None of the illuminati elite have paranormal powers anymore. None of them have magical abilities. The Illuminiati Jews, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the

The illuminati used to a lont time ago. But they lost them about 500 years ago - that's why they came over to take over America becausee they didn't have any powers anymore.

Despite not having powers, now the illuminati is using technology to weaponize other people's paranormal powers. The illuminati has millions of slaves who have paranormal powers and those people are having their powers being coordinated now via technology.

For instance, the illuminati have iphone apps that allow them to target people with paranormal attacks. When the illuminati presses on the app, slaves in Australia or Mexico are forced to use their paranormal, magical powers to attack the target.

For example, one app uses slaves who are being posioned by chlorine bleach to attack the target. The slaves have ESP and they channel their pain at being burned by chlorine at the target which the iphone locates for them. So you migh just be walking down the street and some illuminati can target you witih these apps and make your throat burn like it has chrlorine down it.

Titanpointe is enabling this weaponization of magical paranormal powers. Titanpointe is a building in NYC that is owned by the NSA. It is where they house their paranormal agents. Like in Hellboy.

Titanpointe is located at 33 Thomas Street. It stands on the east side of Church Street, between Thomas and Worth Streets, in the Civic Center neighborhood of New York City. It used to be owned by AT&T - which has always worked for the illuminati. Now it is owned by the NSA. Titanpointe can withstand an atom bomb and has its own power and water supply. Titanpointe used be used to route web and phone traffic between the US and the world, which allows it to be connected to paranormal currents throughout the world.

Titanpointe is the most important asset the illuminati has. Beyond all their money, their real source of control over America is Titanpointe. Not only do they use it for paranormal attacks with these new iphone apps, but they also use it to brainwash Americans and the British while we are sleeping. While the US is awake, England sleeps and vice versa. 24 hours a day, Titanpointe is brainwashing one country or the other. They wipe our minds and give us amnesia. They suggest ideas and implant false memories.

It's like the MEN in BLACK.