All the referees in the NBA are extremely corrupt. They make 100s of millions in bribes every game. All of them are Illuminati Satanist pedophiles who came up through the Evil Catholic School system. All of the refs are part of the MS13 - the narco terrorist drug gang. They are all addists and schizophrenics. The only reason they are allowed to referee is because they are pedophile, child murderers. They are destroying the NBA playoffs. The Golden State warriors payed one ref 100 million dollars for one call to decide a game.

Most of the refs in the NBA come out of philadelphia. An overwhelming majority (90%). This isn't just some random freak occurence - the Illuminati likes picking refs from Philly. The mob has strong controls over all the reffing circuits in Philly so they can be sure that they own all the refs and one good ref doesn't slip through. Honest refs are a BIG PROBLEM for them because not only won't do what the mob tells them but also could reveal the corruption of the mob refs.

The Tim Donaghy trial already revealed that the refs fixed the 2002 NBA playoffs. Papers filed in court contain damning allegations by Donaghy that a 2002 playoff series was rigged by referees and that league officials encouraged refs to affect the outcome of games by calling fouls or, in other situations, not calling on fouls on star players.

In 2002 the illuminati rigged the games for the Lakers.

Scot Pollard played for Sacramento in the 2002 game. He fouled out, committing six personal fouls in only 11 minutes of play. When he heard about Donaghy's allegations this week, Pollard was quoted as saying: I knew it. It was unfair. We didn't have a chance to win that game.

Donaghy said about organized crime and the NBA: Any time that you have a sporting event with a Vegas line to it (eg a lot of star players), there's always going to be somebody involved in organized crime trying to make a dollar off of it. So I think that they constantly are trying to get to that referee, to get to a player, to get to somebody, a trainer, or a coach who can give them inside information to where they can take advantage of it. So, I think it's always going to be there, and it is there.

Donaghy became a fall guy for corruption in the NBA and the league never took any responsiblity for its endemic problem with organized crime. David Stern - NBA commisionner at the time of the 2002 playoffs - is an Illuminati jigger child of Jewish Satanic mob bosses - Just like Adam Silver.

Stern didn't do anything about the corruption and Silver has made the corruption MUCH, MUCH WORSE. Stern's response to the corruption stories was to use Donaghy as an escape goat.

As Donaghy remarked: The NBA knew about a lot of things, and their defense of this whole thing was to paint me in the worst light possible and act like it was one bad apple in the bunch. But as soon as the story broke, David Stern said legal gambling will cost you your job, illegal gambling will cost you your freedom. And what he meant by that was that in the official's contract, you weren't allowed to place a bet of any kind, so he said that if you were betting illegally, that would cost you your job. But they did an internal investigation and found that 50 out of 60 officials bet, in the casinos, on the golf course, pro football or whatever, and he knew he couldn't fire 50 out of 60 people, so what they wanted to do was just put this whole thing on me and act like I was the one bad apple in the bunch, and that's how they dealt with it.

Cheating has become a huge problem in the NCAA as well. An FBI probe has recently exposed massive corruption in the NCAA. Four assistant basketball coaches from Arizona, Auburn, Oklahoma State and Southern California were charged in a federal corruption investigation, and that might be only the tip of the iceberg in a three-year FBI probe that focused on coaches being paid tens of thousands of dollars to steer NBA-bound players toward sports agents, financial advisers and apparel companies.

This cheating by the referees continues 16 years later and is much worse than it was in 2002. In 2017, the entire playoff finals was also decided by the corrupt officiating. The refs - Mike Callahan, Marc Davis, and John Goble (making his first NBA Finals appearance) - totally fixed the entire series for the Warriors (who are the favorite illuminati Satanist team so they usually get the illuminati refs to fix things for them.) The referees were actors in a comedy of errors. So many errors. But worse yet was the inconsistency of those errors. Every call seemed arbitrary.

Like when Kevin Love, trying to block a Kevin Durant shot, hit the Warriors star in the head and it was called a flagrant foul — one of the weakest you'll ever see. That was bad.

What was worse though was the obvious bullshit the Illuminati refs pulled later in the same game to help the Warriors. Green was assessed a technical foul in the first half for complaining about a call. That's how the official scorers, the broadcasters, viewing public, and both teams understood it, at least.

But in the second half, when Green was hit with a second technical foul (again for complaining about a call), he wasn't ejected from the game. The referees claimed -- this was unknown to the official scorers, per the ABC broadcast -- that Green's first-half technical foul actually was assessed to Steve Kerr. That also was news to Kerr, though he didn't mind and joked after the game "I thought I deserved it." Steve Kerr is a dickless pedophile. He's a shit-eating Satanist who doesn't give a shit about basketball - he just wants the win and pays whatever he needs to buy it.

The 2018 NBA playoffs are young, but referees have already made two crucial errors that have influenced the final outcome of wins by the Portland Trail Blazers and Golden State Warriors. Both times the NBA has quickly admitted that its referees blew the calls.

For example, in Game 1 of the Warriors-Clippers series, Chris Paul turned the ball over with 18.9 seconds left and the Clippers down two after making contact with Golden State's Draymond Green. No foul was called, and the Warriors got the ball and went on to win the game by four. Thorn announced one day later that officials should have assessed a foul on Green, which would have sent Paul to the line with a chance to tie the game.

More and more bad calls keep happening. Every game is marred by really bad officiating. Each game is corrupt. We must restore reality and fairness to the NBA and professional and collegiate sports in America.