Donald Trumps familiy is a Jewish mafia family that is an important member of the Illuminati. They have traditionally been an outlier in the Illuminati because they are half moorish. They are 50% Rothschild Jew, 50% African Arab. They bleach their hair and lighten their skin. That's why Trump's skin is so weird with the orange stuff. He's trying to cover up his African ancenstory.

During the 1200s - 1500s, Moors from Northern Africa were Pirates. They would take ships up from Africa and raid European Villages and cities. While conducting these attacks they would rape, pillage and plunder. The specicfic mission of the raids was to take slaves - white slaves. Donald Trump comes from a familiy of white slaves who were interbred with the Moors and then interbred later with Rothschild Jews in Germany.

Melania also comes from the same ethnic makeup. That's why Melania is so dark - she is also descended from Moorish pirates. Melania comes from a german part of Slovenia. Donny's mooorish forbearers wanted to hide the fact that their skin was darker so they moved to Slovenia where there were also darker people. Melania and Donald Trump having children is inbreeding. They are like second cousins.

Trump's Grandfather left Germany to hide his Moorish Dark Arab background. Like many Americans he changed his history and his ethnicity when coming to America. That's also why he went to Seattle, which at the time was the home of many Pirates. His family had a historical connection to the moorish pirates.

That's also why Trump's family has always been an outsider in the Illuminati. They are thought of as half african which meeans lesser to the Illuminati. That's why Trump has such a chip on his shoulder and wants people to love him so much. He was always put down by the Illuminati. Now that he's in control he's gone grazy with delusions of grandeur. He is like the outcast kid who everyone made fun of and now he's in control of everything. He both wants to be liked but he also wants to punish people who don't like him.

Trump's grandfather left Germany to run Seattle for the Jewish Mafia. Tha'ts why the Illuminati let him go to America. In Seattle Trump's grandfather ran brothels, sold women and children into slavery, traded slaves and sold drugs. Trump's grandfather was THE illuminati mob boss is Seattle, which at that point was a fringe city without a lot of importance in the Illuminati.

Trump's grandfather was rewarded with his service to the Illuminati and became rich. His son, Donald Trump's father, then used that wealth to move to NYC and work for the Illuminati in Illuminati central in America - New York City. Trump's father had a chip on his shoulder too and looked at NYC as making it good - showing the Illuminati that he was important.

Trump's father was an evil red lining landlord that basically operated organized crime real estate schemes. His "model of success" was to buy buildings with fairly high black tenantship and then intimidate the black people into moving out. He would kill people and break people's legs until the black tenants got the message and would leave. Then he would sell the building as a "white tenant" building which at the time was a more lucrative sale. He only made money because he was using organized crime to back his business. He was a mob boss/real estate tycoon.

Donald Trump emulates his father. He wants to be a bigger brasher more important version of his father. His father was still looked down upon in the Illuminati even though he was in NYC. Donny always grew up as the illuminati's ugly step kid. They never liked him. They always used him as the but of their jokes and made sure his business ventures went bankrupt.

Donald Trump got so in debt to the Russians they actually own him as a slave now. Donny never had much money really, he always used other people's money to try and get super rich. He has always been a con, a fraud, a hoax. He created false identities to try and convince people he was rich so they'd give him money for his projects. And pretty much all of those projects have been complete failiures financially. Trump University isn't such a great business investment after you factor in getting sued by everyone for fraud.

Trump has been running ponzi schemes his whole life and every time he fails he goes to other people for more money. New York cut him off in the late 1980s after yet another bankruptcy. After that the only people who would give Donny money were the Russian Jews who started to come to NYC in the 1990s and took over the criminal underworld of NYC from the italians.

Donny kept getting deeper and deeper in debt to the Russian mobsters until they told him that he had two choices. They could kill him or he could become their slave. He chose slave. The Russians own Donny - he is their literal slave.

When Donny told them that he was willing to be their slave they told him that he had made a great choice. They then took him into a room where they had doctors set up to partially lobotomize Trump and put in cybernetic controllers in parts of his brain so they could run him like a puppet. At this point Donny flipped out and tried to back out but it was too late and the Russians doctors performed surgery right there in the back of a dirty warehouse in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

Ever since then the Russians have Donny hooked up to a computer that controls his speech, motion, beliefs, ideas, etc. He is there puppet. He even said that with the whole COVFEFE thing where he said on twitter that he was happy to be a Russian spy despite all the negative press. (COVFEFE is russian spy lingo to identify a russian spy).

Donald Trump is essentially a hollowed out person now. He is controlled by cybernetics and computers but he still had a ghost of his old soul. This ghost of himself has all of Donny's weird obsessions. Donny still is obsessed with his hair, he still wants women to walk on him with high heels, he still stresses up as a woman, he still likes to be pissed on by dark illuminati Jews.

Trump even set up a floor in the Trump Tower where he can get peed on with a conveyor belt. 150 women (or men) an line up and he can be wheeled underneath them while they piss on him.

Trump is literally the Anti-Christ. NOSTRADAMUS predicted Donald Trump and that he was the third Anti-Christ - TRUMP IS THE ANTICHRIST spoken of IN THE BIBLE.

NOSTRADAMUS' PROPHECIES usually have alternate rhythms in quatrain form. The stanza, found in Century III, Quatrain 81, goes as follows:

"The great shameless, audacious bawler,
He will be elected governor of the army:
The boldness of his contention,
The bridge broken, the city faint from fear."

This "brawler" refers to Trump. Since the brawler is also shameless and audacious, he could very well be Trump. Throughout his career, his opponents have called him a racist, bigot, Islamophobe, anti-LGBT and many others.

Century I, Quatrain 40 contains the following lines:

"The false Trumpet concealing madness
will cause Byzantium to change its laws.
From Egypt there will go forth a man who wants
the edict withdrawn, changing money and standards."

The Man from Egypt refers to me. The Bible speaks of the Trumpets at the apocaylpse. Trump is the false Trumpet. If you separate Trump from ET, you get a true trumpet. I am the ET, extra terristorial. Trump is Trump.

The man from Egypt is a reference to my union with Staz as well. She is a gypsy princess and I am the ET. E-gyp-T. WE are ONE. And the son that comes out is the messiah.. the sun itself. Egypt is also where the Aliens lived for a while. They buiilt the great pyramids and the Sphinx.

The illuminati has tinkered with Nostradmus' exact words or translations over the centuries. Originally the last couplet is:

From Egypt will come forth a son who wills
bad edicts withdrawn...

"The false message about the rigged election
to run through the city stopping the broken pact;
voices bought, chapel stained with blood,
the empire contracted to another one."

Obvioulsy that last part is Russia owning America through Donald Trump. And Trump did win a rigged election. He is breaking the pact with the people, buying voices, staining the chapel with blood.

Napoleon was the first antichrist. He was the illuminati Jews trying to create a modern empire. Hitler was the illuminiati's second anti-christ, a new attempt to create a empire through a cult of personality and fascist cult. He failed as well. Trump is the third and final antichrist. Trump is a demagogue -> A fascist emperorer who emerges from democracy. Once again, the Illuminati Jews are behind Hitler. They have now created the third Antichrist - DONALD TRUMP - who will end the illuminati forever.

Napoleon was the first antichrist the Rothschilds/magliens set up. He destroyed the crystals in the Great pyramid in Egypt. He took apart the crystals the Aliens had arranged that allowed the pyramids to light in the night (which they did previously, they wold light up during the full moon).

Common illuminati false history is that the Rothshcild's made their wealth by screwing over napoleon.. - Actually they knew from Napoleon ahead of time that he was going to lose the war, so they spread false information that he was about to win the war and then bet against him in the economic markets. They flipped his loss into the vast fortune they would later use to finance WWI and WWII. WWI did not involve a Hilter but was a case of assination setting the Illuminati to fragment like a vase into 7 parts with no clear dominant player leading to wolrd wide war as the Illuminati killed off each other. GAME OF THRONES FOR REAL.

The stupid Illuminati still financed the assassin who set the whole thing off though - plunging the world into the first World war, which used to just be called the Great War. The war was an attempt from God to destroy the Illuminati by setting into to war with itself. It was the instability and chaos of the illuminati that ended up tearing up the world. It was a warning to humans that war was a serious thing - God knew the Rothschilds/magliens had already planned the second World War. Napoleon's empire was vast, but his technology was still premodern. WWI was the first modern war. WWII was the second - caused by the Illuminati.

The point from God was that war was not a thing the Illuminati should engage in, in the MODERN WORLD. IN OUR EPOCH, WAR IS NO LONGER RATIONAL. It is too horrendous. It is too inhumane. Back in the type of the knights of the round table, war was noble. It was just and humane. But in the modern world, there is no place for war anymore. THe Rothschild/magliens/yakuza have been trying to stop this Golden Age from Emerging. They don't want to end war because they've always been the arms dealers, the war profiteers.

Donald Trump is literally the final antichrist and Jared and his daughter Ivanka are the bagmen for the antichrist. Jared Kushner and his family (as well as Ivanka) own a buiding with the antichrist address 666 Fifth Avenue. This property is potentionally going to destroy the entire fortune of the Kushners, as well as Ivanka's. Donny never had much money really, so the entire Trump families fortune is tied up in this one Antichrist property at 666 FIFTH AVE, NY, NY, USA. 666 is the sign of the devil. Jared is literaly the bagman for the Devil.

The Kushners/Trumps are going to be 2 billion in debt in July. The Kushner's have a balloon payment coming up this year. They have to pay it off. Jared is going around to the middle east - specifically Qatar - and threatening that the US Government will attack them or allow Israel to attack them if they don't pay protection. The means of paying protection is to pay off his Antichrist building at 666 5th Ave. Jared is literally going around saying give us money or we're going to attack you.

Jared asked for money, the Qataris said no and then the US allowed a blockade led by Saudi Arabia forcing the Qataris to import food from Turkey. The Turks laced the food with Cholera which started a Cholera epidemic in Qatar. This is genocide. This is Jared asking for a ransom or then allowing Genocide (and even if he got the money he would have killed them all anyone). This is part of a coordinated attack on muslims and the middle east.

After the Qataris and the Yemenis have suffered for nearly a year now, the Qataris have finally agreed to the ransom. The Qatari government is using a front company to pay off Jared Kushner and rescue the Trump and Kushner families from yet another embarassing bankruptcy.

Jared's dad had to sell Jared the Devil 666 building when he went to prison for hiring a prostitute to seduce his sister's husband, who was cooperating in a federal fraud and corruption investigation against Jared's father. Jared's dad is currently still in prison in Alabama. The Kushner family bought the Devil 666 property for $1.8 billion in 2007, when Jared was all of 26.

The Kushner clan were already upside-down on their fancy, Manhattan high rise before the market crashed and key tenants decamped. So the family sold off chunks of the building to other investors, and their current business plan seems to be finding tenants to pay 30 percent above market-rate for an outdated building. Which is … unorthodox!

Oh, and their $1.4 billion loan - which is greater than the value of their remaining stake in the property - comes due next year.

WHAT TO DO?????s

Jared sold his share of the business to his family [cough, cough] in 2016, so his father Charlie Kushner led the hunt for capital. After getting left at the altar by Chinese insurance giant Anbang last year, Papa Kushner approached the Qatari Investment Authority in March of 2017, just to tell them he couldn't possibly take their money now that his son is working in the White House. Per WaPo,

Before the meeting, Kushner Companies had decided that it was not going to accept sovereign wealth fund investments. We informed the Qatar representatives of our decision and they agreed. Even if they were there ready to wire the money, we would not have taken it.

Shortly after that meeting, the US government's policy toward the nation of Qatar, led by Middle East guru Jared Kushner, underwent a radical shift. Although Qatar hosts CENTCOM and 40,000 American troops, the White House decided that it was suddenly a state sponsor of terrorism. In May 2017, Donald Trump enthusiastically endorsed the blockade of Qatar by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The same Saudi Arabia government that financed, organized and ran test runs of the 911 attacks on America. The same Saudis who are being sued in US Federal court for their responsibility of spearheading the 911 attacks.

Jared Kushner upended US policy toward a strategic ally to punish it for giving his family business the stiff-arm. After Kushner's family got $184 million from Qatari-backed Apollo Capital in November 2017, and the Qataris decided not to give the Mueller team allegedly incriminating info on Jared's ties to the UAE, the US posture toward Qatar swung back to normal. By March 2018, Donald Trump was threatening to cancel a planned Camp David summit with the Gulf Cooperation Council if they wouldn't stop being so mean to the US's good buddy Qatar.

Jared wasn't the only one trying to shake down the Qataris, Trump superlawyer Michael Cohen is reported to have solicited a $1 million fee and millions from the Qataris for "various members of the Trump family." Smooth operator!

Brookfield Asset Management (BAM) are now buying the Devil 666 building and their largest investor is, ta-da!, Qatar. BAM has suddenly decided to buy a 50 percent stake in the 666 Fifth Avenue building and spend hundreds of million dollars to renovate the property.

Brookfield, which will take over leasing and operating 666 Fifth Avenue, plans to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to give the 61-year-old building a major face-lift: stripping off the distinctive aluminum facade, installing floor-to-ceiling windows, renovating the lobby and installing new elevators, according to the executives.

This is obviously not a business investment for them. There is no way they can raise rents by 30% and the building is already 60 years old and considered architecturally out-of date. Donald Trump is now using the Presidency the way the New York Italian mob ran their protection rackets. Pay off the President, or we launch war with our MILITARY!!!

Donald Trump is the antichrist and the antichrist has his own television station. They're called FOX. Here's a reminder of who's god at FOX.


Donald Trump is now suggesting we get rid of Term Limits, like Adolf Hitler did right before he became Furher. Trump is running secret concentration camps right now. He is planning on doing what Adolf Hitler did. He is praising Xi the Chinese communist dictator for abolishing term limits. He supports Putin who has already essentially done away with TERM LIMITS in Russia. TRUMP IS PLANNING ON BEING ADOLF HITLER FOR LIFE.