The Japs are torturing slaves with ESP

They use EM attacks now that harness the power of Titanpointe and Big Blue. The illuminati have slaves that have paranormal powers. The victim is then targeted remotely.

For instance, they have hundreds of millions of slaves with ESP. They then burn those slaves faces with acid. While the slaves are dying they medidate on a picture of the person.

The effect for normal people is to feel an intense pain all across their face. They attack me like that a lot. I feel it as a minor weird skin iritation. LIke a really bad sun burn but more prickly. It doesn't cause the physical damage but you feel the same pain. The slaves meanwhile all die everytime the Japanese illuminati want to attack someone this way.

The illuminati does this sort of attack to control people. The message from the Japanese illuminati is that you're showing too much face. You are not doing what you are told to. You are rebelling.

If you show face, we will burn your face. We will kill you. Will will burn your house down. That's how the Japanese think about it. That's why they are particularily fond of this acid on the slave faces ESP attack.

They can do other similiar things like poor bleach down slaves mouths and have them meditate on a picture of your face. The effect is like swallowing chlorine. This one can produce a physical reaction of throwing up because even though the bleach isn't there your body thinks it is and responds by throwing up.

It doesn't cause me to throw up, but for normal people it pretty much always does. The Japanese illuminati love that attack too.

The Japanese are sick people. The Mogwai are the sickest people in the world. They don't care about other people's pain. They are detached, deluded, and cruel.