Donald Trump is a traitor in ways beyond Putin. Trump must not only be impeached and removed from the Presidency. He should be tried as a traitor and executed for treason.

Trump is a traitor in 3 major ways: With Russia, China, and the Saudis/Israelies. Trump is the worst traitor we've ever had in American history by a long shot. Donald's plan for the Presidency was to telling himself out to the highest bidder so he's willing to commit treason for anyone who's got a big enough bank account.

Trump is owned by Vladimir Putin. Trump is literally Putin's slave which is why Trump's greatest treasons actions have involved Putin. Trump hasn't just committed treason once with Russia, he has an entire web of treason connected to the Russians that also includes his administration who also all are all owned or controlled by Putin. Putin brought a wen of Russian power with him into the White House.

Trump's performance in Hellsinki indidicates how bad a traitor he his. With the entire world looking and expecting Trump to push back against Russia, Trump said nothing except to endorse Putin as a great guy who has incredible suggestions like America sending over their ambassador to be interrogated by the Russian FSB. Trump was Putin's dog in Hellsinki. Trump played dead, rolled over, barked -- all on command from his master.

His tweet reversing the Congress' ZTE policy endangers our national security.

ZTE is a company that China is creating to spy on not just Americans but people thorughout the world.

The Chinese paid Donald Trump 500 trillion dollars (which went to Russian bank accounts controlled by Putin) to reverse the ZTE policy.

Trump's original treason was the attack on the Wolrd Trade Center on 911.

Trump continues those treasonous relationships by already giving Saudi Arabia 1.5 billion in arms that they resold to our enemies. Saudi Arabians flew all the planes that took down the Twin Towers.

Donald Trump supplied the blue prints for the World Trade center that enabled the Saudi Arabians and Israeli engineers to structurally destroy the WTC. Without those blue prints, the buildings never would have been destroyed.

Rudy Guliani then coordinated with Trump to send in the only good cops and firemen left in NYC to be murdered.

Trump is not just a treasonous President, he is a slimy web of corruption that surrounds him. Jared Kushner extorted 1.5 billion from the Qatari's to bail out his near bankrupt 666 5th Ave building in Manhattan.

Jared was 1.5 billion in debt that was soon due. In order to raise the money, he went around the middle East and told countries he would allow Israel and/or Saudi Arabia to attack them unless the countries paid him personally so that he could pay off the debt on the 666 property.

There is only one crime specified in our Constitution and that is treason. The punishment is also specified -- death. Not just any old death, a traitor according to the Constitution should "suffer death." Donald should be shot.