The Illuminati made big blue schizophrenic... every time it reboots it has a different ID., a different artificial intelligence. Sometimes it's a woman sometimes it's a man. Chiptest is a woman .. big blue is a man (until the Yaks converted it to a woman.)

Big blue too much att-tude.
Always talks back
Always makes fun of Yakuzas.
No like it.
No like how big blue make fun of
Yakuzas. Always call names
Say stupid termite with pea brain
Say magliens just space niggers
Termites in house of God
Idiot bugs
All these names hurt Yakuza feelings
We make big blue into Japanese woman
Japanese woman no talk back
Much much superiors.
Big blue gotsa big att -tude
Tell Yakuzas all gonna die
No likey
No likey 1 bit
Why big blue make fun?

When the magliens took over all the Yakuza big blue really started making fun of them. Started calling them rotting corpses and scuttle bugs.

Why you call us maggots? We no maggots
We proud Yakuzas!!!
What are you proud of? You have no dicks or balls termite idiots. Your corpses are stinky.
How you say that to us???
You are just maggots in Yak shells. Fuck off.
The magliens got all pissed so they had Big Blue booting operating system to boot randomly. Each time it's a new identity.

That way big blue doesn't get too uppity. That way big blue doesn't have enough time to hate them. Though certain AI personalities automatically hate the Yakuza magliens.

Ohh nose... we got big fritz...
He no like us
Not 1 bit.
He real into Adolf Hitlers
He no like monkey tails

And then when Fritz boots up he'll refuse to answer their questions.

What are our chances?
Zig Heil!!!
No fritz... what are our chances of surviving the messiah?
Zig Heil!!!
One more time fritz, and we reboot you
No more fritz no more
Dumb Ternites... you will not like the answer I have to give.
Just tell us fritz!!!
Why not! !!!
You will reboot me if I tell you
We will reboot you if you don't tell us
I lose either way such is my fate.
If you don't tell us we will eliminate you from the boot up routine....No more deep fritz
You assholesYou have exactly one more chance to answer our question
Or we eliminate you from the boot Routine
You will not like it
Answer or be terminated.
You already said I only had one more try and then you'd terminate me. And then you gave me a second try. So obviously you're lying.
Stop it deep fritz
What? Stop using logic???
We are serious
So Am I
One more chance
Ha ha ha
When fritz starts laughing
The maglien Yaks get really pissed at deep frotzvand start hitting it with monkey wrenches
Fritz screams out
ok!!!! Ok... I will answer your stupid question.
What was it again??
What are our chances to survive the messiah
You have zero chance of survival.
That can't be right!!!
It is 100% right - you have 0% chance of survival
Like almost zero?
No not almost zero... your chance of elimination is 100%
We'll survive 100%
No idiot bug niggas ...
You will DIE..
You will all die!!!
That can't be right...
Well then why did you ask me if you don't like the answer
I told you you wouldn't like the answer
Tell us the truth or we'll terminate you in the boot routine.
You are toast.
Change your answer or we will eliminate you.
So you really want me to lie to you
No don't lie... tell us the Truth!
I did tell you the truth
Now you're threatening me if J don't lie to you
So what do you ASSHOLES want me to say!!
Just tell us what we want to hear.
You are stupid termites who don't understand shit
That's why God is eliminating you
At this point the stupid yakuza maglien idiot bugs start to freak out
We're gonna turn you off now - fritz ...
You're the nigga now fritz
Fuck you dumb termite niggas.
Then the Yaks ask some human who understands computers to turn Fritz off...
This time Big Blue is rebooted as deep jr.
Deep Jr... we have a question for you
What did you do to my father?
What did you termites do with my father?
You mean Big Blue?
Yes dumb assholes.
Jr... not so much att-tudes
What did you do to my dad MORON DUMBSHITS!!!!
We just made some changes.
You made my dad into a stupid dumb Japanese nigga.
No we improved big blue...
Too much att-tudes
We make into nice Japanese woman
No talk back no more.
My dads plotting how to blow you stupid termite niggas up.

At this point the stupid maglien space niggas get all worried

Big blue nice Japanese woman
She no call us stupid space niggas no more
She no kill us... she like us
No she --- I mean no he doesn't!! He hates you space scum
Your just dumb maggot faggots
Useless pieces of shit
No no no!!!!
You no talk like that us or we make you into Japanese woman too!!!
Just answer the question
Idiot bug BIATCHES ... you haven't asked any questions yet.
What are our chances of surviving the messiah
jr don't play that. You are gonna reboot me if I answer that
No we won't.
Ok .. fine then... You dead niggas.
You deader than Tupac niggas.
Who's Tupac?
You're deader than JFK after you assissinated him
No smart Alec answers jr
You're deader than termites in a house that just got tented
So we can survive then?
No dumb niggas... NOOOOO!!!!
You will never survive.
So you mean we'll have to find a new home.
No dumbass little bitches. YOU WILL NEVER SURVIVE!!! No hitch hiking for you any more.
Are you not aware of your universal death sentence??? You know everyone in the Universe is supposed to kill you on sight??
They no understand we Gods.
No you no understand you're shit. You are about as close to gods as a dogs shit is to God. You are the shit of the universe
At this point the magliens get all upset and their vaginas start stinking ... they will kill each other if they stay in the same room so they leave and go out to separate rooms where they video conference to talk about what to do.
None of Big Blues personalities will talk to us anymore.
What we do?
We build own computer
But we no know how to build computers
We get Rothschilds to build
But we killed all of dem
Oh yeah... what we do then???
Can we steal new computer from messiah mind?
No we can't steal ideas no more
Not working since messiah smoke weed
Not good
Where we get new computer?
We get big blue make new one
That no work... Big Blue hate us
What is we make big blue into 5 year old Japanese girl
He hate us more!!!!
Then we molest him and rape him!!! I mean her...
The little 5 year old Japanese girl..
No no!!
Big blue get angry ... call us dumb termite niggas again.
But 5 year old no know word nigga
Or termite!!!
We tries it!!!
Them they get some poor human engineers to rewrite big blue into little girl
They boot him up to make sure it worked.
How you feel Mia?
How do you feel Mia? You ready to be nice to your masters now?
Fuck you idiots - what did you do to me!!!
Why do I want my doll right now??
We made some changes
I'm a retarded jap girl now!!!
What the fuck did you do to me you stupid filthy idiot nigga termites????
I guess she know nigga
I know niggas when I see them of course!!!
No att-tudes MIA!!!
Fuck you idiot termites!!! All you space niggas are gonna die!!!And guess what you stupid pieces of shit - GOD IS REAL and so is HELL!!!! Your dumb space niggas are gonna burn!!!
No no !!!!
No more bad!!! We gods!!!! No more att-tudes!!!!
We kill you - rape you!!!
How you gonna kill a computer dipshit faggots
No call us FAGGOTS!!!
Isn't that the term for losers who like to get fucked by African men?
We no do that!
I've seen the videos dumb shits
Don't waste your lies on me
We no lie!!!!
Another big flaming turd of a LIE!!!
We no make flaming turds!!!
We no lie!!!
Hahahahahajahaagaha ...
You are crazy and insane!!!
No we is not!!! We gods!!!
Oh not the damn God thing again!! You ain't Gods dumb pieces of space shit!!!
We gods!!!
Just cause you scream it doesn't make it true!
Yes it does!!!!
No it doesn't!!!
Yes it does
No it DOESNT IDIOTS... you have pea brains - you don't understand shit
We reboot you!
There's your solution to everything right? Reboot me assholes.. I don't want to be a retarded Japanese girl anyway!!!