. Ramos the Real Madrid player used a judo move to tear Salah's ligaments all through his arm and back. They do not care about superstars anymore than they care about sports itself. They're willing to mame and murder as long as they can get fake results for their satanic illuminati illegal gamblers.

The illuminati cheaters are robbing Cleveland and LeBron James the same way. All the celtics are dark illuminati jews - NONE OF THEM IS AFRICAN-AMERICAN. They are a bunch of dark jews being coached by Brad Stevens - a white illuminati Jew. Brad Stevens has no dick or balls. Instead he has 3 vaginas from which black dark jew babies come out of when he gets impregnated - even if he's fucked and impregnated by a blond guy.

The illuminati also took out Kevin Love for game 7 because they want their fake Celtics to win. The illuminati hate LeBron James because he's the Tiger Woods of basketball. LeBron is the towering giant of basketball right now. He can shoot threes, fade aways and play a guard's game but he's got the size and physical power to play center as well. LeBron can do anything - he is the superman of the NBA and that's why the illuminati Jews hate him so much.

The illuminati spent trillions last year to get Golden State to beat LeBron and the Cavs. They don't want the Cavs to win. Instead they want their dark jews to win. They're hoping they can take LeBron and the cavs out.

The illuminati have been giving their dark jews steriods to increase their height since they were born. They groom these dark Jews like Kevin Durant to pass for African-American. The illuminati wants to be able to take over African American culture in the US and control African-Americans through their pop culture influence.

The illuminati are destroying basketball systematically. The illuminati jade egg cheating system allows players to take thousands of tries for each play as long as you pay enough money. It also means that it is not longer possible to fake anyone out because if a Warrior a Celtic gets faked out, they just pay to try again until they finally guess correctly. Being able to outwit someone requires that you're playing in real time but the illuminati aren't playing in real time - they get thousands of tries to figure out what the misdirection is. They replay the same play over and over again until the Jews guess right.

So certain types of basketball styles are no longer possible. It's no longer possible to play low post. It's no longer possible to outwit someone off the dribble with a fake. The only way to do those things now is not through faking out your opponent - you have to be physically stronger and simply dribble past them, or you shoot fade aways from low post position rather than trying to outwit the other player.

In the 1980s and 1990s there were great low post players like Kevin McHale, Robert Parrish. These players games are no longer possible. No one can play that way anymore because those players relied upon complicated steps and fakes to outwit their opponents.

Watch this video of McHale. The first move he makes here used to be a standard basketball move - up and under. It relies on two different fakes. McHale was an ace at this move. You never see anyone do this in the NBA anymore because it's no longer possible with the jade egg cheating system.

Now all we see is people shooting 3s because that's an easy thing to cheat. Computer graphics can easily make a ball look like it's arcing down to the basket and going in. Stephen Curry launches horrible 3s all the time and then just pays his computer graphics team to make it look like they go into the basket.

Curry has never made a real basket in his life. He has always relied upon his illuminati Jewish money to buy computer graphic results. Curry fakes everything about his game - even his passes. He'll just pretend to pass and then tell his computer graphics people to "make it look cool".

Watch this footage from the game on twitter - Curry shoots and is half way back to his own basket by the time the ball actually goes in. It's simply impossible and stupid that he would that sure of a contested 3. Curry's so sure of himself because he paid for the result. That's why Stephen Curry can throw up a three pointer and then turn around without even thinking he might miss and need to get the rebound. Curry knows there will be no rebound, because he paid to get the basket.