It's possible for the illuminati NWO to target and create hurricanes now. They are manipulating the weather constantly, doing things like warming parts of the Earth. They've figured out how to target hurricanes durign hurricane season. Donald Trump is now using this as a threat to his critics. Either to what I tell you or i'll send a hurricane your way.

The reason Donald Trump threw all those paper rolls at people when he went to Puerto Rico was an illuminati message that Puerto Rico needed to "roll." He's shooting them like a basketball because he's tell Puerto Rico they have to jump higher for the illuminati. They have to get the Jump ball. They can do that by "rolling" for the Donny and the illuminati.

While Donald likes to threaten people with hurricanes, he wasn't happy that the official death count now in Puerto Rico is close to 3000 people. After tweeting praise of the Federal Emergency Management Agency and first responders working during Florence, Trump ranted over a government-commissioned study published last month that reported that nearly 3,000 people died in Puerto Rico as a result of hurricane damage.

The illuminati have set up a giant system of mirrors to rechannel the heat of the sun. This combined with seeding clouds lets them create storms and guide them to certain destinations. The first time this system was used was on New Orleans with Katrina. Bush was so no responsive to New Orleans because he had told them he was going to hit them with a hurricane if they didn't do what he wanted.

Reagan spent 100 billion in 80s dollars on Star Wars. Supposedly the money just disappeared down a drain but really it all went into the mirror system that was a key part of SDI. The mirriors, which you can see above in the diagram were designed at first to bounce a laser but when that didn't work to blow up missiles they began experimenting with using the mirrors to concentrate the sun.

Cases of Spontaneous Human Combustion are actually cases of this system being used to murder people from space. The NSA can literally pick a person's location and burn them to death. Spontaneous Combustion stories started to get a lot of press so the illuminati doesn't use it as much for murdering people from space. Now they primariliy use it to cause hurricanes, droughts and forest fires. The reason California has been burning for the last 3 years is the illuminati decided to burn us with the system and start fires.

All the hurricanes since 2005 have been targetted by the Illuminati. They are also learning how to make bigger hurricanes which is why we're getting more and more Cat 4 and 5 hurricanes. It's not because of Global warming, that is an illuminati myth.

These hurricanes are not just being targetted at Americans. The same system is being used to attack the Phillipines right now with Typhoon Mangkhut Typhoon Mangkhut, known in the Philippines as Super Typhoon Ompong, is a powerful tropical cyclone that just made landfall in the Philippine province of Cagayan. The 31st tropical depression, 22nd tropical storm and 9th typhoon of the 2018 season, Mangkhut is currently the strongest tropical cyclone worldwide in 2018.

Once we control the US, we control the Weather system they've set up. We can shut it down and stop the destructive weather patterns they have set up.