The Big Bang suggests that our universe is one in a "multiverse" of infinite parallel universes. Hawking's paper posits that the other universes out there follow the same laws of physics that exist in our universe. This makes the number of possible universes much more manageable and testable, since it's no longer an effort to understand infinite universes that could have different underlying rules of physics and chemistry. "We are not down to a single, unique universe, but our findings imply a significant reduction of the multiverse, to a much smaller range of possible universes," Hawking said in a statement last fall.

These alternative universes are what Stephen Hawking's last paper was about. (BTW, Stephen Hawking is not dead, he's being kept a prisoner of war by the illuminati in Australia).

Essentially Hawking proved that the multiverse is real - our universe contains multiple versions of itself. These versions are mostly the same as ours though - they have the same physics and chemistry. In fact, they're just slight variations of ours. Our universe branches off into multpiple versions of itself, but each version is one difference away from the other. Hawking wrote, "our universe is like an infinite fractal, with a mosaic of different pocket universes."

It's like that movie Sliding Doors. What if you didn't make that train you were supposed to make? Would your life be different? Each choice you make branches out into a different multiverse and continues to evolve differently after that fork in reality.

It's also similiar to the premise of Source Code - alternative realities are happening in different multiverses at the same time and it's possible to move between them.

The Illuminati use these Jade eggs to cheat all of our professional sports. Via the Jade Eggs, the illuminati navigate between these different universes so they can grab footage of whatever universe where they get the outcome they desire.

The illuminati not only make bad players look good, they make good players look bad. If the Illuminati want to make you look like you miss they can use their jade eggs to pull from a universe where you missed. You now have to hit a birdie shot in 1000 universes at once in order to be guaranteed the birdie if you're a player the Illuminati doesn't like.

Not only do the Illuminati use their jade eggs to choose the worst result of a player's play if they want to make them look bad, they also use the Jade eggs to physically and sexually assault players on the green. They'll essentially stop time and punch a player, or put a bunch of pygmies on his or her back, or touch a player's penis while he is driving (which they do to Tiger Woods a lot). Because time is stopped like in the movie Clockstoppers, the players can't see their interdimensional harrassers. They do feel the effects though which causes them to miss.

We first got these Jade Eggs in 1947, there were part of what was recovered at Roswell. The reason Roswell happened was to give us the Green Eggs. The reason we humans got the eggs when we did, 1947, is because God was trying to help us humans deal with the uncertainty of nuclear war. The were given to us right after Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The idea was that we humans could use the eggs to look into alternative universes to see whether we were going to destroy ourselves in a nuclear war.

God also helped us develop nuclear bombs during the Manhattan project in order to defeat the Nazi illuminati. The Jade Eggs were a way for God to help avoid the potentional destrution to creation that nuclear war would cause.

The illuminati don't understand how to use these Green Eggs really. The eggs can do many other things that they've never imagined. The illuminati just likes to use the eggs to corrupt our sports. That's the only thing they've figured out to do with them.

The eggs can also be used to terraform new planets and areas destroyed by war (like during a nuclear war). The illuminati don't know how to do that though. The illuminati only understand 5% of what the eggs can accomplish. They've been trying to figure them out since 1947 and have never learned ONE SINGLE THING. The technique of cheating with the eggs is something the Magliens (who know these eggs from other parts of the universe) taught them.