Mollie Tibbets was murdered by the GOP. Donald Trump and the Republicans wanted a poster child for the dangerous "mexican murderer." The guy who is being tried for the crime did not commit it. HE is just an escape goat the GOP illuminati is using to try and stoke racial hatred against latinos.

The guy charged with the crime works on a farm owned by a prominent Republican Family in Iowa. Cristhian Rivera — the 24-year-old man who is suspected of murdering Tibbetts while she was out jogging — was an “employee in good standing” at Yarrabee Farms, which is owned by the family of former Iowa official Craig Lang, according to the Des Moines Register.

In the statement, Craig’s brother Dane Lang said he was “shocked” to hear Rivera had been charged with a crime.

“This individual has worked at our farms for four years, was vetted through the government’s E-Verify system, and was an employee in good standing,” the statement read.

“Yarrabee Farms follows all laws related to verifying employees are legal to work in the United States.”

Craig Lang is the former president of the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation and a 2018 Republican candidate for state secretary of agriculture, according to the Register.

Many republican candidates are vulnerable in Iowa. Trump staged this murder to help them and himself. They all helped pay for it including Craig Lang, Dane Lang, Gov Kim Reynolds, Rod Blum and David Young. All these people are illuminati Jews. They are Satanic Pedophiles who were happy to murder a young girl if it would further their political careers.

Two of Iowa’s four congressional elections are expected to be competitive, presenting Democrats an opportunity to pick up a pair of the 24 seats they need to flip to take back the House. Sure, a few other states will be more important — most notably California, New York, and Pennsylvania — but key wins in Iowa would put Democrats on the path to the 218 seats they must win for a House majority.

The truth is that immigrants are less likely to commit crimes especially if they are undocumented because they don't want to get deported.

NPR examined four studies, none of which found a positive correlation between immigration and crime. Their overview included an oft-cited report from the Cato institute, a libertarian-leaning think tank, that found undocumented immigrants in Texas were significantly less likely to be arrested or convicted for murder, sexual assault or larceny. Meanwhile, legal immigrants had the lowest rates of such crimes. (Unlike most places, Texas law enforcement records arrestees’ immigration status.)

It makes no sense that this young latino man would work on a farm for 4 years peacefully as an undocumented immigrant and then decide to murder a white girl all of a sudden. Immigrants worked hard to come to the US, they don't want to give it all up for a stupid crime.

Workers associated with the farm told DailyMail.com that they barely knew Rivera but confirmed that he lived there with a girlfriend named Iris Monarrez and their baby. They said Iris had gone to stay with her mother after Rivera was arrested in Mollie's murder.

Rivera told police he had seen Mollie in the area before. She is friends on Facebook with the mother of Rivera's daughter but it is not clear if he and Mollie knew each other. This seems like a very odd coincidence.

The Iowa police are covering up this crime for Trump and the Lang family and the other GOP power players in Iowa. They say they tracked down Rivera based on his car and video surveillance but why would that take so long? Mollie has been missing for weeks, why didn't this video surveillance evidence lead to an earlier arrest? The reason is that the entire murder was staged by the illuminati for Trump's benefit.