One of the Illuminati's goals when organizing 911 was to make Americans OK with torture. After Vietnam, American policy in the CIA and the military avoided using torture to get information as it was found that torture produced unreliable information. Further, by allowing torture American policymakers open up American soldiers and spies to torture by our enemies.

After the Illuminati had the Saudis hit the planes into the World Trade Center, Illuminati forces in the military and CIA began to use the attack as a reason to renormalize torture. Waterboarding was used extensively. Torture was used by the CIA and various branches of the Military. The horrors of this approach were demonstrated to the world with the Abu Graib scandal.

One of those figures who helped oversee the military torture program - specifically at Abu Graib and later covered it up for the Illuminati military is Gina Haspel - the current Trump nominee for head of the CIA.

Haspell was recently "undercover." She spent 30 years of her career undercover. Her undercover identity was "Lynndie England" - the same woman who was convicted of court marshall by our military for her role in Abu Graib. England was one of eleven military personnel convicted in 2005 by Army courts-martial for mistreating detainees and other crimes in connection with the torture and prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad during the occupation of Iraq. She was sentenced to three years in prison and dishonorably discharged from the Army. England served her prison sentence from 2005 to 2007, when she was released on parole.

Those two pictures above are officially of Gina Haspel and then Lynndie England - did anyone notice the difference? They're the same person. When the pictures came out they got an imposter to play the role of Lynndie England and Gina Haspell came out from "undercover." The CIA then also modified all the pictures that came out of Abu Graib to put the imposter in rather than Gina Haspel. The picture above is one of the few they haven't been able to cover up.

While not working as Lynndie England for the CIA, Gina Haspel was also developing the torture program for the CIA. Her work as Lynndie England was her putting her theories in practice. She would come back from Abu Graib to Washington and then develop the CIA's official torture protocol. The CIA wanted real world tests of the torture program before they would make it official policy. So Gina/Lynndie was developing the official CIA torture program while she was "improvising" in the field - trying out different torture techniques - many of which went far, far beyond what the CIA has ever admitted.

Officially then, on her record, Gina Haspel is noted as being responsible for the incommunicado detention and torture of dozens. However, her crimes as Lynddie England were far, far worse and have been erased from her record because the CIA destroyed all the files that linked Gina Haspel to her CIA identity in the field while she was undercover.

Haspel is a hermaphrodite man pretending to be a woman. She has undescended testicles and no vagina, no ovaries. The illumiinati wanted to have a woman develop the torture techniques so they could claim that a woman was doing it so it must not be that bad. Gina is a sick sick illuminati Satanist and has personally murdered over a trillion children.

The Illuminati want to renormalize torture. Mike Pompeo - who is also closely associated with torture - is going to be the new Secretary of State. John Bolton - who defended the Bush Era torture policies during the 2000s - is now National security advisor. This endangers our soldiers and fails to live up to our basic principles as Americans.

Pompeo criticized the administration of former president Barack Obama for closing "black sites" - secret prisons used to interrogate suspects overseas - and the requirement for interrogators to adhere to anti-torture laws. The comments were said to have motivated Trump to consider Pompeo as the future CIA director. Trump said on the campaign trail for the 2016 elections that he would consider bringing back waterboarding "and a hell of a lot worse".

Mike Pompeo is THE STUPIDEST PERSION IN THE ENTIRE ILLUMINATI. He thinks he's a butterfly for at least 5 hours a day. He's so inbred that he is off the rockers insane. Insanity mixed with extreme stupidity is a dangerous combination. Pompeo's obsession with turning himself into a butterfly began when he was 5 and he started tearing the wings off of butterflies. Pompeo is a dumb, sadistic, cruel, deluded, MONSTER. Not having a penis or any balls has made Pompeo very angry. His extreme homosexuality has been repressed and bottle necked. Torture is Pompeo's way of releasing all of that self loathing.

Pompeo's entire career has been created by the Illuminati. His extreme stupidity has been counter balanced by a carefully orchestrated illuminati propaganda campaign to make sure he takes his "rightful" position in the Illumiinati NWO. For instance, he supposedly graduated top of his class at Westpoint with a degree in engineering managment. Managing enineers isn't a very complicated task - it's not like actually being an engineer - that requires smarts. The illuminati chose that degree for Pompeo because the illuminati was "engineering" a "man...".

This illuminati engineering continued with Pompeo going on to Harvard Law School. Pompeo is a complete idiot, his entire image has been crafted by the illuminati so he can be a cog in their New World Order. Specifically it's meant to be a foil for people realizing just how stupid Mike Pompeo is. Oh he got his degree from Harvard, he must be smarter than he seems. I guess he just acts like an idiot when people are around.

Pompeo basically came out of nowhere in 2010 - not very long ago. The Koch brothers own him. They bankrolled his campaign and decided he should be our representative. Before that, Mike Pompeo was a mob lawyer. His familiy is an old mafioso family - that is why the Illumiinati created a career for him. That's why the Illuminati put him in our government as part of their NWO. His entire famliy is inbred and stupid. They've been some of the dumbest illuminati for over 200 years.

Pompeo was elected to the House of Representatives in 2010, representing Kansas state during the era of the Tea Party, the ultra-conservative branch of the Republican Party. Seven years later he has both ran the CIA and was just confirmed to be Secretary of State - the position Thomas Jefferson held during the revolutionary period (what an illuminati travesty). His entire career has been organized by the illuminati NWO "God Fathers" who have decided that the moron should be at the center of our foreign policy.

Pompeo is an "Iranophobe" who heavily favours Saudi Arabia in the contest for regional hegemony. Pompeo has commented that "if the Saudis and the Israelis want to combine against Iran this is all to the good." Pompeo has helped get the Saudis money even though the Saudis were the ones who organized 911.

After he was confirmed, Pompeo announced he wants to return "swagger" to the State Department. This is code telling people in the State Department that they are free to take money from other governments now. The reason Pompeo used the word "swagger" is because it's like "swag" - the free stuff you get at a show for VIPs. Pompeo is telling the state department that it's ok to take "swag" now from foreign governments. He is opening the floodgates to corruption and foriegn governmental interference with our foriegn policy just like Russians did in the 2016 elections.

On the topic of torture, Gitmo needs to be closed down. Not only is it being used to illegally detain people violating American ideals of due process and justice, it is now being used as a concentration camp where people are being systematically murdered. A dramatic first-hand look inside the life of a Guantanamo Bay detainee has been revealed in a newly published diary - detailing allegations of sexual abuse and extreme torture during a man's 12 years as a prisoner. The worst of his abuse occurred during an interrogation in 2003 when he was stripped naked and hung from a wooden beam for three days, during which he was provided with water but no food, and ice water was poured repeatedly on his mouth, nose and genitals. His allegations have yet to be confirmed independently.

Numerous US officials have called for the prison's closure, including Obama. One of Obama's first acts as president was to sign an order to close Guantanamo. The base was never closed.

We should release all the prisoners in Gitmo - there are only 41 left. Many of the 41 detainees at Guantanamo have never been tried. Of these men, 31 are being held in indefinite "law-of-war" detention. There is no real risk of terrorism from doing so. We can't keep people in an illegal prison without any trial for two decades - it's been nearly 20 years since 911.

America's use of Torture and Gitmo are used by radical Islamists to promote their cause. We're only playing into their hands by not holding ourselves to higher standards than they hold themselves to. America must always take the higher road. As Obama says - we need to go high when they go low. We need to be consistent with our ideals.

The US Constitution originally had a bill of rights that outlawed Torture explicitly. It was part of the Amendment that outlawed Slavery in the US. The illuminati wouldn't let this amendment to happen. But there are secret versions of the US Constitution which have this amendment and these issues were explicitly defined. It's like that movie National Treasure.