Rudy Giuliana is a cross dressing hermaphrodite who really wants to be a woman. Rudy has no dick or balls but he's got two vaginas. Rudy has always been a homosexual mafioso. All the Italian mafiosos of his generation are gay, dickless, ball-less hermaphrodites. Rudy's family made all their money in mob crime and violence.

Rudy made his career taking down mob guys but that was all an illuminati circus. Really the illuminati just wanted to wind down the Italian Mafia because with all the mobster films from the 1970s and then with the Sopranos, no one took the italians seriously anymore. It was hard for them to actually operate as mobsters when everyone thought they were crazy.

Rudy is an illuminati inbred idiot. He married his own cousin. His second wife he announced the divorce at a political press conferene without telling her first. HE has always been a cross dressing narcissist Satanist who does what the illuminati tells him. He bombed out of his Presidential run in 2008 after spending 50 million of his own money. He's a liar and deluded con-man.

Rudy's job was to wrap up the last of the Italian mobsters for the illuminati so they could get replaced with the Russians. He once went undercover for a crack cocaine sting in a very S & M friendly leather biker vest. Why he needed to go undercover, he wouldn't say. The drug ring was a ring of gay bikers who sold crack cocaine. Rudy loves bikers and he loves coke so he wanted to party with them before the bust happened. They had a gay orgy before Rudy called in the sting.

The Russian Mob has owned NYC since the 1990s. They took all the rackets from the Italians. The illuminati was helping transition those italian mafia families into politics and entertainment and Rudy was their main project. Rudy got easy mafia busts because the illuminati already wanted the mafia out of NYC. Then half italian-half Jew Rudy could come in and be mayor as a consolation prize.

Rudy thinks that if he can rescue Trump from this Russian shit storm mess that Trump will divorce Melania and marry Rudy. Rudy has wanted to be a woman for a very long time. Below you can see Rudy in drag from 2007. Rudy is obsessed with Melania. He doesn't think she's good enough for Donny. Rudy wants to be Donny's girl.

Rudy's plan if he's succesfull in saving his boy Trump is to have sex change surgery so Trump can marry Donny and Rudy will be the next first lady. Rudy Giuliana wants to be Judy Riuliani. Rudy's wearing those big suits on TV and looks like he's about 100 lbs overweight because he's hiding the breasts he already had implanted. Rudy's already begun his sex change surgery.

Rudy wants to be Judy in the sky with diamond rings from Donald Trump. Rudy is obsessed with Stairway to Heaven. Rudy thinks that buying his sex change will be his stairway to Heaven, just like his good friend Caitlyn Jenner.

That footage of Rudy in Drag with Trump is from 2007. Giuliani as a boy was a big fan of "Texaco Star Theatre" and Milton Berle, its cross-dressing host. Rudy is obviously very comfortable impersonating a woman, he acts like an old drag queen. And Donald seems completely comfortable with Rudy in Drag. Rudy used to perform in drag at an underground drag club every weekend when he was Mayor of NYC.

Donald even seems to want to "motorboard" Rudy's breasts.

Stephen Colbert suggests that everyone GOOGLE: Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, drag queen, and motorboat.