The FBI - especially while it was being run by J Edgar Hoover - is essentially gestapo for the Illuminati. Hoover was the illuminati's weapon against numerous politicians and causes as well as creating fascist secret gestapo like forces that would harass groups the illuminati didn't like. J Edgar Hoover was one of the biggest enemies to America that we have ever seen.

Hoover systematically destroyed America through the corruption of our police and court system. The entire reason Hoover ever came to power was because of his success at stopping Anarchists from bombing cities in America's Northeast. These Anarchists (who nobody even knows about anymore) were always an Illuminati terrrorist campaign. Hoover was successful because the illuminati were trying to get him to create the FBI which he later did.

The FBI was also a way for the illuminati to keep tabs on local police so they could protect organized crime. Hoover refused to admi the Mafia even existed until Bobby Kennedy exposed it in the late 1950s while working at the Justice Department.

FBI director Hoover repeatedly dismissed the notion that a network of criminals like the Mafia might be operating on a national scale. In the FBI's New York field office, 400 special agents were assigned to ferreting out "subversives," while only four were charged with investigating organized crime. And while Hoover accumulated personal files on 25 million people over the course of his tenure, most of them from the period before the 1950s contained information on suspected Communists and other antagonists rather than on criminals or gangsters.

In 1957, Hoover was forced to admit the mob existed when 60 mafiosos were caught in a big godfather style meeting. Before the Apalachin summit changed everything, Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter had a J Edgar Hoover file, but not Brooklyn crime boss Joe Bonanno. Left-wing activist Carlo Tresca, but not the gangster who killed him, Carmine Galante. In Sicily, one of the nicknames for the police is la sunnambula, the sleepwalkers. Hoover fit the bill perfectly.

With the capture of nearly 60 mafia members at the Apalachin meeting, Hoover and the FBI could no longer avoid taking action against the Mafia, or denying its existence. The men who congregated in New York came from all over the country, from Florida to the Midwest, and had close business and often familial relationships. They were indeed the foundation of a crime syndicate.

New York State Troopers were the ones who busted up the meeting, not the FBI. They guessed something fishy was afoot when a fleet of expensive cars, with license plates from across the country, swarmed the tiny town of Apalachin, located a few miles west of Binghamton. The cars converged around the home of Joseph Barbara, a local beverage distributor who also happened to have an extensive arrest record that included several murder charges. Sergeant Edgar Croswell, who overheard Barbara's son booking rooms at a nearby hotel the day before, drove up to the property and began noting the out-of-state licenses. He called in reinforcements, and on November 14, 1957, the officers managed to barricade the roads surrounding the Barbara estate just as its visitors fled, catching 58 men in all. Dozens of others escaped by foot.

The arrested men were soon recognized as powerful members of the Mafia, having gathered to discuss the logistics and control of their criminal syndicate. The aftershocks of the raid at Apalachin upended the criminal justice system, forced the Department of Justice to revise their policies, and proved to the American public that the Mafia, whose existence the FBI had vehemently denied, was real. All while spending decades building up legitimate businesses, these mafiosi engaged in racketeering, loansharking, narcotics distribution and bribing public officials.

The FBI is an unconstitutional force as set up by Hoover. Hoover used it to launch a massive surveillance program to target Americans for the illuminati Jews. His job was to create blackmail files on important people so the Illuminati could later blackmail Americans and get their way.

In turn, Hoover was the most blackmailable person on Earth - which is why the Illuminati picked him for his role at the FBI. Hoover was a mulatto. Hoover was Jewish. Hoover had no dick or balls. Hoover still lived with his mother. Hoover was gay.

Hoover had a very public boyfriend who was essentially his wife for most of his career. A man he would share hotel rooms with and go on vacations from work with. A man who the rest of the time would constantly be by his side at work like a secretary. Hoover's husband's name was Clyde Tolson.

J Edgar Hoover was half African American, half Jewish, gay cross dresser who had no dick or balls. He lived with his mother most of his life. He was FBI Director for over 50 years because he collected blackmail on every politician, celebrity, journalist, actor, musician, as well as civil rights leaders etc.

J Edgar Hoover hate both MLK and Malcolm X. Hoover sent MLK an anonymous letter telling him he was a "vile pig" and should kill himself. The letter threatens to expose MLK's extra-marital affairs and ruin his reputation. Hoover tells King in closing suicide is his best option: "There is only one thing left for you to do," the author warns in final paragraph. "You know what it is."

The unnamed author suggests intimate knowledge of his correspondent's sex life, identifying one possible lover by name and claiming to have specific evidence about others. Another passage hints of an audiotape accompanying the letter, apparently a recording of "immoral conduct" in action. "Lend your sexually psychotic ear to the enclosure," the letter demands. It concludes with a deadline of 34 days "before your filthy, abnormal fraudulent self is bared to the nation."

When the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. received this letter, nearly 50 years ago, he quietly informed friends that someone wanted him to kill himself — and he thought he knew who that someone was. Despite its half-baked prose, self-conscious amateurism and other attempts at misdirection, King was certain the letter had come from the F.B.I. Its infamous director, J. Edgar Hoover, made no secret of his desire to see King discredited. A little more than a decade later, the Senate's Church Committee on intelligence overreach confirmed King's suspicion.

Since then, the so-called "suicide letter" has occupied a unique place in the history of American intelligence — the most notorious and embarrassing example of Hoover's F.B.I. run amok. For several decades, however, only significantly redacted copies of the letter were available for public scrutiny. This summer, while researching a biography of Hoover, I was surprised to find a full, uncensored version of the letter tucked away in a reprocessed set of his official and confidential files at the National Archives. The uncovered passages contain explicit allegations about King's sex life, rendered in the racially charged language of the Jim Crow era. Looking past the viciousness of the accusations, the letter offers a potent warning for readers today about the danger of domestic surveillance in an age with less reserved mass media.

This message to MLK was really from the entire illuminati which is why Hoover says King has 34 days to kill himself. 34 is an illuminati number (34th level scottish mason). Hoover even notes in the letter that this "exact number has been selected for a very specific reason."