It's just been revealed that Donald Trump paid Stormy Daniels, a porn star, 130,000$ in hush money. What hasn't been reported is that "Stormy" Daniels is famous for peeing on people. Stormy brings the rain ;)_ She's hired as a prostitute to pee on people - something that Donald Trump hired her to do. He actually had her pee on him MULTIPLE TIMES. So Stormy threatened to go to the press and Trump paid her to keep quiet.

Donald Trump LOVES to be pissed on. That's another thing in the MI6 Dossier that he doesn't want revealed. The Russians have video of him being pissed on by Russian Prostitutes when he stayed in a moscow hotel. That's why they won't let the dossier out to the public. They don't want to confirm the stories about Trump having an obsession with being pissed on (as well as drinking piss and eating shit - literal human feces). Read about it here.

Trump also got pissed on by Oprah. That's why he suggested her for Vice President. Pissing on Trump was also Omarosa's role in the white house. Trump likes to be pissed on by black women. They are his favorite.

After Omarosa left Hope Hicks was the only one who could pee on Donny. Donny's mother used to piss on him when he was a boy so he's got a neurotic fixation about being pissed on every morning. Now that Hope Hicks is resigning he'll have to rely on his slaves to piss on him in the morning.