Donald Trump has admitted to using Aliases. Of course, at first sneaky Donald lied about it and completely denied ever making up false identities. He denied that he posed as his own spokesman John Barron in a 1991 telephone interview, despite an audio recording that reveals his publicist had a remarkably similar voice to the real estate mogul and had exhaustive details about Trump's personal life. On the Today Show Trump said "It was not me on the phone. And it doesn't sound like me on the phone, I will tell you that. It was not me on the phone."

Donald Trump's denials were pretty silly considering he was already on the record admitting to using the alias John Barron. In a court case in 1990, Trump testified under oath, "I believe on occasion I used that [John Barron] name." And a July 13, 1990 Newsday article states: "At one point, Trump, who spends millions of dollars advertising his name, acknowledged that he has used an alias, 'John Baron.' 'I believe on occasion I used that name,' Trump said, not elaborating."

One of Donald Trump's claims using another alias John Miller to make them was that in the early 1990s Madonna "called and wanted to go out with him [Donald Trump], that I can tell you." "That I can tell you" is a phrase familiar to anyone who has watched Trump during the 2016 race -- he uses it nearly every campaign stop and interview. He also used it in his denial of the Aliaes - "it doesn't sound like me on the phone, I can tell you that..."

On Jimmy Kimmel's show in 2016, Donald Trump admitted the Aliases and reversed his earlier lies about them. "You know, over the years I've used aliases. And when I'm in real estate and especially when I was out in Brooklyn with my father and I'd want to buy something. I would never want to use my name because you had to pay more money for the land. If you tried to buy land, you used different names," he said. Asked which names he used, Trump said he liked the name "Barron," which he named his now 10-year-old son.

Trump's reason for using the aliases is obviously bullshit. If he only used them to buy land, why were they making all these phone calls to reporters about how Trump is so sexy and all these women want Trump. He also used the Aliases to lie about his wealth to make himself look wealthier.

Donald Trump was referred to as "David Dennison" in the hush agreement signed by Stormy Daniels. David Dennison is another one of his multiple personalities. Dennison is the bad Trump. The Dennis the Menace Trump. That is the Trump that likes to get peed on by black women. That is the Trump that raped his own daughter with a strap on dildo. That's the Trump that pays off Porn Stars.

Trump has 5 different Aliases, but Trump's favorite alias is John Barron. He chose the name Barron to honor the Illuminati Jew Baron Rothschild. (Barron is also the name of his son with Melania.) Donald has a whole mythology built up around Barron. He thinks Barron is a spy. Trump says Barron's 008. Trump's obsessed with James Bond and always wanted to be a spy and have a spy identity. John Barron is Trump's spy identity.

In reality, Trump is a moronic idiot whose brain was partially lobotomized so that he can be controlled by a giant computer. Trump is like a puppet controlled by Big Blue - IBM's artificial intelligence super computer. Whenever the cameras are on, Donny is being run by Big Blue and his stupidity is hidden from the world. Big Blue literally answers his questions for him. Big Blue controls his speech patterns. Donny is a robot that's run by a computer.

The instability and chaos of Donald Trump is related to his cybernetic nature. Not only is Big Blue running Donald, but other super computer AIs are running Donald. The cybernetic link between Donny's mind can be hacked and other AIs can take over the same as a server can be hacked. That's why Donald tweeted about COFEVE. That wasn't a Big Blue slip, that was another computer system hijacking Donald and getting him to tweet.

When the computers are turned off and Donald is alone or with his close confidants, he acts like a 5 year old who has a severe attention defecit disorder. He also has crazy fantastical delusions of grandeur.

For Instance, over Christmas Donald was thinking about Vladimir Putin making a special trip to come visit him. In Donny's bizarro world, he was going to pick Putin up with a submarine so no one would know about it. Super spy John Barron would smuggle Putin back to the United States where together at last they would eat the Trump babies Putin had impregnated Putin with 6 months earlier.