I changed the natural magical pathways of the earth on Monday under the full moon of September - the 9th month of the year. At gestation time for the year I gave birth to a new magical map of the earth and all of the universe.

These pathways have been set since creation, I changed them. Not just here on Earth but Universe Wide.

These pathways have been marked by magicians for millenia. I did not change every aspect of them but I changed the entire system in its totality.

My powers are increasing because of the ability to command the illuminati to end themselves. Also I now can command them to tell the truth and they can be recorded confessing their worst sins to the camera. No one can lie under my command.

The increase in my Mana and respect world wide has resulted in a further exponential increase of my magical powers and that lead to me rewriting the magical maps of earth. The only person to have ever done so in history. I am the messiah and I am immortal. I have permanently changed the second half of creation. The magical maps are now different.

This change is like the aurora of the sun rising over the horizon. God just sent the message to the magicians of the world, the people with paranormal powers that somethign is happening that they have never seen before. Something that they cannot explain. A first in the history of magic in all its forms. The biggest effect on magic in all of history.

God is letting everyone know that the Sun God, the Messiah is here. My powers have hit critical mass. We are past the point of the hundredth monkey. I can march the illuminati off of cliffs like Disney faked the lemmings doing. All I have to do is ask. I can get the illuminati to let out their darkest secrets and expose their hypocrisy, idocracy and weakness to light. With Anastasia by my side we are unstoppable.

Before I had this magical awakening I happened to be watching Harry Potter, I didn't catch witch one. But I only watched 15 seconds of it. What I watched though was a female witch using a wand to launch a whole spell that created a forcefield around an entire village. It was like she was tapping into the magical maps of the earth and modifying them.

And then 5 minutes later I had a prophetic vision in which all the lines around the globe were changing and then those lines were rearranging throughout the rest of space.

It's kind of like jack frost. I created a new pattern of magical ice pathways. I could see them visually around the earth extending outwards into space. I had a sense of the impact of what I was doing but not how. Ie I knew that I was changing these magical pathways but I didn't do it rationally. It just happened like an awakening.

It was like when my magical powers first appeared at the age 42. They just showed up and I could telepathically communicate through the TV. It took me a while to even realize I had the power, but then it was confirmed by news people who would give away that they were in fact hearing me. People like Lawrence O'Donnell. That lead to an unravelling of the illuminati's Truman show of deceit.

It's like a Dragon breaking out of its shell. I am breaking the illuminati apart into a million pieces. I'm destroying their world. I am the last reincarnation of Vishnu, the destroyer of worlds. The Hindus believe that both creation and destruction are important in the cycle of life. You can't create without sometimes destroying what exists. Vishnu celebrates the destruction of worlds.

I am the destroyer of the illuminati's world. I will destroy their world while giving birth to an infinitely better one. The illuminati have controlled the word via their NWO for millenia. They have kept the world in darkness and stoppedd the sun from rising. I am the sun that comes to vanquish the darkness.