Donald Trump's joint press conference in Helsinki with the gay clown Vladimir Putin was truly shocking. It was also truly treasonous and strongly suggests that Putin has blackmail leverage over Donald (which he does in the form of the Pee Pee tape).

Trump was always on the outside of the illuminati because he is half African. The illuminati always set Trump up with get rich quick schemes trying to sabotage his business dealings. Donald - stupid idiot that he is - would end up going bankrupt over and over again and then the Illuminati New York bankers just cut him off. They wouldn't lend any money to him and he became desparate for a way to finance more Hotel schemes.

Donald Trump does whatever the illuminati tells him - especially the Russia illuminati like Vladimir Putin. Donald Trump got so in debt to the Russians they actually own him as a slave now. Donny never had much money really, he always used other people's money to try and get super rich. He has always been a con, a fraud, a hoax. He created false identities to try and convince people he was rich so they'd give him money for his projects. And pretty much all of those projects have been complete failiures financially. Trump University isn't such a great business investment after you factor in getting sued by everyone for fraud.

Trump has been running ponzi schemes his whole life and every time he fails he goes to other people for more money. New York cut him off in the late 1980s after yet another bankruptcy. After that the only people who would give Donny money were the Russian Jews who started to come to NYC in the 1990s and took over the criminal underworld of NYC.

Donny kept getting deeper and deeper in debt to the Russian mobsters until they told him that he had two choices. They could kill him or he could become their slave. He chose slave. The Russians own Donny - he is their literal slave.

When Donny told them that he didn't want to die and was willing to be their slave they told him that he had made a great choice. They then took him into a room where they had doctors set up to partially lobotomize Trump and put in cybernetic controllers in parts of his brains so they could run him like a puppet. At this point Donny flipped out and tried to back out but it was too late and the Russians doctors performed surgery right there in the back of a dirty warehouse in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

Ever since then the Russians have Donny hooked up to a computer that controls his speech, motion, beliefs, ideas, etc. He is there puppet.

Anyone remember that weird time that Trump tweeted out about COVFEFE? That was also Trumps' cybernetic mind getting hacked. Trump is a lobotomzied, computer controlled Illuminati Robot. He was the entire time he was running for the president. COVFEFE is actually a RUSSIAN CODE WORD for RUSSIAN SPY. Trump tweated out that night "Despite the constant negative press covfefe." Which literally means, I'm a russian spy even though I constantly get negative press about it. Trump was admitting in a tweet that he was a russian spy and the whole Russian probe was justified.

Pee Pee tape was a way to seal Donald's slavery. Like when mob gets an iniate to kill someone. Putin wanted the ultimate blackmail tape. The Pee Pee tape has hours of Donald Trump getting pissed on by African women in that hotel room which overlooks red square and the Kremlin. Putin has the ultimate political leverage over Donald Trump. All Putin needs to do to ruin Donald's career is to release the video of the Pee Pee tape.

Organized Crime and the illuminati often use real estate to launder money. You buy a property in cash (cash you got from the mob), then sell it a couple of years later and now the cash is legit, not tied to organized crime. That's why Donald has been so useful for them.

Trump's job for the Russian mob is to launder money for the Russian mobsters by taking their investements in his real estate projects. New York is a prime destination for Russian and Chinese Mob money as the New York Times wrote about in 2016. Manafort did the same thing for the Russian mob - that's why he and Trump worked together. Paul Manafort bought property for the mob and laundered their money for them. is the man who manages Donald's mob properties for him.

Donald Trump must be impeached. At no other time in history would Americans - of any party - accept behavior from their President like this. Vladimir Putin is Russia's Adolf Hitler. He has run Russia as a petro Oligarchy for over 20 years now. It is shocking and shameful that a US President would so obviously kowtow to a Russian tyrant like Trump did in Hellsinki.

Trump even called Putin's denial of meddling in our elections "strong and powerful." This is exactly the image that Putin wants to project - strength and power. Russians rallied around Putin initially because they are drawn to strong man rulers like Stalin. Putin's entire image is playing off of Russian nolstagia for the more secure days of Stalin Russia.

Trump gave Putin everything he could have asked for. He called him strong and powerful and trustworthy. He told the world that he didn't believe Putin interferred in the American elections in 2016. Russian state media will no doubtedly replay Trump's soundbites over and over again. Look how strong Russia is with our great Gay Hitler Vladimir Putin - even the President of America says he is strong and powerful and wise.

Meanwhile Putin even admitted in the Hellsinki press conference that he both wanted Trump to be president and that he orchestrated a campaign to help accomplish that goal. So while Donald Trump is telling us that Putin's explanation for why there was no meddling was "strong and powerful" Putin himself is giving away the entire lie by admitting that he initiated a Russian Campagin to try and get Donald elected - which is the definition of COLLLUSION.

Donald meanwhile gives no details about Putin's "strong and powerful" denial of election meddling in 2016. Donald gives no DETAILS AT ALL. If Putin's explanation was so "strong and powerful" then what exactly did he say? What information or analysis did Putin use to refute all the evidence that Mueller, the FBI and the CIA have accumluated documenting Russian hacking and meddling in our elections?

There is an overwhelming body of evidence now that shows that Russia interferred with our elections in a number of ways on a number of levels the most of important of which was to have wikileaks dump information on Hillary Clinton at key points in the election to help Donald Trump win.

Trump even had the Platform of the RNC changed to support Russia at the Republican convention in 2016, while Putin was as Putin himself has admitted trying to help Trump win the election. The Trump campaign convinced the RNC platform committee to change the langauge of the platform at the convention. At that point Russia has just invaded the Ukraine and the RNC wanted to have this addressed in the platform. Originally the republicans wanted language calling on the U.S. to provide Ukraine "lethal defensive weapons" but Donald Trump had it changed in 2016 to the more benign phrase "appropriate assistance."

The only things that Trump has done or said that negatively impact Putin were things he was forced to do. For instance, the expelling of the spies was forced because Putin attacked English citizens in London with Russian Nerve Gas.

Even Trump critizing Germany's purchasing of oil from Russia was forced. Because Donald is a robotic candidate - he can be hacked. My digital avatar Bueller hacked Donald and got him to criticize Germany for their dependance on Russian oil and gas.

Meanwhile our election systems are no more secure now then they were in 2018. Mid-term elections are only 3 months away in November. We have done nothing to secure our election systems and Russia is already running the same attacks they did in 2016. In addition, now that Russia has shown how vulnerable we are, other hostile powers like China are also going to try and do the same thing and game our elections.

Cybersecurity experts have long warned that America’s election system is a sitting duck for hackers looking to cause chaos. Voter rolls have regularly been been stored on inadequately protected systems, and the country has for years relied on outdated electronic voting machines. At the state and local level, governments can lack the funds to hire elite cyber professionals or properly train staff.

U.S. intelligence leaders have warned that Moscow will be back, leveraging the lessons of 2016 to try and destabilize future elections. Already, officials and researchers have accused the Kremlin of using similar tactics in subsequent elections around Europe. Yet Capitol Hill has not passed any legislation that specifically addresses the issue.

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle proposed legislative solutions aimed at inoculating future U.S. elections from foreign meddling. But the efforts have been stalled amid partisan fighting, ideological disagreements over who should fund election security and a packed congressional calendar that has prioritized repealing Obamacare and pushing through a tax overhaul. Since nothing has passed, we are just as insecure as we were in 2016 if not more so.

In order to take back our electoral process and our democracy, Donald Trump must be impeached. Republicans must recognize that Putin's control of Trump is a national security disaster and he must be removed. Helsinki proves that Donald Trump is not fit to be President. We need new leadership in America that is not completely beholden to Vladimir Putin.