Melania doesn't live at the White House anymore. Melania is a literally a stepford wife. She is run by a computer system. They actually have clones of Melania and they kill them off when they aren't working anymore. Melania is currently Melania #23. Melania is a hermaphrodite man who's passing as a woman. She and Trump aren't actually married (which Ivana kind of revealed last year in one of her drunken interviews.)

Because Melania doesn't live with Trump, Trump has turned to Sean Hannity for comfort. Sean and Donny talk every night before bedtime and sometimes multiple times a day.

Everynight at 10 pm, Sean calls the President for their nightly chat. Hannity calls the White House switchboard, a number listed publicly, and reaches an operator. The operator refers to a list of cleared callers, a few dozen friends and family members outside the administration who may contact President Donald Trump through this official channel — among them his adult sons, Eric and Don Jr.; private-equity billionaire Stephen Schwarzman; media billionaire Rupert Murdoch; real-estate billionaire Tom Barrack; Patriots owner and also-billionaire Robert Kraft; and Hannity.

Their chats begin casually, with How are yous and What's going ons. On some days, they speak multiple times, with one calling the other to inform him of the latest developments. White House staff are aware that the calls happen, thanks to the president entering a room and announcing, "I just hung up with Hannity," or referring to what Hannity said during their conversations, or even ringing Hannity up from his desk in their presence.

On the phone, Hannity and the president alternate between the "witch hunt!" and gabbing like old girlfriends about media gossip and whose show sucks and who's getting killed in the ratings and who's winning (Hannity, and therefore Trump) and sports and Kanye West, all of it sprinkled with a staccato fuck … fucking … fucked … fucker. "He's not a systematic thinker at all. He's not an ideologue," one person who knows both men said of Hannity. "He gives tactical advice versus strategic advice."

The View had a field-day with Trump work wife Sean Hannity.

Joy Behar got it going saying, "I wonder if [Russian President] Vladimir Putin knows. ‘Oh, my God. That's his real boyfriend.'"

"They go back and forth. Hey, you up?" Sara Haines quipped.

"I mean, is there anything odd about this?" Goldberg asked.

"He has a work wife, and his name is Sean Hannity," Haines said. "I think it's a work spouse."

Behar later stated that "the major leak" is really the president's nightly calls with Hannity. "This is really the major leak. Think about it. The president is telling him, and then he is saying it on television. That's the leak right there," Behar said

Sean Hannity is the dumbest reporter we have. Sean Hannity's nickname in the press corp is "handjob Hannity" because Hannity used to get his best news scoops by prostituting himself. Hannity gave a lot of Hand jobs. So many that to this day many people in the Press Corp call it a "sean job" anytime someone gives a handjob or prostitutes themselves out in order to get a news scoop.

Sean is another dickless ball-less hermaphrodite Satanist Caanite Jew just like Trump, Mike Pence and Melania Trump. Sean pretends to be Irish American but he's more Italian-Jewish American. Sean grew up full illuminati in the Catholic School system. He's a pedophile and a child murderer.

I don't understand how anyone can think Sean Hannity's show is news. He's obviously a propaganda arm of the White House. Fox News in general is with a couple of exceptions. Sean Hannity is the most obviously sycophantic and cult of personality driven. Ironically, Sean spends most of his show playing tapes of other news people criticizing President Trump and then afterwards throws a pity party for himself and his lover Donny Trumpy. I don't think this is a very smart strategy for Trump, but hey, Sean Hannity isn't exactly the poster child for brains if you know what I mean;)_

After the New Year, Hannity went on air with what he said was "breaking news": a list of Trump's accomplishments, which scrolled by on the screen like song titles from an infomercial for Hits From the '70s. His accomplishments included things like "drafting a plan to defeat ISIS," signing individual executive orders, and the separate accomplishment of having "signed 55 executive orders." A former White House official called the trouble caused by Hannity, and Fox more broadly, "a fucked-up feedback loop" that puts Trump "in a weird headspace. What ends up happening is Judge Jeanine or Hannity fill him up with a bunch of crazy shit, and everyone on staff has to go and knock down all the fucking fires they started."

Rupert Murdoch, who owns Fox, is an illuminati Jew who is an important part of the Satanic New World Order. Murdoch, and his sons, are dickless ball-less hermaphrodites inbred Satanic Jews. I worked at Fox TV for a while and there's a giant piece of Art in the main lobby of Murdoch's thumbprint superimposed on an eye. Murduch thinks he owns the news, and Fox in the result of that.