Ed Snowden is a national hero and a patriot. His risking his life to reveal the horrors of the NSA spying program on Americans was heroic. The abuse he revealed is a massive invasion of all of our constitutional rights. He was pursued and branded a traitor because the illuminati controls our government. The illuminati were not happy that Snowden revealed their use of NSA technology to watch us all - all the time.

Snowden was one of the NSA's best and brightest. He volunteered to take a job that dramatically underpayed him for his industry. When Snowden found out what the NSA was doing he was stunned about the blatant disregard for our constitution. Snowden was a whistle blower. He was alerting us to the gravest challenge to the US Constitution in the history of America.

What he was really revealing was how the Illuminati are using our technology to control us. Snowden released that the illuminati had created skynet - the illuminati set up a an orwellian dystopia with the Patriot Act. They guttted the US Constitution and made it meaningless.

Citizen Four is a great documentary on Snowden and the evil NSA. Here's some highlights from the documentary.

The movie they made about Snowden's life is pretty good too.

Snowden encouraged people recently in an interview - including would-be leakers in the U.S. government - to continue to struggle for change.

"I believe that this world can be better. I believe that this world should be better. But it's not going to get better unless we make it better," he said. "And that requires risk. That requires hard work. That ultimately might require sacrifice."

"Things change," he went on. "If they can change for the worse, they can change for the better. If more good people are organizing... if we're willing to draw lines that we will not allow people to cross without moving us out of the way, the pendulum will swing."