In the 1980s, Reagan spend a huge amount of money on the infamous "star wars" program. This was a pentagon program to put lasers in space that would shoot down missiles. Really this was a cover to set up mirrors in space that could harness the power of the sun and concentrate it into a beam of light (laser) that could be fired towards earth.

They realized though that they couldn't shoot a missile because it was moving too fast. A human being walking though was a target they could hit. So the NSA then began assisinating people with this star wars ray gun. It's like a magnifying glass concentrating the sun into a beam to burn an ant or paper. Exact same principle. That's what human spontaneous comnbustion is, it's people's remains who have been assisinated with this ray gun.

They also realized that they could change the weather by sending the suns heat into certain areas of the globe. This lead to the NWO illuminati plan to use global warming as a front to melt the icecaps in order to create world instability. Reagan created the machine that's beeing used to warm the Earth. The illuminati want to make the caps melt to decrease the size of America.

Reagan also set up the echelon satellite which began the NSA's policy of capturing all phone calls and comptuer signals.

Reagan also began the process of destroying the safety net that had been set up in the New Deal. He released all the people who had been institutionalized so they'd end up on the streets homeless. He cut money for welfare and jobs programs leading to more and more people getting dragged down in poverty.

At the same time Reagan began to move all the money in our budget into the military. He started paying them to make missiles we diddn't need. Essentially it was giving away free money to the illuminati industrial military complex. The pentagon by that point had become completely illuminati so Reagan was just giving the illuminati the money.