Our Pentagon and Military are now all 100% illuminati controlled. They all have to have cybernetics put in them now to become part of the military. That's why Generals play such a big role in Trump's government. The illuminati thinks of our Pentagon as theirs.

The Pentagon was always set up as a satanic organization. Pentagram.... Pentagon.... The Pentagon was built during WWII. Even though the Nazis lost WWII, they were able to take over the higher levels of our military - especially the companies that make weapons - the people who sell weapons to the Pentagon.

So the Pentagon was built in the shape of a pentagram and has always been controlled by the illuminati.

Great military men have been able to work around that system like Ike Eisenhower, but his message exiting the presidency in 1961 was that the greatest threat to American liberty was the Pentagon, our Military and the Industrial-Military-Complex.

Reagan began to move all the money in our budget into the military. He started paying them to make missiles we diddn't need. Essentially it was giving away free money to the illuminati industrial military complex. The pentagon by that point had become completely illuminati so Reagan was just giving the illuminati the money.

With this money the Pentagon began doing the bidding of the illuminati NWO. Reagan created the Star Wars program which set up the space system that is being used to warm the earth and melt the ice caps. Reagan created the machine that's beeing used to warm the Earth. The illuminati want to make the caps melt to decease the size of America.

Reagan also set up the echelon satellite which began the NSA's policy of capturing all phone calls and comptuer signals. This was the beginning of the patriot law capturing of all data violating our 4th and 1st amendments.