Yasiel Puig - Cuban Devil Witch with Muscle Implants

Yasiel Puig is a cuban spy who was sent by Raul Castro to America. He is a mental retard with no dick or balls. He has a big gaping vagina that has been violently raped by Raul Castro's strap-on since Yasiel was 5. Yasiel is an inbred illuminati Jew. He is not descended from African Slaves but from Dark Illuminati Caanite Slaves from the middle East.

Yasiel likes to beat little blond girls to death who look like my daughter. Yasiel is a gay man who is obsessed with me and angry at the same time. He murders little girls who look like my daughter to get his anger out. He beats them to death with a baseball bat after every game he plays.

Yasiel has a tail. He worships Satan and murders children. He is part of the Santeria wing of the Satanic Illuminati. Santeria is Cuban satanic witchcraft. The Santeriarists like to cut the heads off of birds do rituals with them. They sacrifice animals and children to Satan for almost every "spell" or ritual they do.

The Santeriaists have no value for life and think that the more blood they spill on earth the more likely they can go to Hell - which they think erroneously of as Disneyland for Satanists. They think that Hell is a great place where they get do drugs, hang out with Ozzy Ozbourne and kill children.

(BTW: Ozzy Ozbourne will go to Heaven when he dies. He is a good man who has contributed a lot of good to the world. His "bad boy" act is just an act. Similiar to Alice Cooper's shock act. They are both good people who shock for entertianment and get people to think about what is shocking. )

Yasiel - like other Santeriaists is led astray by his idea of Hell. Yasiel is at the bottom of the barrel of sin. He has grown up with the worst people being constantly abused by them. He has internalized all that abuse as normal. He needs to make sense of it, so he is comforted by the idea that though he's going to Hell, Hell's a great place.

Puig doesn't really get that far in his own thinking. He's a mental retard who can't reflexively think about himself - like most of the illuminati and all the Japanese. Puig is also a classic illuminati narcissist/pathological liar. So Hell being a good place - even though obviously many people say it isn't - is believable because it completes his self-image of himself. The lie of Hell being Good enables him to rejects any exterior judgement that others make of him.

Despite all of his Santeria bullshit, Puig is still a brittle fragile ego. He is incredibly insecure and constantly seeking attention and reassurance.

All of Puig's muscle's are implants that Raul Castro paid for. Raul want's Puigy to look beautiful. Raul call's Yasiel his beautiful little black pig.

Both Castro brothers are gay pedophiles who have tails. Both Castro Brothers don't have dicks. They don't have any balls. The Castro's are illuminati Jews. They came to power because the Rothschild's sponsored them. They have always been part of the pedophile Illuminati NWO.

Castro would fake having sex with women as a PR stunt. Castro was all about propaganda and he knew that being gay would mean he'd lose power so he went out of his way to prove how "macho" he was. The entire "womanizer" thing was made up to hide his gayness.

Raul Castro murdered Fidel to take power. He waited until Fidel was 80 and then he suffocated him in his sleep with a pillow. Raul actually had a slave do it since he's too weak, but Raul watched and masturbated his vagina while he brother was being suffocated to death.

The Cubans are regularily attacking us with these Sonic Guns that resulted in people having to leave the Cuban Embassy last year. They have also been used in attacks on Washington DC and they are used regularily against me in Los Angeles.

The Dodgers helped transport them from Cuba. Most of the guns are being used to attack me, so it made sense to the Japanese illuminati to have the Dodgers bring them back to LA and also distribute some in other parts of the US. Puig - who "escaped" from Cuba - Hernandez, Justin Turner, Clayton Kershaw and Utely distributed these weapons to people in LA, DC, SF, NYC, Seatle as well as Dave Roberts helped organized the smuggling team and he was in charge of making sure the players delivered the sonic weapons.