Trump's foundation raised money to fund his political campaign. Non-profits are not allowed to donate millions of dollars directly to politicians so Donald broke IRS Tax law.

This incident illustrates a larger trend in republican and American politics. Politicians are now using non profits as fronts. These non profits are designed to fool voters into thinking they represent a common sense viewpoint when really they are just the spokesmen of the companies.

This is called Astro-turfing and Jon Olivers just did a great segment on it:

In Donald Trump's case, he threw a benefit for veterans, raised 6 million and gave 3 million to himself. That 3 million went to fund his campaign.

In June, the New York attorney general sued the Donald J. Trump Foundation, accusing it of “sweeping violations of campaign finance laws, self-dealing and illegal coordination with the presidential campaign,” as The New York Times reported.

Among the alleged offenses was using charitable funds to settle lawsuits and buy portraits of Trump. The foundation earlier paid a fine for an illegal campaign contribution.

Marc Owens, who previously was director of the tax-exempt organization division of the IRS, told CNN, “The Trump Foundation may be unique in the variety and scope of its transgressions of state and federal law.” He added, “In my opinion, there are no effective defenses that Donald Trump and/or his foundation can deploy to either the attorney general’s petition or to federal tax charges.”