The Illuminati are using the NSA against us. The NSA manages Big Blue for the Illuminati. They manage unconstitutional surviellance on Americans. The very mission of the NSA is unconstitutional. The constitution expressly forbids surviellance on Amerian Citizens by the government which is what the NSA's mandate is to do.

The Illuminati got us to give up our rights by engineering 911 to scare Americans. Then the NSA got the "patriot" act through which gave them carte blanche to illegally surveill Americans. As the Snowden documentary revealed, this surveillance is way beyond what anyone realizes. Basically, as Snowden showed, we live in a complete surveillance state where everything we do or say is recorded and can be used against us at any time by the Illuminati.

Part of how the NSA controls Americans is through their paranormal program. They actually have Big Blue coordinating paranormal attacks on Americans. They suggest ideas into Americans ideas that are false. Like the Men In Black they can get people to forget what happened the day before. They remove the dreams of hell that evil Americans have every night. They are spending billions a dollars a second to influence our minds and control our preceptions.

The key to this attack on American liberties is the NSA's Titanpointe center in NYC. That building - which the NSA publically admits to owning, is the hub of their paranormal program. It's also where they house Big Blue on the East Coast (big blue also exist in Menlo Park where it's run by Stanford.)

This building has no windows. No one is allowed to go inside it. It's massive and scary looking. The things that look like windows are actually "paranomral vents". They are where the paranormall energy is sent out from. This energy is what wipes peoples minds and causes them to think things that aren't true. It's being used throughout the US to influence what we believe to be true. IT is a very dangerous mind control program and Titanpointe is the center of it all. IT's part of the Illuminati's control of what Americans are even allowed to think.