911 - the jap illuminati attack on AMERICA

The Bushes didn't actually know that 911 was going to happen. For all their power in the illuminati and important positions in the New World Order, the Japanese - who ultimately controlled the illuminati until recently - totally blindsided W Bush and his family with 911.

That's why Bush was reading to kindergartners when 911 happened. That wasn't a ironic coincident. The illuminati set his schedule that day. They put him into that class with the 5 year olds knowing he would learn about 911 while trying to read to children. The message from the japs was that W was a child and they could school him whenever they wanted.

The Saudis fucked the Bushes too. As has been well documented, the Houses of Saud and the House of Bush are intimately connected in business dealings involving oil going back decades. The Saudis thought they had been taken advantage of by the Bushes and they viewed 911 as their oppportunity for revenge.

Really, the people who caused 911 though are the Japanese and their stupid Yakuza illuminati. The jap illuminati thought the Bushes were getting too Big for their Britches. Dubya was especially headstrong and thought he was the "new sheriff in town." 911 is the modern equivalent of Pearl Harbor. The Japanese love to do sneak attacks with planes.

The Japanese also wanted to get Americans to give up their rights. The NSA wanted to get the orwellian named "patriot act" through which would allow them to set up surviellance on every American and violate all of our rights constantly. The Patriot Act gutted the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The NSA itself is an unconstitutional organization. Americans are not allowed to spy on Americans.

The Jap Illuminati caused the 911 attack to scare us about terrorists. They did it to shape public opinion so people would be willing to give up their rights, just like they've been staging school shootings to get us to give up our gun rights. The illuminati created the bogeyman of terrorism to justify making America a police state.

The Saudis carried out 911 for the Japanese. Osama Bin Laden was a Saudi Royal Prince. Fresh evidence submitted in a major 9/11 lawsuit moving forward against the Saudi Arabian government reveals the Saudi Embassy in Washington funded a "dry run" for the hijackings carried out by two Saudi employees, further reinforcing the obvious conclusion that employees and agents of the Saudi Kingdom directed and aided the 9/11 hijackers and plotters.

Despite clear proof that the Saudis personally carried out 911, the US government still continues to give them billions of dollars of weapons and aid. President Trump has been super cozy with the Saudis already giving them 1.5 billion in his first year - which equals what Obama gave the Saudis during his entire 8 years.

The Israelies worked with the Saudis to arrange the Attack on behalf of the Japanese. The Americans who conspired with the Japanese to make 911 a reality were the NSA, parts of the CIA, parts of the FBI, Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani - who was then Mayor of NYC.

Rudy is a cross dressing hermaphrodite who has always dreamed of transitioning into life as a woman. He and Donny partnered up on 911 to help the Saudis and Japanese arrange 911. As NY gays and cross dressers they didn't like the Texan Illuminati power dominating America - represented by the Bushes in the White House.

Donald provided the blue prints to the Saudis so they knew exactly where to hit the twin towers in order to collapse the buildings. The reason Donald Trump was even given the opportunity to run for President by the Illuminati is because he was so instrumental in pulling off the 911 attack for the Japanese illuminati.

Rudy's job was to comfort NYC after the attack. He wanted to play a feminine, motherly role. The illuminati planned to position Rudy for his later Senate run and possibly a Presidential run. Unfortunately for Rudy, Hillary Clinton (Rudy's old illuminati "friend") decided she wanted to be Senator of New York instead.

The Pentagon was attacked in 911, despite being an old illuminati american institution because the Military with Bush as Commander and Chief was pushing the limits of what they could do within the illuminati. Bush wanted to show the Japs that he was the guy with the big stick. The Japanese wanted to teach the Military a lesson which is why they flew one of the planes into the Pentagon.

The FBI knew 911 was coming a year before it happened. FBI agent John O'Neill knew of Osama Bin Laden's intent to attack America, but didn't know where the attack would happen.

O'Neill tried to pursue the investigation and as he got close to figuring out the entire plan behind 911 the FBI shut down his whole investigation and forced him out of the FBI. They shut it down because they already knew it was going to happen and didn't want to disrupt the illuminati's plans. O'Neill's punishment was to be reassigned to security at the World Trade center two weeks before 911. He died in one of the towers at age 49.